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Math, Engineering, Technology & Science at Olympic High School Reviews

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Academically Olympic is not all that bad as long as you are able to keep up with your work. The students here like to blame the teachers that they have too much work when in reality it is not that much and they are just lazy. Olympic is not the perfect school however. There are bugs in the ceiling, mold in almost every room, and the a/c and heat tends to do its own things. There is a new building at Olympic that is pristine though. It is full of engineering equipment and where i had about half of my classes. I enjoyed being in that part of the school. Things i would like to see change at Olympic is the school spirit and involvement because it is practically close to nothing. I would also like the counselors to be more involved with the seniors since we practically have had no help with finding scholarships and how to complete the application process.
My favorite part about Olympic High School is the students and the diversity of the school. I feel as though it was the accepting community that made be grow and see different perspectives of life. I still would have appreciated more organization and college application preparation.
My experience at Olympic High School has been great. I've found teachers that are encouraging and students that are friendly and driven.
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The school looks like an inner city run down school. Health department rating in the 70s. Teachers are always absent and there are lots of fights. If your child can ignor this and advocate well for themselves there are opportunities but overall the school is not good.
A high school experience is determined by what you make of it. However, at Olympic High School there are very few opportunities to make your education more than average. Upon arrival at the school, you are met by a dingy building that has not been renovated since being built in the 1960s. This building is also infested with bugs, mice, mold, and likely many more disgusting unwanted visitors. Very few of the teachers actually care about the well being of their students and a few don't even bother to show up most days. Overall the Olympic Community of Schools is failing in my opinion.
I like the school mainly because I play sports and I like the sports program but the teachers and administration are just too much. They don't give enough freedom, and they are mean.
Overall, the teachers all understood what they were teaching. In the Math, Engineering, Technology, and Science school here at Olympic, students are exposed to many opportunities for internships and engineering programs. It is a distinguished engineering school, making it very reliable when it comes to the technology surrounding engineering.
I would like the school spirit to be higher, especially during pep rallies and assemblies. It seems like everyone really does not care for Olympic as a whole, they only care about their smaller school.
I enjoy my school because of the diversity on campus. The teachers are warm and welcoming. I feel that the special course curriculum that I am taking will allow me an advantage when I apply to the colleges that I have selected to pursue my electrical engineering degree! One change that I would like to see is for the students to be more mindful about keeping the school grounds & environment cleaner! I would also like for the classroom sizes to be downsized.
Olympic High School teachers, principals and counselors care about their students. They want to see us succeed. I've had a great experience here. The students are very diverse and we all make one another better by learning about new cultures.
Pretty bad but best school at Olympic sadly. Electives were the only engaging classes there were and for me to actively enjoy a core class I had to be enrolled into a different class that felt that it was targeting way below my knowledge.
While Olympic has provided me with a vast diversity, the school as a whole was much better when METS was just one school. This school year we have combined with two other schools and now everything has changed making the teacher-student connection weaken than that of last years. The bathrooms outside are in horrible condition (smell and overall cleanliness) making me have to change for sports inside because no one comes out to clean those bathrooms. I think that Olympic needs to go back to being separate schools but that won't happen because Olympic will be one school next year.
My experience here at Olympic high school was wonderful. I was open to many different events and activities that I attended and I met a lot of people that I became close with. I would say the food served at the cafeteria could have been better but overall it was a good school.
It is a very good school. The teachers are invested in the students. There are good resources and opportunities there.
I liked METS as a freshman going into high school, but the faculty became really bad as the years passed because all of the good teachers and administrators left! There needs to be some real change among the administration in order to seek some real change from the student body.
I really enjoyed my time as a student of METS at Olympic High School. My experience with teachers and resources were always great, and as a college student, a lot of the AP courses that I took in high school are the reason that I adjusted so well in college. One of the things that weren't always the best was community involvement that included all of the schools at Olympic High School. Each school feels segregated from the others, which creates tension and a lot of miscommunication between faculty and students.
This school has pretty good teachers but it is slowly becoming overpopulated. I was unable to take the classes I wanted because classes were too full. This school is also not very sanitary as there is a cockroach infestation.
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I enjoyed my 4 years at olympic and hope that they continue to inspire student to do what they love and i really hope they keep the culinary arts program because that led me to my career path today.
The teachers in this school are strict but really good at doing their jobs and I really liked that. The thing I loved the most about this school is the JROTC program because it has taught me a lot and made me a much better person. The one thing I would change about this school is the cleanliness of it, this school has the worst health rating and that is not good.
My overall experience has not been the best. My peers are driven and generally good people thereby making my experience good. However, there have been a few things such as dress code protocol and organization that have let my experience spiral downward. I would like to see my school change in a way that makes it more organized in order to decrease the stress disorganization has on the students and teachers.
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