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Mater Dei High School Reviews

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I love the fact that at Mater Dei we can talk about our faith openly and talk about important social issues going on in the world today. The teachers honestly care for the students and want them to succeed.
It is a great school and the teachers are very helpful to students that need extra help. The sports at Mater Dei are top-notch, the wrestling, football, and soccer programs are all multiple-time state champions.
The guidance counselors are outstanding at their job. They really put the student first and do everything they can to adjust or help with classes and scheduling.
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Overall, Mater Dei is a great school. The only complaint I have is that some things were not done correctly in virtual learning time during the COVID pandemic. I also think that they aren't necessarily fair in regards of sports. For instance, I believe they show more favoritism to boys sports than girls.
Mater Dei is a very unconventional school. But that is its greatest aspect. Mater Dei creates a family atmosphere for every student and cares greatly for the students' education. The school also has a swath of great Extracurriculars to participate in. Not only do we have some of the best sports in the Evansville area, we have some of the finest fine arts. The Marching Wildcats have performed at the State Marching Band competition for the past 10 years. However Mater Dei still doesn't have classes that cater towards trade careers and lacks some more exotic classes.
I love the way Mater Dei prepares its students for the real world and allows them to attend world class universities like Notre Dame and Vanderbilt.
I would not trade my time at Mater Dei High School for anything. I learned not only the academic knowledge required for a diploma but also how to show respect. Throughout my four years, I was pushed by my teachers, developing lifelong study habits and work ethic. I was pushed to succeed and I owe part of my accomplishments to the educators who believed I could achieve more than I thought I could. Every staff member, whether a teacher or a lunch lady, cares about your success and wellbeing. I felt I could talk to any employee and that they would point me in the right direction or take me to someone who could.
The community is very supportive and close-knit. The curriculum prepares students for college and successful careers in their field.
I really enjoy the help teachers are able to provide. Another great thing about the school is that it helps further your Catholic Education. The school is extremely safe for all students and faculty, and the experience of faculty is great. The teachers do an excellent job teaching the material and go out of their way to help the students.
I really like Mater Dei High School because of the small family atmosphere. The teachers are competent and get us ready for college classes and expectations. There are a lot of opportunities in various sports and activities and many of the sports achieve state recognition.
As freshmen at Mater Dei, I haven't been here as long as the seniors. For the time I have been here I can tell you a few things. They prepare you for what you need in college. As freshmen right now, we have already started to talk about college. The environment is smaller around 156 kids in your grade or less, not as big as a public school. I would have to say that diversity is not the best, I would like to see it change in the future. I would recommend Mater Dei for any students looking for a Catholic high school and a friendly environment.
I like going to Mater Dei Highschool, the teachers do their jobs, and the school is very safe. There is much to learn here and lots of help.
Mater Dei is nice. There is great food and nice teachers. It is not too big, but also not too small. It is overall just nice. It is also hard to get lost in the school.
The faculty and students are amazing and welcoming. The teachers always do their best to make sure you are prepared for college.
I love all of the teachers at Mater Dei. They are all so kind and their way of teaching material is amazing.
Although I'm only a freshman, I've very much enjoyed my experience so far. It's been a great experience so far, and as soon as I came, I instantly felt like part of the MD family. All the teachers thus far have been very helpful and I think I will really be able to succeed here.
Well since I am only a freshman and have been in this school 3 and 1/2 months and almost 4 months but so far I have enjoyed being here. A lot of the teachers are very friendly and really care about your education.
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I am a freshman at Mater Dei High School in Evansville Indiana. It is only the first semester and so far I love it. It is such a good school to go to. I like being a part of the religious atmosphere.
I am thankful for Mater Dei High School because of the college readiness I have developed through my high school career. As a Catholic, Mater Dei is considered a home, where I can grow in faith with my peers. I have the ability the form new connections through the faculty and staff. Mater Dei is very successful as a whole and individual students are pushed to succeed in the classroom and in the community. I would like to see more diversity in the halls. The faculty and students are extremely welcoming to newcomers. Multiple Mater Dei families have hosted a forgein exchange student through a whole year of schoolingand this program is growing.
I had a great time at Mater Dei. I was involed with many of the extracurricular activities and I loved every second of high school.
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