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MHS does not expect students to continue their education past community college; therefore, does not give students the tools needed to do so. A very slim variety of classes are available for students and advanced courses are only available online, however, the school very rarely allows students to take those courses. The environment at the school is very tense because staff and administration butt heads constantly. Teachers bring their outside problems into the classroom and administration has no boundaries set in place for becoming too close to a student. School rules look strict on paper, but are very rarely enforced. MHS teaches students that they most likely will not succeed and that rules do not apply to them.
In Mathews, since it is such a small community, it is all about what your last name is or who you know. Everyone knows your business.
I would like to see more school administration being involved with student activities so they understand what exactly goes on in their schools and with their students.
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Received little to no help throughout my years at this school. I'd rather eat broken glass then send anybody in my family here. Anybody looking here should consider not to.
The school shows very little effort in trying to help kids that need extra help. They are only willing to help kids that have gotten straight As their entire school life. Very poor administration.
Very small school. No diversity whatsoever but the academics are good. Teachers take initiative and get to know you, but the teaching is not phenomenal. The fact that they know you so well gets in the way a lot of times. I made a lot of good friends but was bullied throughout my career due to the lack of students.
I think the education at MHS is amazing, yet you have to want to work for it in order to get a good one. Many students do try their best and it shows, while others who simply don't care don't do so well.
I absolutely love the teachers at MHS, they are encouraging and really love to help in any way they can that will further your success in the school. They are fun, and they know what they are teaching and most are very passionate about what they teach.
The facilities at Mathews High School are pretty good. Even though we have a small budget, we have a great school, and a great student body.
Student culture and diversity is very good at MHS. We are very accepting of just about anything, and will gossip just as much. There is nothing really bad about the school, other than when you go on Mondays and rainy days.
I thoroughly enjoy MHS, not everyone does but I absolutely have loved my 4 years here, and will miss it dearly when I leave. My favorite experiences are the homecoming dances, proms, holleyball's, and the friends I made.
I absolutely love the food at MHS, it is amazing. The cafeteria ladies really do care about the students and it shows in their ability to make food and the love they show us. There are many food options, there are always salads, chicken sandwiches, and cheeseburgers. The snacks have gotten worse throughout the years, not because of the cafeteria, but because of nationwide rules and regulations.
The facililities at MHS are very good, we have a lot of students who do well in the sports they are in so it must show that the areas in which they practice are good and the training they receive is amazing. Student involvement is very high, sports are an important aspect of MHS because many students participate and bring home championships.
The administration, if the principal is there, is okay, if at most, decent. It seems that most things are childish, but at least the school is still running and we can continue our education. Almost every day somebody says something about the administration, and it's almost never good.
Health is very important at my school. Faculty and staff want to make sure everyone is safe and protected. Just the other day, I was in Calculus and my friend dropped a glass jar and it shattered. The teacher made sure there was no danger anywhere and carefully "quarantined" the area. She then continued to teach. After class was over, she locked her classroom and went to get the chemistry teacher to carefully and safely fix the problem at hand.
Most of the extracurricular opportunities at my school that are popular such as FBLA and the Beta club are very well organized, and the student body is well represented by them. If more students were to take interest in clubs, we would have more but a majority of the student body is involved with either jobs or sports. Overall, Mathews High School has many excellent programs that students can take part in.
You can find students from all over here, even though we are a small county no one knows about. And students aren't afraid to tell you, "I'm from Korea," or "I wear a tail because I'm gay."
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Certain things are bad, like the bathrooms and the lunch food. The guidance counselors are great though, and so is the vice principal. They're always there for anyone who needs them.
Some teachers you can tell don't care. Some just give you busy work. But if you actually go the right route in high school and care about your future, the teachers usually challenge you and help you on your way.
Some of our sports do great and some do terribly. The gym classes are boring but that is probably due to lack of motivation from the teachers.
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