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Mater Academy - Charter High School Reviews

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I do not have a lot of positive things to say about this school other than the fact that its dual enrollment program is ok. The staff does not seem to care about their students and give unfair punishments to the students for little things. The security is a mess and is unfair toward the students. They have a huge health and bullying problem which has not been even remotely addressed. They also do not have a football team which sucks. I would not recommend this school to anyone.
The counselors help you with anything you need. The clubs at the school are very good for college applications. The education is good but could be better.
My experience attending Mater Academy was pretty average. The overall academic goal of the school is really good but they put their focus on other things rather than the academic success of their students. There was no room for self-expression or creativity, they worried more about the branding on our clothes than the grades in our classes. While being able to go somewhere that lets you express yourself may not be important to others, I believe it was very important in the life of a teenager trying to find themselves. Aside from their restrictions on appearance, their academics were average. Some might say that they found it really difficult to pass. Their form of instruction isn't what makes passing classes hard, it's the inability to catch up with work when you've been out due to sickness or personal reasons.
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Mater Academy was a great school for opportunities, and I loved going to it my first couple of years there. But it all went downhill when the new administration took over. Don't get me wrong I appreciated a lot of the teachers and mentors I met along the way. But as time progressed, it came to fruition that every student was just a statistic and a way to make money. Some teachers would not care about students and make it their duty to be dominant over them instead of teaching. However, it did have its perks such as certain programs that are encouraged like Dual Enrollment and they paid for AP Exams for college credit opportunities.
I love how well organized the school is. Everytime we, as students, need help they are always available and they have an amazing communication with their students. What I would like to see change is the food that they offer at the Cafeteria. I think we should eat healthier, not only at home, but also at school. The school should provide food with better quality!
I’m a junior going into the 2020 school year and my school seems to be handling the pandemic alright. I’ve been at the school since 6th grade and there’s no doubt that it has its problems but it’s a family at mater. If you looks hard there’s people who actually care about your eduction. I honestly just wished it offered more classes that make sense like cooking or wood shop. Also the campus location is anything but ideal.
I would like to see them take more interest into the students mental health and work to be better overall by listening to the suggestions the students offer
Overall pretty good school, has been very open with parents and students throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. High level classes make the experience challenging and helps prepare for college. Provides plenty of resources to help students succeed
Mater Academy was great school that prepared me for college readiness. It is a college prep school, so all of your years are pushed toward being ready for college. The academics were great, but the food could have been better.
I like the opportunities given at Mater Academy! There are many clubs, sports, and programs to chose from that can benefit the future of a student. For example, dual enrollment is provided at Mater Academy, if you meet the requirements. Dual enrollment allows students to take college classes from several colleges such as MDC, Doral College, and FIU. With this program students can graduate with their AA. Another example is AP classes, this allows students to take college level courses in school, and if passed they can receive college credits! Clubs available include of many Honor Societies, many volunteer clubs, such as Key Club, and a variety of other clubs for anyone to chose from and join! I would like Mater Academy to add some more sports, so that everyone may have a chance to play; There are some sports available right now such as softball, baseball, football, flag football, cheerleading, basketball girls and boys, and track/cross country.
I wish they would throughly see how a teacher is... perhaps sit in on one of the classes. The school, overall, is okay. The school should care less about how the jacket or sweater a student has and more about the studies of the students. I do like that they give students opportunities such as AP classes and Dual Enrollment classes.
What I enjoyed the most about my years of being a student at Mater Academy Charter High School were the different resources been offered to prepares its students for college and especially the opportunity to take college classes in dual enrollment. The only detail that I would prefer to see change in Mater Academy are for science teachers to give a better preparation for its students when it comes to taking the AP exam.
Although mater academy charter high was an amazing experience for me and offered many opportunities to its students, I did not feel as though the administration cared for the students or implemented any programs for the benefit of the students. Rather, it seemed that it was done to improve the schools image to attract new students for the money. I remember instances where we used to advertise the school. Visitors would sometimes enter classrooms on tours with the administration which made the school feel more like the set of an ad campaign rather than a learning environment. As a student I felt very excited to join this seemingly amazing school, but when I was there I never felt like my education was a priority, I felt they wanted me to do well so the school looked better. I do believe this is a problem deeply rooted in American schools and hope that eventually student education will be more important than the school’s image.
Changes I would like to see made at Mater are definitely in the staff. The problem of trying to switch out of classes is so difficult and unnecessary.
There is not a lot of extracurricular activities that were not academic based, and those academic clubs that are available were limited. Since it is a small school, it did create an environment where everyone knew everyone. Be aware that there is a lack of sports so do not come to this school expecting to join to a sports team. Teachers for the most part are very approachable and are willing to help if asked. Overall, it is not a number 1 choice for a school but it is decent enough to get a proper education.
The school only helped out honors or AP students. The other students were unaware of resources to help them in academics
To be in this school since middle school has taught me a lot. From learning how to be college ready up to knowing to always respond back with resources and valid points. There were a lot of ups and downs but this school is overall pretty good. Is not the school is the people you surround yourself with
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Honestly during my middle school years, it was a lot easier and more enjoyable with the certain teachers that taught very well to the students. Compared to my high school experience there as well, it wasn't exactly how I thought it would be. I expected teachers to teach well for the students, however I struggled to understand some with their "terms of teaching". Some were great teachers who tried to help the students learn something, while the rest were just there to give the work without any explanations whatsoever. In regards to the rest of the school year on how it went, the school was at over capacity on how many they are accepting each year. The hallways were always very packed with kids walking to their classes. It affects the student to arriving to class on time. Other times were depending on the student if they hanged out with the people worth being with and enjoyed the school year with no problems whatsoever.
Very good experience and I met some good teachers. I was a part of the Glee club and the International Thespian Honor Society. These clubs are very fun and life changing to be a part of.
Amazing school. The staff and teachers care for their students, not only education but mental health. Great school to achieve all your goals, with many college, Dual enrollment, and AP classroom programs that they offer. Furthermore, they are a STEAM school that offer many more opportunities for students in their classroom with many different types of why to learn and understand the topic throughout the school year. I love my school and I proudly say GO Lions!
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