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Mater Academy - Charter Middle School Reviews

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This school takes health and safety really into account. An example of this would be how there are school securities in every hallway. Also, the school provides a nurse whenever you need it. Another example of the safety measures would be how they always put the sign when the floor is slippery. In this school, you can feel safe and protected.
There are a variety of extracurricular opportunities at this school. For starters, there is a wide selection of clubs and organizations to choose from. Depending on the club, there are many different after-school activities you can get involve with such as helping in a hospital event for National Honor Society. However, all of these are wonderful if you are a person that likes to be involved in school-related activities.
Coming to think about my school in this form, I believe I had a spectacular experience. Because of this school, I am going to be able to finish with my Associate's Degree while completing high school. I met wonderful human beings and made unforgettable friends. All of this because of this outstanding school.
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I believe almost every teacher in my school does a pretty amazing job interacting with the students. Just by listening to them, you can acknowlegde their enormous intellect and knowledge. They are always available to assist you with something you do not know or understand. In overall, I think they are the complete package of what a school needs to achieve higher academic goals.
It was a pleasant couple of years that I spent in Mater Academy. Of course, like anybody else, I had my bad experiences (specifically with office staff members - not all of them really care about the student or their education), but there were other students and teachers who all made it worth it in the end. When I left the school, I left with fond memories and bonds that will last a lifetime.
Most of the teachers are very kind and care about the students. While, of course, there are some exceptions, a majority of them are very approachable and genuinely want their classes to learn in their lectures to better the student's chances in the future.
The school is much too crowded, many have trouble getting along in the school.
Not all teachers are as dedicated as they should be
The health and safety at the school has never been a problem, but it is not the best either.
The extracurricular opportunities are wide but they are mainly possible because of work and management put in by the students.
I have spent my whole high school at this school and it has been stressful at times, but i have still managed to have a good time with my friends.
The teachers are pretty good, there are those that go above and beyond, but there are also those that do not try as hard as the others to give us a quality education.
The people treat you as if you were family, everyone tries to help one another. It feels like you are at home. I never want to leave.
Extracurriculars activities are great at my school. A lot of different clubs and organizations are offered to students and getting involved is easy.
My school is very prominent when viewing the safety and health of all students in attendance. Security and administration is always at hand and ready to assist any student with any problems or concerns.
This school takes extreme precautions with bullying, safety, health programs etc
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