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Mater Dei Catholic High School Reviews

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This high school has given me so many opportunities. I have grown as an individual because of the people surrounding me. This high school has provided a safe, fun environment and i have learned so much from all the classes i have taken . I am happy that i had the opportunity to take honors and AP classes to help me with college applications.
The education in this school is really good. Teachers pay attention to what students don't understand and make it clear. There is a lot of diversity in this school which is really good, since you get to meet different people. I love this school be cause I come to school and I feel relaxed and ready to learn. Also, the counselors really encourage you to start thinking about college early junior year, and they make you consious of reality.
I love Mater Dei and the safe environment they provide, but it is also difficult when admin is very hard to talk to and they discriminate against mental health. They have gotten better with it, with a new counselor who is open to mental health and really easy to talk to. But I'd like to see that change.
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One highlight about Mater Dei is its teachers, who generally enjoy what they do and therefore strive to make it enjoyable for students. The facilities are still fairly new and in good condition, and are highly accessible to students.
One downside is the administration can be a bit tough to get new/diverse events approved, and school spirit varies.
I love the campus diversity in clubs, people, and student involvement. The best part about this school is being able to have a small class size and feel like the teacher actually cares about you passing their class and being ready for college. I wish the student life could be better though, because there is a lack of school spirit & often times people are negative towards new ideas from ASB.
It's a small private high school in Chula vista. There are about 800-900 students in total. The classes are small, ranging from 13-30 students per class. The attention the teachers give you is great, and the values taught at Mater Dei are applicable in one's every day life.
Mater Dei Catholic High School is located in Chulwas recently built and has a state-of-the-art new campus. The Academy of Science was created and is run by Dr. Susan Till. This program is geared to preparing the students for to pursue a degree in the sciences. They offer exceptional science classes with hands-on opportunities to learn. Many of the students are able to pursue summer science internships at local prestigious colleges such as USD and UCSD.
MDC challenged me academically and probably did a good job of preparing for college. However, it is not a diverse school that embraces certain races nor does it look kindly upon economically disadvantaged students, unless of course you are a star athlete.
Administration staff act like a little cult group and they distant themselves from students' parents or protect themselves by themselves from the parents. They are not going to listen.
The years I spent at Mater Dei was the most transforming years of my life. Besides that the academic curriculum always perseveres to be above state standards and has a beautiful facility and a lot of resources, the best thing the school has to offer is the theological classes. Even if you are not Catholic, as I am, the religion classes are quite interesting, well-documented, holistic, open, and tolerant. They do not respond and teach you simple answers, you get to analyze the crude and sometimes cold reality, but then, they guide you to see and find the light to find a way to amend wound. It is great even if you are not religious because you can still adopt some valuable teachings even if you don't believe in God. It is a good place to grow and develop your identity because the teachers and staff strive to create a respectful and warm environment. I recommend it highly if you value emotional intelligence!!
It's a great school for academically successful students but not so great for athletically successful students. A lot of good athletes transfer out. Not equipped to prepare athletes to be successful in college level. Poor coach selection. Another issue is that it's common language at this school is Spanish and you would feel left out at many occasions.
I’ve been to three different high schools and I can say that Mater Dei is my favorite! It is filled with lovely people and teachers. It has a great academic programs, the counselors really help you with college related things, sports are a really big part of Mater Dei too, everyone is really supportive and they really push students to succeed in every aspect! Mater dei is the way to go!!!
I'll be an incoming freshman this year 2018-2019. My involvement at Materdei started when I was in 7th grade. I've attended leadership camps at MD as well as being involved in sports.

The staff is very caring to the students and are constantly involved with our daily life at MD.

I'll be be starting at Materdei this August and I can't wait what the future will bring.
Mater Dei is a great school. I have had a great experience here and I learned a lot from my teachers and my friends. My four years have prepared me for college and I would recommend it to anyone.
I liked the family atmosphere and their way of teaching. The teachers care about their students and try to help them achieve their goals. One thing that I would like to change is their grading structure or timely grading of work once completed by student and grades entered timely and not entered once a month on Power Learning. Parents would like to see that input so they will know how to best support the student and make sure of improvements. Also in reference to sports, basketball in particular, the players need more support from the coaches; keeping good grades. If a student is in trouble
there should be a mentor to those players encouraging them to work harder
and keep their academics up.
It has been a great experience from start to me being a sophomore now. The Administration, staff, and students have been great. I have felt welcomed since day one. Never did I feel I was an outcast or did not fit in here. The culture and knowledge of all my teachers have been great. I have been in Catholic school since Kindergarten and I love it. The Catholic Faith has made me a better and stronger person as the years past. I have been able to share that with other students and know that I am reaching out to them. There is so much to learn every day starting with the languages, pep clubs, sports, and student council throughout the school. I know that when my twin brother and sister come next year it will be a great experience.
I am a soon to be Mater Dei student, hopefully if they I accept me. From the visits I have made and overall knowledge of the school I would rate the school a 5/5 because everything about it is great. I hope to be part of this great community in the future.
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I loved my experience at Mater Dei Catholic High School, since coming from a different country, it has broadened my perspective and horizons to seek different opportunities, and meet new people. My favorite part of the time I have spent in Mater Dei is the support from the teachers, shown through their extra time spent at school just to help a student out with their homework, and how I can still reach teachers that thought me in my freshman year, and ask them random questions about my homework even though they are not my teachers anymore. The second thing I loved the most are the students, and the diversity in the school, due to different exchange programs, and the closeness to the San Ysidro boarder.
The school environment is very welcoming and allows the student to express themselves through their personality and academics. If you can't connect with other students, there will always be teachers with open arms to talk to. Overall, I would definitely take my future kids to this school.
I liked the close bond between the students and teachers. The small class sizes really make it easy to connect and communicate with the teachers at school. For example, if i missed a day of class i could easily find my teacher and catch up with the rest of the class. The teachers did not only teach us with the best of their ability, they also challenged us to exceed in our life and academics. Athletics wise, this school has improved a lot over years and has added many banners to their record and even a Football state title. Our Softball team had a 5 yr winning streak for CIF Titles. Other sports such as cross country and soccer have been beating school accomplishments that will put them in the hall of fame. Lastly, we have an amazing campus ministry group that puts on great retreats for all the students at school.
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