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overall my 4 years of attending Mather, its been such a great experience, especially joining the Avid program, and meeting new people throughout the years.
I've been at Mather for 3 years and the staff is extremely welcoming. The teachers are very helpful and the counselors are actually there for you. I am currently a senior and I've had so much help with college readiness and aid help it makes me excited to go to college. I have not had any problem at this school 10/10!
Mather is a small school with teachers that want to be there. The teachers are wonderful and stay extra hours to help tutor students because they want to see them succeed. The school lacks resources although the teachers apply and fundraise so that the students get everything that they deserve. The teachers believe in the students.
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My experience in Mather HS was enjoyable and interesting, the reason why I like that school is because when i came to this country which is 5 years ago I had no clue or andy understanding about what people say, because i couldn't understand the language. Mather HS is the school where they educate kids that barely know the language with the special program called ESL which stands for English second language, because of that i learned the language quickly. Teachers are always happy to help and make sure you will graduate and will keep you posted.
I like how Mather welcome everyone and make them feel safe, positive and to never give up. Also, I love the staff they are really excellent. I think that maybe Mather should change the lunch as sometimes its not that good. But sometimes it good.
The teachers really encouraged you to learn and to pass their classes. They acknowledge hard work and pushed you to ask and answer any questions. Contributions of ideas were always welcomed. The teachers I've had have always been very focused on teaching their students to their best potential. They also encouraged you to do extracurricular activities to make you look better upon applying for colleges. There were many sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities to choose from. The atmosphere is very diverse and you learn a lot about the different cultures through Ethnic Fest. I'm very glad I attended Mather High School and met a lot of great people!
In Mather there is a very diversity, so students will make friends from different countries which may help them to learn about other cultures.
I liked the diversity and community that Mather HS had to offer. I am a senior, about to graduate in only a month. I love our annual Ethnic Fest that represents a lot of the different cultures and dances that my fellow students bring with them when coming to this school. There are a lot of opportunities, extracurricular activities, and sports to join here. The only thing I can say that would need to improved is the food and parent involvement. I can't say I have seen a lot of parents being involved within the administration.
My experience with Mather High School was excellent . I like the fact that the teachers, coaches, and administration care about you and your future. You are taught how to prepare yourself for the world outside of getting an education. In classes like college algebra and sociology, I learned about taxes, investments, money management, and how to spend money on things I need verses things I want. I also liked participating in the basketball, football, and track sports teams. I would like to change the support for the basketball and football teams. When there are home games, there aren't many students who attend. I would like to encourage more students to support the sports teams as well as participate in them.
Mather High School gave me the best experience in life so far. The staff and administration show kindness, compassion, and overall care about our future and well being. Mather High School also shows us the importance of being both a student and an athlete as I was all four years of High School all year long. Tutoring was always available at any given time as well as mentors in the building that push you to do your best. Mather is ranked one of the highest schools when it comes to diversity as many of the students are new to the country and come from all around the world, the diversity makes the students and teachers that much closer and create a bond. Overall Mather has taught me life lessons that I will carry for the rest of my life and use to my advantage. The teachers showed love and everyone in the building holds a growth mindset and wants to see other succeed.
I had the best 4 years of my life. I met some really cool people who made my high school experience memorable. There is so many clubs that anyone can join. So many other classes like electives that make your classes so much fun. Then theres also many religions and cultures that you get to know off in this school.
Mather was a slight above average high school. Mather has been looked at as a bad school that contains of gangs, bad teachers and bad environment in general. That isn’t true just like every other school there are going to be bad things and good things. Mather was bad at keeping students motivated, teachers being unbiased, not pushing students, and the resources. There were also things Mather did well like having great programs such as AVID or the law academy, Mather also kicked out students who gave a bad name for the school, and they are also very diverse and loving.
I liked that this was a fair school when it comes to sports and academics. They welcome everyone with open arms and resources are always available
My experience at Mather over the four years has been very significant in my life. I was able to build up my self esteem and get comfortable with making new friends. I like that the Mather teacher offer their time to students to help them if they need the help. I would like to see more of an equal diversity along with better lunch or even just food. I would also like for the future of Mather to be funded more properly because not every student can afford to even join a sport because of the high school fees. Mather can improve on letting the student's voices be heard. But most of all, Mather needs to be more sanitary.
Overall at Mather it is a very diverse setting, despite administration changing throughout the years the feeling of family and a warm welcome each morning before class remained. I believe that a diverse educational setting has a huge benefit when working in the real world that is why I cherish Mather and its staff.
My experience was very diverse and the school made sure that no race or ethnic/ cultural background was left behind or discriminated against. I learned a lot and made friends from different cultures other than my own. I would say that having such a diverse environment helps people grow and learn with each other. As well as help keep down racism or discrimination. It's really good that they have cultural activities such as ethnic fest where you get to see and try food and activities from other places around the world.
Its an alright high school, the some of the teachers will go out of the way to help out all the students. Lunch does not have the nicest staff and that's one thing I'd like to see change but overall I do not regret my high school years at mather.
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I love the diversity here, and that there's so much to offer. We have almost every single sport available for both boys and girls. I've taken AP classes here and there are many helpful and amazing teachers here. I don't regret coming to this high school. I had the chance to go to a more selective school, but here in Mather I feel like I've had just as many good opportunities for a neighborhood school. I'm part of the AVID program, but there's also law and technology programs available here.
Teachers are great and always willing to help, lots of students are not motivated and they need to work on finding ways to motivate the other students.
I had a lot of experience in Mather. Since Mather is such a diverse school, I met a lot of different students from all cultures. I got along with others well, but I didn’t get along with other students. I like that Mather students respect each culture and their traditions. In my Freshman year I had some difficulties with my classes but the teachers were very nice and they helped me a lot they helped me to overcome my problems
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