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New leadership beginning three years ago/cool changes/lots of opportunities. Great school/outstanding teachers. Offers strong college prep/liberal arts curriculum and four new academic institutes, including Leadership programs. MDP does not just offer model UN is part of the UN. Offers traditional and "outside the box" learning opportunities to prepare kids for college. When kids graduate, they get accepted into top colleges/universities. Challenging/ glad I chose MDP!
Mater Dei Prep is the perfect high school experience for me. It is a small school with a beautiful campus and the kids are really nice/friendly. It is a close knit community where all students have the opportunity to succeed. The teachers and staff are really knowledgeable and are always willing to help. The school takes academics very seriously here and will prepare you very well for college. There are a variety of clubs and sports for everyone to get involved. I love going to MDP and being part of the Seraph community. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a really great school, friendly kids and an excellent education!! Btw: make sure you shadow for a day so you can experience what MDP has to offer!
A very nice atmosphere. Everyone is very nice, and someone is always there to talk or give a simple smile. The courses are rigorous, but stay at a good pace, making it easy to understand and learn. Many different courses available. There is also opportunity to try a new sport or be involved with many different clubs. All of the teachers love what they do, and shows in their work ethics.
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Mater Dei Prep is an academically rigorous, college prep high school. It caters to all academic abilities. Its small size and family atmosphere (where students make lifelong friends) sets it apart from other schools in the area. It offers wonderful and unique programs that prepare high school students for college: strong liberal arts program, medical and emergency institute/anatomy and physiology, global leaders institute, performing arts institute and information technology institute. These institutes combined with religious education, college/AP course offerings, and prestigious Capstone Academy opportunities prepare students to learn, prepare students to lead, and prepare students for life. Team sports opportunities and numerous clubs are plentiful! I am thrilled with Mater Dei Prep and all it has to offer for my daughter. I highly recommend Mater Dei Prep to any parent or student!!
My experience has been great at Mater Dei Prep. I've always felt comfortable here as a member of the family. Its an old building with old principles; you have to meet the expectations. The teachers are very helpful and I love talking to mine. Mater Dei Prep is a place for everyone.
Mater Dei Prep caters to every academic ability, from special needs to AP level. Need some extra attention? We have a room full of tutors available all day everyday. Our math and history programs are very, very established. Recently, we have implemented an Institutions program, which will allow students to pursue their career interests on a special tract designed about their future interests. EMT certification and nursing classes will be made available to those who desire them. Our sports programs are especially notable, especially the track, football, and newly implemented lacrosse teams. Additionally, numerous academic honors societies available for membership: the Spanish, Rho Khappa, French, and National Honor Societies.
Four years ago at the end of my Freshman year my school came close to closing. My classmates & I were devastated. The students decided to start a Go Fund Me page. The students, parents & teachers refused to give up on our school. The entire community and Alumni all stepped in and here we are four years later a stronger and closer than ever. My school means family to me, I am so lucky to be part of such a wonderful community.
Over the past four years despite all of the changes and challenges the overall educational experience was very good. Many of the teachers wanted to see students excel and were always more then happy to give additional help when possible. Along with this all of the teachers were highly competent and knew their material and are able to pass it on to students in effective ways. Yet at the same time in comparison to other schools in the area in terms of course options, technology, and clubs the school is lacking. Many teachers are using outdated computers and all students are to bring their own devices. Club lists are also very limited due to funding and the small size of the student body.
Mater Dei Prep is a school that could be great. It has all the potential in the world but nothing is happening. The loss of faculty and staff this past spring is a testament to how things are going at MDP. It is a shame. All the work they put in to the save the school was a waste.
It was good until junior and senior year yeah the school needed change in order to succeed but the changes were 1.) way too fast 2.) changing our culture
Mater Dei is a home. Everyone in the school is family. We all know each other. There are 350 current students. I love the family atmosphere. The one thing I don't like is that there is no air conditioning. It gets really hot on the second and third floors.
My overall experience at Mater Dei was good. Made amazing friends and connected well with the teachers. My counselor was amazing making sure i was ready for college and completed all of my requirements. It was difficult changing the principle of my school 3 times while i was there. also We almost lost our school so when we won it back we all felt a great sense of accomplishment.
Mater Dei high school experience has been so enjoyable and allowed me to excel in so many areas. Mater Dei offers harder classes that will challenge you. For example, Brookdale and Seton Hall classes. Although the classes may be hard the teachers are always willing to help you. Mater Dei is like a family everyone knows everyone.
Some of the moderators don't follow through with meetings or the kids who sign up just don't show up so the meetings become pointless.
Mater Dei is different than for example Red Bank Catholic because of the fact that we are smaller, we get more one-on-one help and we are just more than students who just go to class together, we are a family.
No one is turned away from any type of sport, club or social organization. There is support from the administration in all the categories which eventually gets most students involved in something. Sports over the last four years such as football and basketball and girls softball have been bringing "good press" to the school.
The administration has always kept an open mind as well as an open door policy to make changes. Discipline is there but we are not a concentration camp. Many of the teachers have been there for 20+ years which lends to the "Family" aspect of the school. The younger teachers don't feel the pressure to measure up to anyone which makes their acceptance of us and vice versa happier place.
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Teachers are not afraid to make you work harder to stand above the rest. Yet there is always an atmosphere of "Family" that is constantly present. Current as well as past world events always come in to play with almost every course that encourages

you to "see outside the box" Every student is offered their opinion.

Grading is the same in all subjects. Every student and parent are made aware of how each teacher grades with homework assignments as well as tests grades.
So many options, and you can always create your own club if what you want isn't already offered.
Ms. Nurse is always there for you.
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