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Math, Engineering & Science Charter High School Reviews

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I honestly enjoy the small community, inclusiveness, diversity, and overall the staff. They are always available for office hours.
I thought it was a very good school since it helped me get to the college of my dreams. They take pride in their work and make every effort to ensure every student can strive no matter their background in education. The teachers give their support and work hard every day and leave late every night in office hours to ensure that children understand the content. It's a school based on college readiness and has done an amazing job doing so.
I am undergraduate student 4th year mechanical engineering student at wachemo university in Ethiopia so too interested in field of maths; engineering ,sport. I too hope to learn those.
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From my 9th grade year to now my senior year i have seen both my self and the school grow.This is a school that really wants all of its students to succeed. With office hours and dress code you're prepared both for college and job opportunities. In this school there is no way you can fail with reassessment opportunities which is when you can take a test as many times as you need until you succeed.
As a student of MESA I have, to be honest about what I truly think of the school and that is that I personally like the school. It is a school where one could be comfortable being who you truly are without anyone making fun of one because of that. In a sense, we are also like a family because we have what is called Advisory and we are in a classroom with other students and we talk about our day or play games. We stay with that group from 9th grade all the wy to 10th grand. In the school, bonding is really important that we even take bonding trips the second week of school. MESA and everyone in it is family to me. The only thing I would like there to be is more of a diversity. People from other races entering the school would be great.
The teachers at my school put all of their students before everything and make sure our road to a better future is smooth. They never give up on us no matter how much we struggle. One thing that is really special about them is that they always stay after school to help students who did not get the topics in class and they would stay for however long you want. Now that is perseverance.
The school makes it impossible to fail anything
All the teachers treat students as if they were their own child
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