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Im in love with this school and the eductors that dedicate their times and heart to helping shape these kids in every aspect. Not just with knowledge but with emotional support and love.
I was happy when I learned I was selected to attend MATCH to receive my high school education. MATCH offered myself as well as my African American peers the privilege of being in a safe, loving and caring environment. MATCH also offered us a different scenery because many of us are living in urban communities with drugs and violence. I was also able to get my sister and cousins in to the MATCH school system which was an honor because they are offered the same educational experiences as I was.
It would be nice to see an increase in diversity. Consistent staff (teachers appear to change every year). The school needs to offer more electives other than academic subjects. For example, Home Economics, Wood work and Art or music. In addition, a writing class should also be offered. Without essential electives being offered students will leave high school with being well-rounded students.
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What I like about Match Charter Public High School is that we have very strong college preparatory academics that push you beyond your limits. The one on one tutoring is very helpful throughout your time there because there is always someone there to help you. The school also helps you to be independent by taking the out the on one tutoring your sophomore year, but the help is still there you just have to go out and seek it yourself. Things I would like to see changed at Match is the diversity in the staff. The majority of the students is Black and Latino but the staff is majority white. Students would love to see more of an image of themselves represented in staff. By that taking place students will feel like they can relate more to the staff.
It's a great school educationally wise. However the only thing is they don't focus much on the social life of the students and doesn't push their students to be active and do lots of sports.
Have different clubs and organizations that anyone could participate and make the school more fun than just dig yourself into books
Feels like I can fit in and that everyone is committed into making new friends no matter there background
They want each student to succeed so they provided many ways they can help outside the classroom
The system that the school has is great but it is very tiny. I wish they would do a little more, and be a little more creative.
the school has a no tolerance policy against violence in any form.
i believe MATCH is right on target with its policies and procedures. The Administrative staff is among the best I have ever seen.
my favorite thing about this school is its ability to challenge and bring out the best academically in the students.
over the years I have found the Teachers here to be friendly, approachable, accountable, caring, effective and overall just a great bunch of professionals.
We are a small school with limited resources. The students are enthusiastic but lack the proper equipment to be more successful. we have a track team, a basket ball team and a soccer team ..all for boys and for girls. We also have a cheer-leading team.
Sports seem to get a little more attention than clubs mainly because they get jackets.
We have one nurse but she comes during certain days of the week. Safety wise my school is pretty secure when there was a small oven the faculty quickly evacuated the school.
The food comes from a company that doesn't use seasoning and barely cooks food that are common. It sometime looks strange or has a strong scent that engulfs the hallways.
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The classes are chosen for us and there do not have special classes like art and music.
The athletic facilities are alright because we use the gym of a near by college which has a pool,locker rooms, and court. Unfortunately only the ninth through tenth graders have gym. The sports are pretty average at least a third of the school attend games.
My school is a college prep school that focuses on grades and seems to only care about grades. The school day is pretty long it starts at 7am and ends at 4:30 for those who aren't required to stay an extra two hours to do homework. This takes away opportunities like employment or extra-curricular activities outside of school.
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