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Math and Science Academy is a grades 6-12 school, and they prepare you so well for college. The school is very rigorous and is ahead of many of the other public schools around it. Teachers are very helpful and will always be there when you need them. The small community really always the students to get to know the teachers. It feels more like a big family than a school.
I have been very supported throughout my time at MSA and connected with so many of my peers and faculty through rigorous academics, volunteering, diverse clubs, and healthy and productive activities.
I believe that at MSA I have received excelled and rigorous education which will enable me to pursue a greater education in college. There's a tight-knit community at the school which helps the learning experience be more comfortable and engaging.
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The Math and Science Academy is a close-knit community of diverse individuals who are like-minded scholars that are all hell-bent on one-upping their fellow students in all fields related to academics.
The Math and Science Academy is located in Woodbury, Minnesota. The environment is very safe, and students feel welcomed at the school. The teachers are invested in their students' success, and the curriculum is very rigorous. Though the school size and student body is very small, a high percentage of the students take advanced courses through AP and PSEO, and the graduating students rank high for college readiness. The clubs and activities offered at the school are diverse and well-run, however, the sports teams are small and do not play at the level of other schools in the district.
This school is perfect if you are happy with having 4+ hours of homework every night followed by several anxiety attacks. Although preparing for college is the main goal, they also prepare you for a life of never feeling good enough and never being on top of your schedule. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that 80% of students end up going PSEO because they can’t stand the environment of MSA for too long or they suffocate. Although the teachers are easy to talk to, they also feel no remorse in assigning 3 tests/quizzes on one day. Overall, it’s a below average school with an above average curriculum.
I've never really been with people who share my interests, but I can definitely say that Math and Science Academy has an atmosphere like no other. Everyone there is involved in the nerd culture in some way and is accepting of basically everyone who attends there. The teachers are unbelievably helpful, and the classes help prepare each student for college if he/she is willing to put in the work for the grade. Everyone is focused on their grades and their future here. There could be more parent involvement, but that's such a minor critique. I really like it here, and would recommend it to anyone who has a child that is focused on their academics.
It's a great small school for the fact that everyone knows everyone - grades are like families, and every teacher not only knows the students' names, but has a relationship with them. Staying for 7 years can make anyone a little stir crazy, so PSEO in 11th and 12th grade is HIGHLY recommended! Overall challenging courses and friendly environment.
I honestly love the teachers at MSA. Everything else aside, the teachers are what make the school so amazing and such a good experience. Because it is such a small school, it is so easy no have an awesome relationship with teachers.
There is a lot of variety when it comes to the academics at this school.
Our extracurricular opportunities at this school are well-rounded.
Although there are both pros and cons to going to a small sized school, I think the pros outweigh the cons. Here, you're able to have good relationships with many people in your grade, and even outside of your own grade. You're able to make so many life-long friends.
The teachers at the Math and Science academy are generally super nice and willing to work with the student to make sure they comprehend each lessons. The teaching styles are very flexible, and can change quite often.
There are multiple after school activities and clubs, however, some are very noninclusive.
This school is extremely unique in its activities and overall environment. Students generally know each other, and greet each other in the hallways. Teachers feel free to be light hearted with the students, and the students in return to them. Many schools have teachers that seem frightening or unfair to students, but I feel it is the opposite at MSA. Besides the classes, which are advanced and well done, I learn many things here. It helped me to individualize myself, while still fitting in. The school is accepting to everyone, and bullying is not too common of an experience, if at all. Themed 'spirit weeks' and all school assemblies add to the schools fun and enjoyable atmosphere.
Many of the teachers in this school are open, engaging, and sincere with their students. They actively work with the students to get them to where they need to be. There will be the occasional teacher who will be unwilling, but this is not a common occurrence.
It is a very safe school. The nerds here are not going to hurt you or anyone else.
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This school has great extracurriculars. There are enough options for every student to find something that they enjoy, and there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and learn something new. The robotics team at this school is flat out magic. It is amazing! We went to the world championships three times when I was a part of the team in high school. It is a very good way to learn new skills and build an awesome robot.
The school used to be amazing. It is a good place to get an excellent education, and you are surrounded by students who want to be there, want to learn, and want to do well. Many of the students are creative and very intelligent in their own ways. The teachers at this school are very supportive, and genuinely want to make a difference in the lives of their students. This school performs very well academically as a result. The school has great extracurricular activities like Ski Club, Computer Club, Math Team, Science Bowl, Track, Cross Country, Jazz Band, Orchestra, and Robotics. (However, their robotics team is by far the most successful.) There are many fun organizations in this school. MSA also has a very unique culture where it is cool to be a geek/nerd. The school has many cool events such as Pi Day, the Talent Show, and "The Dorkathalon".
The teachers at MSA are amazing. They always go above and beyond to help students and teach them in innovative ways. We learn a lot, but it is rarely boring or exhausting. The math teachers at MSA are the best. They taught me how to think and solve problems, which are probably the most valuable skills that a person can have. We had many real world scenarios in all of my classes, which were very fun and educational as well.
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