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Mater Dei Catholic High School Reviews

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Small school that offers a more unique opportunity than the public school system. The school focuses on preparing the students for the real world and also offers them the chance to grow their faith.
Most of the funds go towards programs such as the football program or towards the aesthetic of the school (i.e. The new commons) rather than go towards things such as the art program. Also, the school leaks when it rains and the bathrooms are outdated (the one stall doesn't have a door). Teachers often make the students teach themselves and (at least in the theology department) say incredibly inflammatory or inappropriate things. Work in progress, to say the least.
Mater Dei made sure that I would succeed in my high school career. Had some amazing teachers that impacted my life in a great way. The small student count did make everyone feel closer. One thing I would change would probably be the lunch menu. There are not enough vegetarian options for those students who do not eat meat. Mater Dei feels like a family and I am very glad that I choose to attend high school there.
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Mater Dei Catholic High School is a very nice, private Catholic High School where students have no problem fitting in and feeling safe. The student body gets along very well, but the teaching faculty could be improved.
I been study here for 3 years.The students in this school are very smart .It not too hard to pass a class here but to be the first place is kinda though
I love Mater Dei and strongly recommend it to anyone who is considering a faith-based, academically rigorous environment that enables its students to branch out into a myriad of extra-curriculars.
In my sophomore year, I was pulled me out of school for an extended period of time due to medical issues. Thanks to Mater Dei's teachers and administration, I am now a senior on track to graduate with a stellar grade-point average. I was able to remain enrolled in all of my honors classes while maintaining my GPA and understanding of the courses.
Mater Dei has enabled me to explore many opportunities that I would not have been able to participate in, had I enrolled elsewhere. In my senior year, I am a member of various clubs, teams, and organizations and have risen to various leadership roles.
Mater Dei has surrounded me with a welcoming, fostering environment that has shaped my faith, my academics, and my principles.
Mater Dei is a great high school to attend to get you ready for college. Mater Dei gives you the extra push you need to achieve academic success. Mater Dei is constantly updated and becoming a more electronic learning facility. Being a small private high school that has multiple grade schools filtering into the student body helps students to grow socially in many ways including academics and athletics. When you are in grade school each school competes against each other in sports and academics, but when the students get into high school they compete together, and they merge into one great team. At Mater Dei everyone is so friendly and helpful that when you graduate you have more than just college credit and friends, you have a family.
Mater Dei is a small Catholic High School that pays attention to the whole student, Spiritually, Physically, & Academically. I love this school.
Within my high school experience, I personally had a great experience at Mater Dei and hope whoever attends in the future will have a good experience. The library was just updated and the commons area was a few years ago. The teachers are good with the students and have a lot of experience at what they do.
I'm a junior at Mater Dei and I live 45 minutes from it but I have had no problem being involved and welcomed into the community! I love all the students and faculty and look forward to waking up and going everyday.
Throughout my high school career, Mater Dei has challenged me mentally, physically, and socially, preparing me for college and for the real world. I have grown as a person because of my teachers, classmates, and family pushing me through the difficult classes and challenging extracurricular activities. My intelligence and social skills have expanded beyond what I previously believed. Not only have my academics improved, so has my faith. Studying my faith as well as having the opportunity to teach my faith to local grade schools has allowed me to grow stronger in my faith and to volunteer in my community.
If there was one aspect about Mater Dei that I wish I could change, it would be the diversity. The only way we experience different cultures is through our foreign exchange program. I am very thankful for the few students we have from over seas, but I wish there was a way to learn about other people's ways of living.
I took my education very seriously and that's why I retained a good GPA. Other students did not take their education very seriously and that was a little frustrating. Also, our school established a no tolerance cheating policy, but nothing changed. I studied material for a good amount of time to get a good grade. I received the same grade as someone who memorized the answers to the test from a previous test.
The overall quality of teachers is average. The very good teachers balance out the lazy ones. Majority of the instructors are very knowledgable about their course material. Some teachers, however, are knowledgable and either do not relay that information to students in an interesting or accurate manner or the instructors overwhelm students with too much information that is not relevant.
We also have Scholastic Bowl, Drumline, Spanish Club, Book Club, etc.
I would choose this schoold again if I could do it all over.
My school has a low tolerance for bullying during school hours and after school hours. We have special drills we run for special emergencies and easy connections to the police and fire department in case of emergencies. i feel like my school is a somewhat safe environment and could improve their safety.
The teachers at my school are of good quality and try to keep up with current teaching styles. They are all knowledge able in their subject. All of the teacher offer a way to be in contact with the students after school.
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Most teachers have been there for years. Students really strive here and the teachers help prepare them for college.
Great about all of these things. Started something new this year to emphasize bullying and cheating (not that there was a problem but being pro active).
There are many to choose from. The Model UN seems to be popular and gets kids involved as well as the Future Business Leaders of America.
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