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was good, hard sometimes. some teachers were very well educated and actually wanted their students to do good but others were just rude and did not show any care for their students.
Mater Academy Charter High was an amazing school and provided excellent resources throughout my high school years. They have amazing college preparation programs that assist many students, and our CAP advisors are a great help. They inform us about every scholarship out there and always make sure we are on top of everything including college and school tasks. The school allows students to get very involved and they have great opportunities for aspiring athletes. The school's administration is always keeping everything in check and enforce the school codes daily. Overall, Mater Academy Charter High is a great school to grow in and has a good environment with good people.
I feel as though the faculty has a lot to learn with how to properly treat their visitors and their parents. I feel as though they dont have much regard and can sometimes be a little rude.

Another huge issue with Mater is the space. I feel as though this school is over crowded and can be a health hazard since the "security" will be unable to reach the students in such a case of emergency.
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While Mater Academy does allow students to perfectly work towards graduating high school with and Associates in Arts degree, the school is not a stranger to forcing AP classes onto students. Personally, I am on the brink of failing an AP that administration will not remove from my schedule. The counselors at the school do little when you have to speak to them for personal issues, they simply sit there and watch you as though you were some sort of lab experiment. Some of the security guards are plain rude to the students, blowing whistles in their ears to notify that lunch was over even though there are still ten minutes remaining for the lunch break.
What I really like about Mater Academy is that they prepare you for college. What I don't like and would like to see a change in, is the food they serve during lunch.
Mater Academy is a great school academically. They always make sure that students are able to get the right education in terms of pace at which the class is learning and the work load.
wide variety of classes and clubs. Nice faculty. A little too strict on uniform, and the hallways are a little narrow.
Mater Academy is a college prep school which allows students to prepare for college. As a current student in Mater Academy, college readiness is their number one priority and they do an absolute great job at doing it. Mater Academy cares about each and every one of their students and ensures you that going to college will be the best path to take into having a bright future.
Mater Academy is a charter school located in Hialeah Gardens and offers an alternative to the public school system in Miami Dade county.
Mater academy is a school filled with opportunity. It gives students the opportunity to choose AP classes and take dual enrollment as well. Mostly all the teachers are spectacular, however there are some in which do not help students at all.
I love the diversity and that Mater has a lot to offer for students. Especially the help with getting ready for college is amazing. I just think Mater should have more culture diversity and programs for different cultures to express themselves and not just Hispanic cultures.
It's alright. Food could be better. People are fake. Educations good as long as you are in an advanced class, if you are not, then you will struggle in classes. I, personally, failed a state exam for the first time in my whole time in school (9 years).
Absolute horrible school. Amazing opportunities but horrible ADMINISTRATION . some teachers arent bad but majority just give work to not teach. YoU have alot of free time. Uniform very strict .ridiculous consequences. Some people genuinely try to help but the majority focus on themselves. Talking to a counselor is rare
Mater Academy is the perfect school for those that are more academically driven, instead of socially or athletically. Their staff are great, their teachers, CAP adviser and administrators really care about pushing you to your limits in order to help you go that extra mile.
its one of the better schools in Hialeah, but it's always adding more and more unreasonable rules like not being able to wear hoodies even if it's sold by them, and it's always a hassle to for most front office staff to get things done . Also you're not allowed to enter the area where there's classrooms during lunch which I understand but if a student needs to go home for whatever reason or see the nurse you're either not allowed 9/10 times or if they see it's an emergency for the nurse they might just let you go or tell you to wait for lunch to end. Overall, th schools education is quite good though, it depends on the teacher you get. It's very packed but you make many friends and th counselors and main office staff are really friendly and helpful, I have many great memories of this school and I'm happy with my attendance there, just thought I'd mention the bad sides too
Mater Academy is a great school academically. It instills a lot of hard work in it's students and the CAP advisor is amazing! However, I would say that the amount of work that needs to be put in, in order to get good grades and succeed, is at times overwhelming and there is a lot of competition.
My main reason for still being at Mater is because of the friendships I've made and the incredible teachers I've had. The administration, facilities, and culture leave much to be desired. However, I do believe that Mater is definitely one of the better schools in my area and if I had to choose between coming here and another school, I would still choose Mater.
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As an Alumni from Mater Academy, I definitely hated the food there completely. I feel bad for every student that came after me who still has to deal with it. Also all the books I had were extremely old and used, so they need newer books and resources because the ones we had were outdated and wrong.
Mater Academy Charter High School is a horrible school. If you are looking for a school that values your child’s education and does not stress your child constantly then do not enroll them into Mater Academy.
Mater Academy is an extremely college based school that prepares you immensely well for college. The resources and support is always there, you'll always feel prepared and if you don't there's always someone who can help you.
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