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Mater Academy - Lakes High School Reviews

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Mater Lakes Academy is a very family oriented school. Every one is knows each other within the student body. There is also an outstanding amount teacher-student relationships as well with the administration. Mater Lakes is an extremely close knit school and one feels accepted almost automatically.
I enjoyed my years at Mater Lakes. I created very good relationships with my teachers and the school is in good shape. I would like to see the school get a football team along with an indoor gym.
Mater lakes is an Interesting school, it has plenty of school pride and fairly top tier academics. But the school is unnecessarily strict, to the point where it ruins the whole schools atmosphere. The schools guards dont make the atmosphere feel all that safe either. The lunch is average & sports are pretty good, although clubs are lackluster since most effort is put into the sport teams. Very diverse student body
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Mater lakes is a well rounded school, it offers a variety of academic selections as well as it inforces the safety of all the students.
I've attended Mater Lakes Academy for 5 years now and I can honestly say it has been a great and memorable experience. Mater lakes is a great school with teachers who really care about their student's education. Administration over the years has gotten stricter to keep our school safe. There are a variety of clubs to join with a plethora of field trip opportunities. I personally joined all the honor societies mater lakes had to offer along with activity oriented clubs such as glee club and women's empowerment. The majority of the students at Mater Lakes have lots of school spirit and are on sports teams. Unfortunately, mater lakes do not have a gym, football field or pool which is why I would not consider my experience as a student 5 stars. However, they do offer a verity of sports teams that practice off campus. Overall I enjoyed my experience at Mater lakes and would highly recommend it to anyone considering attending for a memorial high school experience
Mater Lakes is an amazing school. The teachers that I have had are phenomenal and care about what you have to say. I feel at home there, given I am Hispanic and this school is located in Miami. With almost all of its students being Hispanic, there is so much diversity and so many different countries coming together, I feel at home. I have made some of the closest friends I have ever had. The academics and courses are rigorous and you are able to challenge yourself here.
Mater Lakes has more than prepared me for my college experience through its various resources such as rigorous AP classes, dual enrollment, and extracurriculars. One aspect I wish I could change would be to increase school spirit, as the school's SGA President I can visibly see the lack of spirit due to the competitive nature of the school. I also wished administration would allow for greater diversity of clubs such as an LGBTQ club or a coexist to create a safe space for it's students.
As a high school senior,Mater Lakes Academy has become my second home. I have attended this school since the first day of 6th grade until my final year. Throughout these school years, I have grown as a person alongside my peers and teachers. Not only have I had the chance to become a well rounded individual but I have learned different entities through my teachers.
This is a very small and humble school. In contrast to other Miami High Schools, our size and population is very limited. There are few facilities and lack of sports facilities, but there are good teachers and very motivated students here.
I liked some of the friendly teachers but its backwards policies on technology use and strict behavior and dress code rules could be improved.
Mater Lakes Academy, is a sports oriented school. They help student-athletes balance and focus on their studies and sports. Diversity here is extremely common. College readiness here is excellent because all of the administrators do care about the students future and more help them choose their majors.
My experience with Mater Lakes Academy is quite good. Everything about it is all what is good in a school. The only thing I would change is its lack of accessibility through the phone, most of the time it is never answered. Also, most events & schedules are waited till the last minute.
Mater Lakes Academy is a well known school throughout the district. The parents, students, and faculty have bridged the gap and come together besides their differences. The amount of diversity in Mater Lakes creates an atmosphere that of a community. If needed to change i would tone down the uniform policy a bit. The schools uniform policy is very rigorous and has result to causing many students to become upset. The white shoelaces should be allowed. The policy states that it causes a distraction, which i think may be a little unrational. Overall my experience at the school caused some lifelong memories and lessons i will use through out the years to come.
I really like attending Mater Lakes Academy. The school is located in a Hispanic area and being Asian, I don't get bullied at all. I was nervous at first to attend that school because in my previous school, I DID get bullied. In Mater Lakes, bullying is not a problem. The teachers in the school really do prepare you for the EOCs and FSAs. A lot of homework is given and the work they give can be challenging at times but it definitely helps in the long run. There are many after school activities to participate in. Different sports such as Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball, Football, Swimming and more are given to the students to join and a variety of academic/language/arts clubs are given too such as the National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Science National Honor Society and more. I've been doing band and drama for a couple of years in Mater Lakes which I find very enjoyable!
What I liked about Mater Lakes Academy was that everyone knew each other, for the most part. The only thing I think they should change or add on is more of a roof for when the students have to walk from one building to the next.
I’ve spent the last 5 years of my academic career in Mater Lakes Academy, as a student was whom considered herself to be extremely involved the school not only expanded its campus but welcomed more students and staff. When I first arrived at mater lakes the student body was not nearly as active and involved as it is currently, the amazing activities director, Melissa Stonestreet allow for each student in the school to have a constant flow of communication with her and in turn possible ideas that are student based may be presented to her. The administrative staff does an amazing job of engaging in one on one with each and every student and making each feel as if they are part of something so much greater.
They have great advanced and AP classes, though the counselors sometimes are hard to get in contact with.
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It is a small school so you are a name not just a number like in other schools that have a plethora of students.
At Mater Lakes I found I place where I was encouraged to learn and grow. My years at Mater Lakes truly prepared me for my upcoming college years, all of which was possible by the amazing teachers that gave their up most attention and effort into preparing me not only academically but also for life. I'm extremely proud and happy to have attended Mater Lakes for my 4 years of high school. Mater Lakes' academic preparation has allowed me to be proficient in my college years I find that the base of core course I took at Mater Lakes has been extremely beneficial for my college content; I'm able to understand and perform at a very high level because there are no holes in my previous education which was so well delivered to me by the Mater Lakes faculty.
It’s not really a high school experience and the people there aren’t really to friendly(students and administration) but some teachers are nice. It’s a good looking school but the heart of the people in the school aren’t what you call nice at all.
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