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Mathematics, Science Research & Technology Magnet High School Reviews

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Mathematics science reasearch and technology is a relatively small school in the campus magnet complex. Typically it gets a bad reputation because of its past as the andrew jackson highschool. However as an alumni of the school I can say that its nothing of what it use to be. The teachers are motivated and actually take their time out to ensure every student has a good learning experience. They're clubs and trips that we go on annually to help build school culture and promote a healthy acceptable environment for the students. Lastly students feel safe at this school, there's minimal fights and students are not afraid to go to a teacher, administrator, or school safety if there's an issue. All in all mathematics science research and technology is a great school that cares about the well being of students and promotes a family environment for everyone.
I like that they offer Saturday classes in the time period when regents are upcoming. The teachers keep us updated with upcoming topics and ensure that we do well and understand the syllabus.
Best high school I've ever attended. I loved all my teachers. And I felt as though I have finally learnt something in school. Especially in Mathematics and History. I wanted to attend school everyday and never wanted to miss a class. Best teachers ever.
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M.A.S.T HS takes pride in integrating children from all races and all background. They provide a safe environment and deal with problems that arise as quickly as possible. They have well informed and experience teacher that take pride in teach students. They need to provide more extra curricular activities for students after school.
My experience at my school was well spent. I enjoyed the different activities they offered. They offer programs that completely help with high school credits and for college readiness. I enjoyed my time there because I was very active and apart of the school. I was the president of my class grade from sophomore to my senior year. I believe the school should keep the peer group connection (PGC) alive because it helps each and every freshman to adapt and get comfortable in school.
I like how my teachers tried to work with me, and take their time to help me understand the classwork give. Field trips are awesome and the kids are bad but nothing those strict teachers couldn't straighten out.
The school and the teachers are great, but what makes the school so bad is the type of kids that attend that school.
The teachers at this high school go up and beyond for their students. They offer tutoring extra credit sobstudents are able to get the help they need .
This school has a Boy's and Girl's Varsity Soccer Team, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field, Cross Country, Varsity Football, Volleyball, Boy's and Girl's Basketball, Gymnastics and Cheerleading. There is a high level of commitment to these sports and an okay administrative support is provided to these sports. The most popular options are Football, Soccer, Track and Field and Basketball.
My experience at this school has proved to be most interesting. The students that go to this school make it very unique as there are many students from varying ethnic backgrounds, like New York State itself. My favorite experience at this school was participating on the soccer team. I love soccer and the people who I met while playing the game made me fall in love with the sport even more. Though my experience was pleasant, i would choose not to do this school all over again because it holds events that I would never like to experience again.
The teachers at my school execute the high level of knowledge needed to teach their students, They incorporate fun activities and interesting technologies in order to impart knowledge onto us. The peak most students interests with their initiation of invigorating class discussions which allows us to gain participation points needed to bolster our grades.
It's an alright school , you just have to do what you have to do and stay focused. It's not the school that is bad but it's the students .
The school could use a lot of improvement, many of our facilities are not funded many teachers leave during the year, and many of the children there are not there to learn but to distract others
Would NOT choose this school again except for the fact that this is where I met my best friend.
It's a small school, we all get along the best we can
Nonetheless, it could always be better
It was an okay experience, could've been better.
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Just your average NYC school
They know when to put students in their place.
Not the best, again, could use financial support!
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