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I like that the Principal and CEO is dedicated to the students safety, that the students are held accountible for their behavior.

I would change the upper s hook curriculum so that it is a little bit more rigorous preparing students for what’s next.
The only thing I like about mcscs is the teachers and safety. Mcscs isn’t a bad school but it could be a little better. Failure isn’t option is great but still needs something to push us.
My overall experience with Mathematics Civics & Science Charter School was "so-so." I started attending this school in the seventh grade. When I first got there I thought, "hey, this might be a really good school." The academics became less and less of what really challenged me. This school could easily improve on their curriculum and the teachers that they hire.
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I like my academy most, which is Computer Technology. This is what I Would like to major in, in college. The school overall isn’t that bad it’s a very safe environment but there’s a slight learning curve. Definitely needs more college prep classes and more sports opportunities for high school students rather than just basketball.
I would say that the 12 years I've spent at the Math, Civics and Sciences Charter School have been enriching and somewhat critical for my overall character. I have spent the majority of my time there wondering what my future would have in store for me, and with the help of some teachers and friends, I found that I could take many avenues to success. This school has provided me and my peers with the resources we need to get to and through college. This is a very important thing to note. Not only that, but the policies enforced by the administration staff ensure the safety of every student in attendance. I find that my time in the school is almost never wasted with elephantine interruptions or distractions. Of course the school has some flaws, such as the small size creating traffic in the halls all day and a few rowdy students here and there. But, as far as schools go, this one is a real shining example of ample opportunities.
This school is very safe. There haven't been many fights or instances of bullying.
There isn't an extensive variety of extracurricular activities here, but there is just enough.
I've been going to this institution of learning since I was six years old. The students are terrible to deal with, and the curriculum isn't at all challenging. It's basically just constantly learning the same topics each year and the school literally childproofs everything. Meaning, it doesn't at all prepare the students for college or the real world. Every student is babied because of the "No Child Left Behind" motto. Therefore, the students slack off because they know they can't fail, and this is truly annoying for students who actually put in effort to get good grades. The students are close minded along with the school's founder, and there is an extensive lack of creativity and individuality.
Not all of the teachers are consistent when it comes to grading. Some teachers base grades off of behavior in the classroom rather than the work that was done.
All the teachers make their own lesson plan and run it by the CAO of the school.
We have signs that tells us where to go during a fire. We have lock downs and the sercurity make sure everyone is in class during all practice procedures.
We have different organizations to join. In order to stay in them you have to keep up your grades. You have to be in your best behavior as well.
All the cheaters have small group with students who needs help.
I feel very safe at my school
The extracurricular activities are okay
I had a very nice experience at this school
All the teachers are nice, helpful & well educated
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The school it's self is one of the safest schools in Philadelphia and has a very good elementary school. Although as you get higher in grade it becomes less organized and more of having to pass than more of actual learning.
Up until a certain point in my middle school years, I believed that it was great, but I felt like I needed a different scenery since I had been there for so long, the principal didn't seem to like that too much...
this school does not prepare you for college at all. It needs better be people to run the school
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