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Mater Academy - East Charter School Reviews

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Teachers that actually cared were good. Overall it was okay just not the best environment. If the administration did not like you or had it out for you than you wouldn't be able to get very far.
my favorite memory was being able to be president of the senior class and getting to do fun activities with my group.
Teachers indeed go above and beyond to meet the student half way and push them forward.
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The technology department is great at our school however college prep and guidance counselors are not very good. We were not informed about a lot of college and scholarship opportunities our junior and senior years. the faculty is too busy implementing "dress code" rules instead of preparing us for a better future and making sure that we take all the chances that we are offered.
My school provides a lot of academic clubs but not fun, activity and different clubs. not everything is about academics and student should be rewarded with "fun clubs" for all their hard work.
My school has cameras in the halls and stairs, it has police officers working around the school and officers take p.e students to the park to avoid any problems in the streets and to keep students safe.
ONLY A FEW puts effort
I mean, can we have a little freedom?
Horrible Lunch Menu

Very Cold Classrooms

Rude Security
The Mater Academy East facility offers 3 computer labs, making technology more accessible to students. There is tutoring offered after school for student to reinforce their knowledge and prepare for the FCAT. The guidance counselors in the school are very involved and are always trying to help students with their problems.
The teachers are Mater Academy East are excellent, they are very knowledgeable and helpful when students are in need. The teachers are very consistent in inputting grades right after we complete the work. Most teacher have a very fun easy style to teach that catches students attention and willingness to learn.
Mater Academy East is a small school, but it definitely has its perks. You are as involved as you want, students have the option to join several clubs and attend their field trips. The field trips are usually very interesting and fun. The school also attends competitions for example the French club has a yearly cooking competition. I would join the school again if I could and join even more clubs than I'm already in.
There is no bullying occurring at Mater Academy East. The school takes students safety very serious, they have several police officers around the school to take proper care of the facility.
One of the policies that my school encourages the most is Dress Code. Particularly, I don't mind because it's good to have rules of how to look our best, that way when we go into a job we are able to follow dress codes without any problem.
At the Mater Academy East facility, there is very interesting and helpful clubs. My schools offers Chess club, French club, History club, Yearbook Club, Science Club and there also is the Academy of Finance that includes DECA and FBLA. There is also organizations like Student Goverment Association (SGA) and National Honor Society (NHS) that include a higher level of commitment.
Some teacher's are great, but others just follow the textbooks.
There isn't much bullying going around, and their's police walking around all the time, but there isn't a real nurse on campus.
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Too many restrictions and fees to wear casual clothes.
The school was built recently so rust, and all of that nasty stuff isn't really prominent or visible in any part of the school. The school is cleaned from top to bottom daily thus providing for a clean atmosphere and ambiance for the students
The lack of arts, science equipment, sports, and field trips makes the overall experience boring. There isn't much variety for the students other than languages.
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