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I moved here from another school district this year and i love it. Everyone was so nice to me, and I found it very easy to find new friends.
I like everything about Mathis high school it is a great campus with great faculty and staff. And there isn't anything I would change about Mathis high school.
Mathis is a small school where everyone knows everyone. It’s hard being a new student but after a while it becomes easier. I would like if they had a better way of doing certain things such as teaching. I would also like it if we were able to use lockers. Another thing is the variety of classes. There are so few extra curricular classes to choose from and i think that students would like it if we had more options.
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Clubs and organizations gave lots of opportunities. Teachers involved themselves in student activities. Staff was supportive.
My experience at Mathis High School is something I'll be able to hold onto for the rest of my life. I liked how the faculty and staff do their very best to help all students. The athletic program is also something I enjoyed due to the various activities. I would only change one thing at Mathis High School and it would have to be the ability to fix the paint on all the walls because they are just peeling off and it makes the school look a bit plain.
My experience at Mathis High School has been amazing. Everyone is always so helpful. The faculty and administrators actually want and push the students to succeed. Many people don't think of Mathis high school as a great school until they actually come to the school. I love it here in Mathis. I also hope to come back to Mathis to teach and coach.
Mathis High School is a place of education that helps students learn. We have teachers that care and the principal and the school board that insure the students safety and ability to learn.
My fours in Mathis High School were great, I have made unforgettable memories with friends and staff that I will forever hold on to. I loved being in the band and mariachi, it was such a fun experience. A few things that I like to see change about this high school is academics, better teaching and more improvements in the facility, but a new high school would be amazing. But overall I loved this school and am proud to be a pirate.
The mathis school district is unorganized. Its doesn't give the teacher a fair chance. The principal is always looking for what the teacher are doing wrong instead of appreciating everything that they have done for the students.
Mathis High School has an awesome team of teachers and administration workers. They all work hard to make sure we get the best education we can while creating bonds with students and the teachers. At this school they make you feel like your apart of a big family with your class. They encourage you everyday to stay motivated and to further your education. For seniors they push you everyday and keep you on track. this is my hometown and all the students i am graduating with will be the friends and aqquintances ive known since kindergarten.
At Mathis High School, I love the teachers attitude and dedication to teach. Also the wonderful academics this school offers. Our counselor's are dedicated to preparing us for college and encourage us to try our best to achieve our dreams. The years I've spent here have been the best years of my live. All around, there is no better school than Mathis High School.
Mathis High school has amazing students and staff. Our education is what's most important to our teacher and they are always looking for ways to improve and higher our education. I believe my high school is a safe place and most of our regulations our reasonable. The staff is always working on making our high school experience to be the best it could be. Also, the teacher are not only our educators but our friends. They are there for us emotionally and physically and are definitely people to look up to.
The school was very nice and the staff was very nice but they were not filled with a lot of knowledge like I would have liked. I feel like I didn't learn what I needed to in high school.
everything is good nothing needs to be changed i like everything the way it is. its pretty good now and doesn't need to be changed
Now that I am a senior, traditions are changing.
It has progressed from my freshman year.
Mathis High School teachers and staff we really respectful and made everyone feel welcome! I love how they take time to help us find colleges and give us talks about our future. They inspired other students as well as I to know that money isn't a excuse not to go to college, there's enough out there for everyone. I wouldn't do it all over again because these amazing members gave me a positive mindset and is one of the best things a person could have. I am very grateful for everything this school has brought to my fellow classmates and I.
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Teachers at our school are very wise and friendly. Most teachers are free after school and if not we still have full access to reaching them. Technology is prohibited in our classrooms, but the lab is there for students who need it afterschool. Overall our school is very helping and all teachers contribute time making sure we know what to do to get into college.
The clubs and organizations offered at Mathis High School at great and have supporting supervisors. They do not leave any one out. If you are wanting to join they will make room for any student who wants to join. The most organization that gets a lot of participants is BPA or better known as Business Professionals of America. Many students join and compete because it is very fun and if you advance to the next level you can sometimes travel.
My favorite experiences while attending Mathis High School were being apart of the Mathis Early College High School. In that program we were allowed to take college courses and we were put on a plan to try to graduate with an associate's degree. I will not be graduating with one because I was already finishing my sophomore year when they were starting the program. Mathis High School is unique because they offer several dual credit courses and we are an International school, which means we learn about other countries and some families will offer to have a foreign exchange student live with them for the school year. I would choose this school again if I had to do it all over again because it was a small school so everybody knew each other. We would always hang out and it was big enough just for all of us.
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