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I loved my experience in Mater, even if my senior year was not what I was expecting because of the Corona Virus.
I believe this school prepares you for college and there is a lot of clubs and sports for people to be apart of. I would like to see more school spirit.
Former Alumni to Mater class of 2018. I think the best part of this school is the dual enrollment courses offered for FREE during your high school experience at Mater. As well as all the sports and club opportunities throughout the school year! GO LIONSSS!
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I've been a student at mater since 6th grade and I've just graduated from it just last week. It's a great school only problem is the food and space.
Mater is a charter school so it offers a lot of opportunities that a student at a regular public school might not have. For example, Mater offers many AP classes as well as Dual Enrollment opportunitites. However, at Mater, if you are not in the top 10%, then you will be ignored and forgotten. It is a very crowded school with not much space so hallways are always cramped and there is no space to eat lunch so kids just eat in the hallways. School lunch sucks, but that is more of Michelle Obama's fault (thanks Obama). There are only a few good teachers, like a handful. The rest are just the worst. MATER HAS THE WORST SCIENCE DEPARTMENT EVER! The great teachers really stand out and make up for the rest. 99% of the school is hispanic, 98% is cuban so there is really no diversity. It's a microcosm of hispanics since the school is located in Hialeah. It's a pretty good school, better than my local public school.
Mater Academy Performing Art and Entertainment Academy is a school that will prepare you for college better than any other school will. The teachers will help you if needed and hard work is always required.
Mater Performing Arts and Entertainment Academy is a phenomenal school. It prepares all of its students for college and the SAT as well as the ACT. The CAP Advisor is one of the most hardworking people in the school. She is the reason that our school has 87 students graduating from dual enrollment.
What makes Mater special is that we are a family. I've known many of these people since I was 11, and the teachers and staff have watched me grow up. With so many clubs and organizations to choose from there is always something to do in your free time. Can't find one? You can start your own! This is one the best things at Mater Academy, if a student wants to create a project, a club, a movement: THEY CAN! This goes without mentioning the best CAP advisor in the world! She does everything she possibly can to make sure that we are not only ready for college, but can go to where we want to go. Additionally there's a great dual enrollment program, with over 70 kids graduating with their Associates in Arts Degree (A.A) as well as their high school diploma. The performing arts are also top notch here. We have the Gleeks, the Lion Marching Band along with the Color Guard, the Thespains, The Lionettes among others! Overall, it is a wonderful school which I love.
What I really like about this school is all of the opportunities that they provide for us academically. However, the school does have a slight problem with overcrowding. There are simply too many kids and not enough space.
Despite the amount of rules that are addressed at Mater, the learning experience is great overall.
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