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Matanzas is a good school with teachers that want to help you succeed in life. They prepare you for you the career you want and get you ready or college
In Matanzas High School, I felt that my school wasn't there to support me as a student through it. I was bullied, harassed, and targeted many times and I felt that no one on administration seemed to care. I once went to report a bullying incident to an administrator in tears, and she cut me off and gave me a referral for being out of dress code. The arts were also severely underfunded, while the football team got a majority of the money, as the stereotype goes. I found myself in the MHS arts department and had to help overcome the lack of financial support. We also had many threats and students who said frightening things with little to no consequences often times. We had also lost two students while I was in school and it felt like no one was there to properly support the students who were trying to cope. I was not allowed to leave class to calm down from grief the day after my friend died. Luckily, high school was only temporary, and now I'm on to bigger and better things.
While it's true that everyone is friendly, there is favoritism. It's always the "popular" students who get recognized for their work. For once I'd like to see other students praised.
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This school is the spill over average. Living in northern Florida, diversity may not come as the first institutions' trait. None the less, the language courses are exceptional, the teachers are almost always passionate to their subjects and the staff are firm but very reasonable amongst the relationship between them and the students. While I do wish they had more staff on counseling and mental health check ups, the guidance office and workers there have helped me tremendously and I cannot thank them enough for guiding me in the right direction and supporting me along the way. I still have two more years to finish, but I don't plan on leaving anytime soon!
The security at Matanzas High School seems to be in excellent condition. We have many drills and multiple officers on campus. There have been many improvements this year, such as homecoming, the football field, and even announcements. Many clubs have also been added so everyone can be involved with the school in their own way. One thing we could still improve on would be pep rally's.
I started high school prepared, but left for college not so prepared. I wouldn't say the school was bad, but I don't feel that many of my teachers cared much about my future or even how I was in the present time. Though there were a few diamonds there.
What I liked about Matanzas High School that everyone was treated equally. The teachers, the staff, and the principle were friendly and always helpful when you needed help.
For the most part Matanzas highschool was an amazing highschool. The only thing holding it back if I were to say anything was it's food which was very bland indeed. Along with a little to be improved when it comes to academic resources for aiding in college searching. But all and all the school it's self is terrific.
I love the food but the administration focuses too much on dress code and ids whereas there should be focus on the children's education and sometimes the kids can mean no harm and still get in trouble for things that are ridiculous.
Overall, Matanzas is okay with some pretty decent teachers; others not so much. Administration is pleasant and helpful. The head of Guidance is awesome and fully invested in helping the students.

Some teachers need more training in the subject matter they are teaching. They need more courses that teach skills utilized in real life such as how to fill out and balance a checkbook and financial budgeting. More career related courses would be helpful giving students an opportunity to explore interests they can pursue after high school. It might also help them narrow down what their major in college should be.
Not the best well thought out decisions are made by school officials, information isn't articulated well to students who aren't always on campus, good sports teams and excellent teachers.
I like being able to learn and socialize. Although I think they need to change the programs around. Out of the 2 schools in palm coast there's no school with the self contained class, which my IEP says I am suppose to be in. They have all the students with behavior issues and an IEP saying self contained class and mainstream them. I only get 1 class that fits my IEP and that is my learning strategies class. Otherwise i am forced to be in mainstream classes, where i am failing academically. I struggle to stay in task and I have trouble in a big class setting, which is y i should be in a self-contained class.
I love the sports that we have at Matanzas High School and how much the teachers care about the students.
All teachers were very active and excited to teach students. Everyday when I walked into school I would be greeted by every teacher with a smile, it just made you feel good. The guidance counselors helped you every step of the way to make sure you were college ready or taking the steps in the right direction to what you want to be.
There is a gap between the teaching caliber of each teacher. The ones that do succeed in teaching excel and prepare their students for exams and college. The food is typically very good, administration changes frequently, and student involvement is could be higher.
I am a student at Matanzas High School, but I have not actually attended a class there. I recently moved to Florida last year and when I went to enroll at the high school, they told me I could fully dual enroll at the college. Matanzas is great with preparing their students with college readiness.
My overall experience with Matanzas High School was very excellent. Almost all of the teachers and staff care about the students they teach and really hope they succeed in the future. They are one of the best schools in Flagler County.
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School was fun, teachers were really good and cared about students. People were friendly, pretty good place overall.
Not anything special for a high school. The staff was kind, and the students were basically what you'd expect from a high school. Back when I attended, the math and sciences department were very lacking in terms of quality teachers, so I was a bit disadvantaged by the time I reached college. There were plenty of after-school activities. I took part in the JROTC where we had uniforms with traffic duties and events to go to and all.
Matanzas High School is okay, the academics are okay but they don't have enough clubs for someone to find fun, like me where as the competing schools has so much more.
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