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I am attending this school at the moment. I can say that we are a unique school. It may be a small school, however it has it's own culture and everyone within in this school is basically family. This school makes me feel safe ans secure. They encourage me to step out of my comfort zone and take risks within my education and just general. They have become become a part of who I am. I can also say that school genuinely cares about our future after high school. They are really trying to get us to and through college. I very much appreciate my school.
Something that I like about Math and Science College Preparatory is the courses they offer to their students. For instance, students have the option to enroll in STEM pathways, which include engineering, computer science, and biomedical science. Additionally, there are counselors who are supportive and help the students the best they can. The teachers are always willing to open their doors to students who are struggling in class and offer support.
Math and Science is a family school. You will never feel left out at any point of your four years there. Everyone is very accepting and caring, the school is a one big family which helps everyone. The school its self is very small, but everyone knows everyone. The diversity in Math and Science allows you to learn in a different environment, learn about backgrounds, and become aware of what's going on in others lives besides your own. Overall being able to become part of a whole family is everything .
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My experience at MSCP, overall, was and is great. It is as if the whole school is one big family. We have values and we practically grew up with each other. Students are open with everything and if there is a problem that the staff does not notice the students find ways for it to get noticed and try and fix what is going. The students at this school are very open to bring in anyone, we are diverse, friendly, and problem solvers. What I liked about this school is that the staff and administrators are almost even friends with students and that is was makes us as students and administrators seem like family. There is nothing to change about this school is a perfectly small,homey, quitely loud charter school and it is honestly the best. You wont forget a year at Mscp
In the school I attend to, Math & Science College Preparatory, my experience was well since my freshman year. What I liked about this school is that they have great instructors and work they give us, allowing the students to have their work extended. One change I would like to see is the schedule, because it can be confusing to other students.
So far my experience is going well; not that good but not bad. This school can be better if our space was a little bit bigger. The teachers are okay and so is their teaching. Monday dismissals was better when it was at 2:45pm. If this school can change anything, it should be the lunch and dress code(wear whatever).
Personally, I enjoyed my time at MSCP. It’s definitely a smaller school, which made everything more comfortable and easy for the teachers to give students the help they needed.
The one think that I love about Math & Science College Preparatory I that we are all a family, we help out each other in anything if its either academic wise or if its an outside of school problem. The counselors and the teachers are the best they are always eligible to help the students when their help is needed. There is only one thing that I would love to change not only because I am the only passionate about but because other people enjoy the sports baseball and softball. I would love for the school to star a team were we can all play and enjoy ourselves.
I would like if the food source were to change. Students grab food they don't like because it has something that they want and throw the rest away.
They are good with stem especially from the Bio-medical course. The teacher for that course is very rigorous which privileged challenge for the students which I enjoy. What I would like to see change is the sports. I would like have a school environment where school spirits is strong from the football team to the cheer leaders. If the food menu could change that would be very nice too.
Overall Math and Science College Preparatory has a good academic section when it comes to the field of STEM. Unfortunately the environment at this school is not so great as there are many teachers that lack passion , are not motivated/motivating, and there is just a gap between students and administration. As a student I feel no such connection or trust with admin as they never tend to hear our voices and do not support us, thus having no sort of educational opportunities , when they invest in necessary objects/things. We have had the opportunity to help advance classrooms, but MSCP decides to use that money for things that we do not need. My honest opinion is that we do not feel like a school to the point that we are just there writing, reading, and solving rather than having that high school experience. We are left in the dark but not all of us are as the school tends to play favoritism as well. It is not all bad.
Math& Science College Preparatory has a good environment that make all everyone feel welcome. It is small which allows for all the students get along and get to know each other. The teachers are all very kinds and helpful by providing resources and tutoring for the student, they address distractions quickly in the classroom, but some teachers do lack experience in teaching which affects the learning environment for the student. Overall Math and Science College Preparatory has a great STEM and Academic program but it could be better by having teachers that have more experience and can teach the student properly.
What I like about MSCP is that they offer many AP and Honors classes for all students, no matter their level academically. And if one struggles, there are always teachers available to help us.
What I like about MSCP is that they offer all rigorous courses, no matter their abilities. This allows us to challenge ourselves, but overall, its valuable since we still gain the assistance needed.
This school really helps prepare you for college and just is a good school overall. The teachers make class interesting and the guidance counselors really try their best to help you figure out what you want to do after high school. My experience with this school has been great so far.
I like how the teachers try to make understanding on a lesson and give practices and tutorings when a test is about to come up.
Well to start off, I'm currently a senior and my experiences in Math and Science College Preparatory has been great. The thing I like most would be how everyone pushes you to succeed in order to go to college as well as giving us the students a great amount of support. I also really like how it is a diversity school, therefore everyone feels welcome.
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I really like this school because I'm able to connect with the people in the school and with teachers as well. In this school I've grown a lot and I have learned a lot from the best. I wouldn't recommend this school if it wasn't as good as it is but if you ask me. MSCP is a really great school.
Math and Science College Prep was created to give minority students access to a higher education. MSCP believes in breaking stereotypes, by providing students with rigorous STEM courses and allowing them to choose from many pathways such as Engineering, BioMed, and Computer Science. As a senior and a minority, I have received unlimited support from Math and Science College Prep and plan to continue my studies at a 4-year university in biological sciences. If there is one thing that would make MSCP a better school, it would be to increase the number of sports so that students who are interested can engage in a variety of sports.
I love how involved my teachers are with my academics. I feel like my teachers honestly care about me and my academic standing. Also I love the size of the school, it's small and only 4 years old so I feel so close to the students in my class because we will be the first graduating class from Math and Science College Preparatory.
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