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Kids were quite a bit dirty with regards to their hygiene.
they were a bit unorganized but they were sure fun.
I can not complain about the education that was offered to me.
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The teachers are very knowledgeable and are very supportive of the students.
Parents are non-existent, which is common in such a disadvantaged area. Parents have to work and have no time to support their kids. They aren't necessarily bad parents, just busy working low paying jobs.
Some teachers are great, others are absolutely terrible. In my four years there I encountered better teachers in the other academies. Overall, the average teacher shows little respect for their students which contributes to an already under performing student body. The students are more likely to succeed elsewhere. The few good teachers would also be more effective in a different environment.
the academics offers a good quality of teachers, curriculum, scheduling process, workload, special study options, and popular classes.
the academics offer good qualities of courses and the teachers are highly prepare.
The health and safety policies are taken very seriously and bullying, personal safety, special security measures, police, safety services, school nurse.... are, also taken very seriously. In addition, I think this school is very safe for a student.
There is a lot of programs that help the students to get credits, and those is something that the students like to do
I am working harder now than before, I believe that when classes are hard I'm really learning, and that's what I'm doing in my school. Before I came, I knew I wasn't ready to go to college, but now I am pretty sure I can do it. I don't have a favorite experience in my high school, because every day I feel complete. I do my best in everything I do, and when that's is not enough my teachers understand me. I'm not shame to talk anymore because when I say something wrong they don't judge me, they correct me. I have help everywhere I go, I have friends and all kind of activities after school I can imagine, in my opinion my high school is the best and I would choose this school again because that is exactly what any student that want to succeed should attend. I like my school and I wouldn't change a thing of it.
I have been in my school for one year, because I'm a newcomer, but I'm honestly the happiest person ever. I have made more friends here than in my whole life. I had acceptance problem when I came at first, I always thought that people would never accept me for how and who I am, but to make friends have had really easy. Students don't criticize you because you are different, they actually like and understand that every culture is unique. I love my school.
I don't know much about sports but, I do know that the basketball team is very good. There are about 10 different sports for girls and boys at the school, and a lot of my friends are genuine sport players. Also to participate in any sport, the students have to have good grades in classes.
We have all the time two computer labs available in the library and I mean always!!! Bedsides in the ones available in almost every classroom. We have SATs prep courses, extra help after school, and even during Saturdays. If a student has a special condition and can't go to the school, there is a tutor that goes to his/her house and help the student go through the classes that he/she could missed.
My teacher are all very dedicated to their jobs, I really see how they enjoy teaching us, I have also many of them who stay after school to help students from other classes and even I have help from others that are no even my teachers. My physics teacher is very creative, she always has something new to teach us, and when we have to review some topics we do a lot of fun projects. My Calculus teacher is great, when I have a doubt in anything she always comes out with the answers and when I don't get it, she never give up until I get things clear. My English teacher is very sweet, she helps me a lot with my English, because she knows how hard is for a newcomer to learn a new language. My Chemistry teacher has a natural passion for what he does. He is never bored when he has to repeat the explanations. He is one of the teacher I never know that works that hard to teach us.
My High School teachers are amazing. They like to help everybody no matter what, we have a lot of program that help academically and where we have fun too, like some clubs where students actually learn and really enjoy their time.
First of all, I think this school has a lot of good after-school activities and those activities are free to everyone. So most of the students are like to attend the activities after school. Like our students can have our own clubs, if the principles say yes.
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My principal is very involved and we often have meetings to speak as a class about any issues regarding our safety and academics.
The health and safety policies are not noticed by students. Everyone is focused on school, clubs, and little attention is directed towards the safety of the school. I have personally never felt unsafe.
Teachers at Lawrence High School are very influential in the lives of the students. They are often motivating us to strive or excellence. There are plenty of people who need to be proven wrong.
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