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Matignon is a great school. The academic at matignon prepares a student for college. The teachers and staff at matignon are kind and caring.
I enjoyed the people at Matignon. However, education was always never 100%. Some teachers are outstanding and taught me so much. On the other hand, sometimes you would have teachers that seemed to not even know the subject they were teaching. It's a good environment when you make the best of it.
I had a very good experience at Matignon high school. Matignon was very welcoming from the first day I started there. Over the four years I was very well prepared to start my college career. I think one of the most important things that Matignon did to prepare me was the SAT prep class. Having that class almost every day helped me to be more prepared when it came time to take the SAT's. My favorite part of going to Matignon was playing sports for the school. Playing hockey at Matignon taught me many things such as team work and time management.
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Excellent small private highschool. My daughter is a sophomore and loves it. Kids are friendly and polite - what a change from public schools she attended prior to this! Strong curriculum, caring and highly qualified teaching staff, great teacher to student ratio, strong school spirit, excellent opportunities for science-minded kids due to academic alliances with Cambridge biotech companies. Best decision ever for my daughter! I highly recommend this school.
Great school nice environment great teachers great food the kids are nice it isn"t very big but its still not small There were a lot of classes offered good education and prepared for college. Also there were many sports and holidays
My time at Matignon was great! There were so many classes offered to support my education and my readiness for college. Also, there were many sports programs, extra-curricular activities and study abroad programs that I took part in.
As in-coming freshman, Matignon as shown me their passion in education for all students and willing to help/support all families with tuition cost. Also my Dad works there.
Matignon teachers are great. They really care about the students and are always available for them. They all support sports and clubs
Matignon has given me opportunities to further my education. The teachers here you connect with and the sports teams are fun while still competitive.
I really enjoy how much of a family the Matignon community is. Everyone is so close that you are friends with everybody. The teachers are very kind and get to know you personally so they can best work with you. Additionally, the sports teams bond well and the school becomes a second home.
My experience at Matignon was conducive to my success in college. It is a small school which provides a great opportunity to get to know both peers and teachers well. The teachers have a large impact in smaller class settings and it shows in the quality of work submitted by students.
What I love about Matignon is the community involvement with student parents and teachers! Matignon's high school moto is expect excellence and they sure do stand behind it. By your senior year u are ready to take the next big step COLLEGE!!!
I personally loved going to Matignon. The teachers helped you every step of the way, make sure you are not behind, and are always willing to help. It is a very close community that feels exactly like family.
I personally had some moments I enjoyed during my years at Matignon, but also some I did not quite as much like. My freshman year, everyone seemed to really like each other, our administrators, and overall had such great school spirit. By my senior year, everyone hated going to the school. The administration does not and will not listen to any of the student's ideas! They wouldn't even allow us to have a spirit week, and they had the nerve to ask where the school spirit went. The fact of the matter is that, if Matignon wants to keep going up instead of spiraling back down the road they were on a few years ago, they have to give the students a voice.
What I like about Matignon is the environment with friendly staff and students. The teachers and administration could use a little work, when it comes to dealing with students.
This school has a terrible environment. While their courses are well planned and challenging, the administration is terrible, the students are horrible, half of the teachers are pathetic. I've never wanted to leave a place as badly as I want to leave Matignon. Sadly I'm stuck here until I graduate in the spring. But I will never forget how little the principal cared about the difficult time I was going through and everything I was handling which came in the way of my school performance. That is not who I am. Yet he did not listen to what I had to say. It's frustrating to belong to a "Catholic" and "friendly" community when they really could care less about you being alive. No one cares about what you're going through and they should. They are supposed to offer you support but no, they bring you down. I would never recommend this school to anyone and I honestly wished my parents had sent me to a public high school instead.
Easy transition to high school, delicious food, amazing and helpful teachers. Definitely recommend to eighth graders.
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The school is cleaned every night, but sometimes it doesn't look it.
I never really got involved with many activities.
I was happy to graduate and leave. The school needs to be more modernized.
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