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I am a senior at MRHS and I have had so much fun these past 4 years. The school gives its students so many opportunities to get involved and participate in school functions -- and that is what it is all about! I have formed bonds with my classmates that I know will last for a long time. All of my teachers throughout high school truly care for their students and want to give us the best education possible. I couldn't have asked for a better high school!
The school teachers are horrible
And aren’t good at what they do. Some teachers need to learn about discipline and need to not be sexist
Great Academy programs right in the school. Wonderful students and great teachers. AP classes are offered. Good students can get a good education at this school. Sports are OK but No Golf Team which is a real disappointment.
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Matawan High School is a very diverse high school. Through out my four years here I was able to meet my best friends and get to know many others. I was taught by the best teachers and they were always able to get through to me, even making a personal connection while looking for guidance and through out my issues. I have always enjoyed going to school while I'm was at Matawan, and I know I will never forget my time there.
Great education program and amazing teachers. So many offered clubs and sports and everyone is so friendly to one another.
There are many things to like about Matawan Regional. There could be better classes or staff, but its not top priority.
Really good high school. Many opportunities available for both sport and academics. Staff and faculty are great and they make sure to provide you with what you need to get ready for after high school.
It has been an extremely riveting experience. The classes are challenging, the curriculum engaging, the staff assistive, and the administration extremely accessible. However, if I could change one thing about my experience, I would want to see more resources readily avalible for students.
MRHS provided me with a good education. The teachers are passionate and knowledgeable; they pushed me to do the things I do now. However, there is not nearly enough support for the arts. Budgets for musicals, instruments, sheet music, etc. was abysmal. The performers that come from MRHS are talented, but those performers are dwindling due to lack of support from the Board of Ed as well as the administration.
Overall, my time at Matawan Regional High School has undoubtedly been both a critical and positive influence on my life. By attending this school, I not only made friends that I'm certain I will keep for the rest of my life, but obtained skills and knowledge that I know will help me in future endeavors, whether they be academic or not. All of the teachers I've had over the years have not only been super friendly, but have truly cared about my success. Additionally, there are a plethora of clubs, sports, and activities to get involved with, as some of these extracurriculars have helped me discover things about myself I never knew existed. Matawan Regional High School has been a close knit, academically enriching and extremely exciting place for me to have spent my last four years, and I will miss it so much when I leave.
Awesome school full of great staff, students, and experiences. Have lots of memories from this place, truly a great place to learn and have fun. Would love to do it all over again. Awesome clubs, activities, and the education is top notch.
Matawan Regional High School is a school filled with many opportunities for you to succeed. This can only be accomplished if you have the right mind set and drive to want to succeed. In a sentence, your experience at Matawan Regional High School is that you're only going to get what you give. If you involve yourself in clubs/activities and apply yourself the right way academically you will enjoy your 4 years here and it will go by faster than expected.
Very diverse and accepting community! The staff makes sure tat students understand the material, and wish that their students have the best possible attempts at achieving any future goals.
I had a pretty good experience overall but I think there could have been a lot of improvements. The teachers mostly care but a select few can't control a classroom at all. They need help and motivation.
I enjoy the diversity in Matawan regional highschool most. This school provides many opportunities not only academically but artistically. It is a very well rounded school with great programs. However the construction itself of the building can be improved as its being worked on currently.
My experience overall at Matawan was alright. It wasn't the best with things but it's made a positive impact on me. I like that we have the opportunity we receive to go to a vocational school suited to our likings because I know that some other towns don't do that. There's lots of opportunities to get involved at Matawan, from sports, all the way down to clubs.
I have been going to Matawan Regional High School for four years now. It has really impacted my life and I have met a lot of people who have influenced my life. Not just students who have become my friends, but teachers too. They really help you in life and really care about you. This is a very fair and fun school, you just have to take every opportunity this school gives you and they give you a lot so if you go to this school you will have a good time and get a good education.
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MRHS is the place where Ive learned to better myself academically. This school does a great job at many different things. First off we have some of the best teachers out there. We have teachers that actually care about their students. We have teachers that give up their free time to stay after school and help students. Or even giving up their lunch to make sure you understand that problem you don't get. We have some of the most qualified teachers with some even being doctors. The people here are some of the best. Everyone is very friendly and bullying is non existent. There is a strong deal of respect between students in are school. There are so many after school activities and sports to that give students so much to do. There's a place for everyone here from the football team all the way to the anime club. Its really great how this school accommodates every type of students. In conclusion this is the perfect place to begin your journey to college.
I am currently a junior at MRHS, and I am extremely involved at my school. I really enjoy the performing arts opportunities at this school, as well as the rigorous academic courses available. I hope that in the future the football team won't be so glorified at the school, and that the Board of Education will give an equal share of budget and interest in the performing arts department.
This is based on my experience, and I never faced any social challenges. People were very accepting of other due to race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ect.
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