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Mater Academy - East Charter High School Reviews

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My experience was not bad but the school did lack a lot of activities that are not academic based and had no sports teams.
While I had an overall good experience, it definitely could have been better. I wish there would've been some kind of arts program (including drama/theater and music) while I was there. Anything to positively and actively increase creativity. They did well with what they offer though
At the beginning of the school year in 11th grade, I started to become more involved within my school; competed in the chess club, did community service in our Miami Dolphins Stadium, and took part in my school's culture which has been very rich due to our diversity. The school environment was great and friendly supplying students with great resources and facilities, including food for mental readiness.
However as my school started to focus on the academic aspect, sports became less of a priority. Academically we truly excelled, being a school that focuses on business many students would compete in a state level competition for DECA, moving on to nationals. Teachers and parents would be very attentive and passionate towards students making sure we learned, not for temporary knowledge but to carry that knowledge for the rest of their lives. As a senior now I prepare myself for my last year in this wonderful school that has given me many great memories to cherish.
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I loved Mater Academy, it was a great school and amazing experience. I probably would like to see them change some of the teachers but all around great school. I pretty much grew up at Mater and always thought that everyone was so nice and caring and I was never left out on anything.
Mater is a great school however sometimes we didn't have the resources from the administrators nor help from them. Overall the school is great in academic wise and some teachers as well. I wished that there were many different type of clubs though.
Overall it's not a bad place just that there are some people who hate themselves so much they try bringing the world with them because they think it's not fair that we are happy
The school is so small so there are no metal detectors.
My favorite club at this school only lasted a year. It was the newspaper club. It was fun to edit and create my own work.
My high school experience was better than most. The school was so small that most students tended to get along.
Most of the teachers brought boring topics to life. They really care about the student's education.
securities tight around the school no problem have been brought up by anyone and with the police. there are no crimes within the school. Bully is the least of our problem within this school, we do not have a school nurse within the campus.there are also no health programs.
There aren't many clubs but the clubs that we do have are or the top in our district this includes the math club and deca club.
my favorite experiences are the field trips that teachers have in order to experience real world scenarios of certain things, this school is unique due to all of the school being so small that most likely there isn't one person you have never heard of or haven't talked to that most people know. i would most likely do it again just to be with those that are still in school there.
The quality of teachers are friendly once you have acquainted yourself to them and you have given them reasoning behind each question and have the appropriate answer. their teaching styles differ from each and every teacher. each of the teachers that i have the honor of taking classes from are very knowledgable about the course they teach. the communication that they have are sometimes different but they make up for it in lecture. Each teacher has the time and if require for the student to retake a test or submit late work they are sometimes understanding of it.
There is just one certain person that I would change.
I love this school. It is my second home and where I feel connected with people in my community and my life. The school has helped me grow physically and as a person, and I'm thankful that I'm in such a great school.
Mater does not offer any sports.
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The teachers at Mater go above and beyond. They don't only care about us as student, but as individuals. They are extremely approachable inside and outside the classroom.
Majority of the clubs comprise of academic extracurricular activities that are typically demanding of its members
For security purposes Mater is pretty secure. There are cameras all over,and a great team of unarmed security (very friendly and approachable) as well as armed police. Although, personally having an armed police presence there makes me feel unsafe, but it gives others a security blanket. Bullying is a problem in very school, but in Mater there bullying is not tolerated by any one or from anyone. If students are picking on each other or if a teacher is picking on student, other students (especially upper class men) and teachers/administration will step in. The school is clean, it is cleaned every night after the majority of student have left. On the health side, we do need a school nurse or at least more health programs and resources available to students in order to make them aware.
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