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Mather Building Arts & Craftsmanship High School Reviews

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The overall atmosphere In the school is really inviting. the teachers really care for the students as if they were a second pair of parents away from home. And while the school lunch is or can be unpleasing to the eye the school makes up for by having parties, about a party every month with food and chips etc. the campus combine all of the sports so instead of the teams being individual from each school in the building there all just one big team instead. That being said the building contains about five different school amongst its seven floors. with a school for elementary students comprising the second and third floor and a Mather being manning on the fourth floor but having about 4 classes on the sixth floor. the teachers can be really annoying but they all have you best interest at heart, and can sometimes drive you crazy with deadlines.
Stephen t mather is an excellent highschool, they're coporated with the national parks. They have great college readiness programs and they focus on 5 core values. Responsibility, action-oriented, collaboration, consciousness, and aware.
Mather Building Arts & Craftsmanship High School is an excellent school. Its full of rich school culture, caring teachers, and relatable/challenging curriculum. Teachers are extremely attentive and supportive and truly care for their students success; they always so the extra mile whether its staying after school hours to personally tutor students that need the extra help or spending their lunch hour doing so. Only thing id change about this school is the clubs and activities it offers, which is little to none.
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I was a freshmen. I wasn’t there since the school first started no complaints. The teachers really care about the students. The ones that have been there from the start anyways. New ones, could give off the wrong vibe and make you think twice if they’re there for the paycheck or because they do love teaching.
The experience at Mather high school is great the teachers are very caring and would help you will challenging work. The staff are always there to help with any issues and help find solutions. There's diversity in the staff so everyone feels welcome and can relate to the students.
Going to any Manhattan public school is excellent and has great education. Having gone to Mather High School the academic is average I must say, since we mainly follow the common core curriculum at this school I feel as if it's making the learning much more complicated than what it needs to be. Although the teachers of this school is its best highlight. All teachers and the school overall have such a passionate way of teaching something new every day and giving the help students need. Many teachers stayed after hours and during school hours if students needed extra help.
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