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Mater Academy - East Middle School Reviews

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This school lacks extracurricular classes which gives me less electives to choose from.
Since this school is small, the teachers tend to see the student as more of an individual rather than another just another student attending school. The teachers almost always will tutor a student after-school if the student asks and if the teacher is free to do so. Teachers' teaching styles vary so I can not speak of this topic as a whole but I will say the teachers do seem to know what they are doing.
The extracurricular activities are great and fun to be in but there is a lack of number of members and this is because of the school's lack of advertising these activities. For example, they would announce the club at the beginning of the school year but will never mention it again after that.
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The school would be great if it gave more extra curricular activities such as sports teams or clubs. But, overall the school was great for the educational purposes. The school gave a lot of resources to help a student his or her studies. If I were to start middle school all over again, I would still chose my past school because the school help me a lot in my studies by offering free tutoring and other resources.
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