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Math, Science, & Technology Magnet Academy at Roosevelt High School Reviews

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MSTMA at Roosevelt HS is amazing because we are very close as a community. We are all there to support one another and make sure that we all graduate and follow our path toward college. MSTMA is a place where you can very much be yourself and be prepared for a successful future.
The school is great! There is lots of stress since it’s a Magnet, but it’s an amazing experience. The school is small which mean she the you can easily communicate with your teachers. You bond with your classmates and it feels like you have a separate family!
The people are great at this school, everyone is so welcoming. This school is quite beautiful and it doesn’t only have just wonderful buildings but great history too.
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I guess you can say I've had the average/basic high school experience so far. I've seen drama, students stressing about homework and their grades (aka me), gone to the sports games, etc. I am in the magnet program there, which is more strict than the main campus. The teachers there can be supportive, strict, basically a pain in the butt but I know that they are pushing us to have a brighter future. The students will be students. The school itself like the buildings and stuff are old but they will be remodeling it soon. Overall this high school isn't bad but I'm just saying it in my point of view.
Math, Science, & Technology Magnet Academy at Roosevelt High School is like a second home. I spend half of my time in school. The teachers are always there to help you in whatever you need.
I am a current student at this school and I feel that it really does prepare you for college. The teachers all care about your education and they are all wonderful. Even after school there are still kids because almost all the teachers have tutoring and almost every kid is involved in a club or activity. Something that I hate/love is the attitude at this school. They constantly push you to do your best and to always do everything. They encourage advanced classes, college courses, activities, internships and joining clubs all while keeping straight A's and it is a bit overwhelming and stressing. Many students are constantly stressed whether about projects, schoolwork, etc. The good thing is that teachers understand and they will always be glad to lend you a helping hand and are even a bit lenient with some assignments/people if they see that it is too much. I honestly love this school
MSTMA has excellent teaches and personal, who ensure how to support students in academics and in their personal enrichment.
I love this school. I can truly say that I am very grateful I go to school because there is so much to be proud of. From the culture, the great teachers that care, to the interactive classrooms, MSTMA at Roosevelt challenges you and prepares you for the future you want to pursue.
The relationships between the teachers and the students are really close and teachers are always willing to help the students. The school, of course, aims for students to graduate high school and attend the colleges and universities, but ultimately, aims for students to graduate from colleges and universities with a degree. They teaches the students in different kinds of way and tries different things in order for the student to interact and actually learn in class.
As a freshmen one doesn't get as much work, as a sophomore we still don't get as much work but it's getting there. By Junior year the amount of work we get is to prepare us for college. Finally by senor year we get plenty of work but by that time we should be use to it and know how to manage our time.
In the Magnet we do a lot of things that have to do with working together such as projects or group tests, etc. This school is a safe place you can be anyone and mature kids won't judge.
In the magnet most senors always create their own clubs such as astronomy club, clubs for Chicano students, etc
Overall attending this school is one of the best decisions I've ever made. This school has changed me in ways that I never knew it can change me. This school is unique in the way as teachers use their own methods to teach us and tie is back to real life examples. The reason I would choose to come to this school again is because we are all like family, helping each other out.
The teachers at MSTMA Roosevelt actually take time and care for your education and future. They want to see us succeed in life and set better examples for others.
The teachers in my school are very engaging in their learning, most of them here are young and it makes it better for the student because they could relate to each other. Most teachers will help any students that are in need , however not all teachers offer after tutoring until the final 5 weeks of school.
This school is the absolute best. Homework is given everyday, students' reading levels increase tremendously, there are great opportunities for all students such as taking college courses, AP's, taking classes to get ahead, and plenty of clubs. All students are very easy to get along with and READING AND ENGLISH are BIG FACTORS OF THIS SCHOOL. Every department is great.
The teachers here are all very engaged with the students, they genuinely care, and there is always a family feeling both in and out of the classroom . I absolutely love the styles each teacher has as they worked efficiently towards their end goal of helping the students learn the curriculum.
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Teachers put an effort to make everyone understand the lesson.
Nurse office is usually busy or the nurse is not present.
Variety of sports and clubs are offered, all students are usually accepted to the clubs and sports.
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