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Mater Dei High School Reviews

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It is a very good school, they are really there for you when it comes to the next step in your life. You get the help you need and the ideal education while still getting the high school experience like football, homecoming, and prom
This school has so many opportunities for students. I am so happy that i have had my child and multiple families attend here. They send students to the best colleges and universities.

This school is so safe, diverse and atttentive to their students. As parents, we love the diversity.
So, far I have had an excellent time at Mater Dei Highschool. It is very welcoming and there is something for everyone there. I found my love for sciences and the performing arts here and I am very grateful. However, I think there is a flaw in the food system. Mater Dei offers a healthy option menu, however, most of those options are priced higher than the regular food causing students to prefer the high calorie, sugary, and salty food more. I hope one day they may find a away to attract the students to order from the healthy option menu more often.
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It was a good experience education wise, with top notch technology and good teachers. Plus, the reputation of attending was a boost in college applications. However, the students there were a bit shallow and mean to each other, which created a toxic environment. Other than this, they had many clubs and events so there was plenty of social activities.
Mater Dei is like a mini college. With 2,000 plus students we really feel like we are walking on a college campus. From the hustling to class with five minute passing periods to going to sports games after our own sport practices. I have loved being a part of this busy lifestyle. There is never a dull moment on campus, something is always going on. Mater Dei shaped me to be more timely efficient by balancing my time between ASB meetings, volleyball practice, and AP classes. This campus is always in hustle mode.
Mater Dei High School is a place that teaches you so many things. With so many kids on campus, you would think it would be a hectic place, but it isn't. I've made so many connections with just my teachers because they have taught me so incredibly well. they know when to push your limits because they know you're capable of so much more. you meet people that you know you're going to be lifelong friends with. They help prepare you for college that way you have a plan and a future for yourself. There are so many activities that you can do which makes high school so much more enjoyable. This school is my second family.
My experience at Mater Dei has been amazing. I had big expectations and I was not disappointed, my first year everyone welcomed me with a open heart and mind. I felt at home there and was not upset about my choice of attending the school. I loved all of my teachers, they were nice,helpful, and understanding; everything a good teacher is. If anyone ever needed help they would not hesitate, often dropping what they are doing to go help them. Their lessons were clear and concise helping all of their students to understand. Another part is the sports. As a newcomer to running I had no idea what to expect and was nervous. I could not have met a more friendly and supportive group. Mater Dei also has many clubs and organizations. I joined CSF and Acedemic Decathlon, which is also a class. The only thing I would change is the extra curricular schedules at Mater Dei is I want to make them more compatible with each other so it is easier to do both.
Mater Dei is a Sports School. It has a good atmosphere for social life and community, but the academic rigor is lacking. I was not prepared in the sciences for my college education going in. Food and Diversity were good, but the vast amount of time spent on religious activities could have been better spent on academics.
Great education and Top Athletic Programs. The school is growing and improving every year to accommodate the successful Athletic programs. SCHOOL SPORTS PROGRAMS NEED to ahare in those improvements. No more off campus Softball Facilities. They are Champions and deserve some locker rooms for sports is a must.
Mater Dei is a great high school. It gives you the opportunity to grow academically and spiritually while providing excellent opportunities outside of the classroom.
I absolutely love this school. At first, I did not really want to attend as my mom and aunt had both gone before me and they didn't thoroughly enjoy it. I found myself loving the academics, sports, performing arts, and campus life. I have been involved in choir, theatre, clubs, and three different sports: hockey, volleyball, and swim. This school has molded me into the young man I have become and has prepared me for life as a college student.
Although Mater Dei High School has large class sizes, it still manages to achieve a family environment. Everyone on campus including deans, teaches, student, security, janitorial staff, etc. all know and socialize amongst each other on a daily basis. I have built some meaningful and what I imagine will be life-long realationships with people I have met at Mater Dei High School. Each year has truly been memorable. While I am excited about graduating and attending college in the Fall, I can’t deny that I will sorely miss my soon to be alma mater, Mater Dei High School.
Mater Dei High School is such a great school that has helped me excel in my academics and and spiritual life. Mater Dei has guided me through my toughest times as a teenager. I can always count on the administration and faculty to teach me new things and keep me safe. If I had to change one thing, I would want my school to be more involved with ASB activities.
What I like about Mater Dei is the effort every teacher puts in to make sure we understand the material and if we need they are there. The entire community makes it a priority that everyone feels included. The school itself provide various opportunities to get involved in activities that interest each individual students ensuring that everyone can be apart of something.
I really enjoyed the rigorous academia that they offered for students at Mater Dei. I also really enjoyed the religious aspect of the school.
Mater Dei is great if you if you play sports, but you have to fight your way through school if you are just interested in the Academics. One of the kindest school environments ever though, everyone is so nice and accepting.
I liked that Mater Dei was very welcoming from the day I stepped foot on campus. They have a ton of activities,clubs, and sports that you can be involved in. Overall Mater Dei is a great environment to be in.
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Great experience. Made many friends and had continual support from faculty and staff. Being involved in this school and it’s various school activities is imperative.
The community is friendly and everyone is kind to everyone. All the teachers are very caring and hospitable to your needs as a student. The learning environment can be adapted to suit your need, which helps the student.
I love the community here at Mater Dei, everyone is very nice and supportive. I’ve had some very fun experiences here whether it be through theatre, Campus Ministry, or the various clubs that are offered here.
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