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I think we need more extracurricular activities. In addition, the school is in dire need of renovations and this will become a major problem in the coming years considering the building is now one-hundred and three years old.
It’s small and everybody knows everyone. Your kindergarten class is the same as your graduation class. There is not really any diversity but bullying is non-existent.
Even though it is one of the smallest and poorest schools in the area, Mathews has given me a great high school experience!
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i haven't met the teachers yet, but i hope to meet them someday and hope that i will have lots of experince and have a good education on what i want to do when I'm older.
Overall, I was very involved in different clubs and athletics throughout high school. Being so involved is probably what made my overall experience so great. Being involved in sports meant everyone knew who you were and being involved in clubs and honors programs meant you were close with other students and teachers.
Very few, and do not get enough funding.
College in High School is the only option to help prepare you.
There are virtually no extracurricular activities for students to get involved with. There are only approximately 6 groups/clubs that are offered to students to join.
There are very few healthy options at my high school also the cost has gone up but the quality has not. I bring my lunch everyday due to the very little variety that is provided.
Some teachers are very helpful and willing to help their students succeed but that is the rare case. Most teachers do the very bare minimum.
The athletic facilities are nearly nonexistent at my high school. What we do have is not kept up very well and there are no workout or training facilities other than a gymnasium.
There is no school nurse at our high school it's sad that someone who is sick cannot get medical help if needed.
The best thing about my high school is that it is small and everyone is generally friendly. Also there isn't a lot of bullying that goes on and the teachers are for the most part very nice. I'm not sure if I would go here if I could do it all over again just do to the sheer lack of after school activities and clubs.
There are areas which could be improved upon and don't seem fair. Some of the dress code policies need updated to accommodate today's styles.
We could have more community organizations. Our Key club activities have lowere through the years. It seems everyone is more concerened with sports and athletics than community service and academics at times.
Student involvement is high no matter what economic status the students may have. Everyone helps each other which is good for the peer pressure issues too. Normally, we accept each other as we are and move on from there.
My school is small and everyone feels like a family and they help one another out. We also keep up to date on as much as funding allows. I would choose this school again becasue the people are friendly and the enviroment was never a bad one to be in. I had have experienced many good experience with the staff, community, and students while attending Mathews High School.
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