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Mat-Su Central School (MSCS) is a unique school. It is actually a homeschooling resource center. Families that are enrolled in homeschool can come in to meet with advisors and teachers, they can take classes, gain access to school supplies, and much more to help homeschooling families succeed. Many parents don't haven't spent years as professional teachers, but they can meet with and learn from people who have, teachers who have put together their own courses, taught their own students, and even been principals at other brick-and-mortar schools. However, the key difference with Mat-Su Central is that they allow for family and individual diversity in the learning system, in fact they celebrate it! Each child has their own advisor, their own learning plan, and their own future goals, all of which are measured, tracked, and highly encouraged. It is a relaxed and fun, learning-centered environment, great for people and families from all walks of life.
I have attended Mat-Su Central School on several occasions, with many enjoyable experiences from my time there. It is a homeschool, so the majority of my time there was for individual classes such as art or PE. I recommend this school for independent students who would like to work at a different pace than the prescribed classes in other public schools.
It was good but we had a lot trouble throughout the year trying to get in contact with the people we needed to.
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I believe the schools in the valley are great schools. But they are far too focused on sport extra curriculums and few academic teams. The academic teams are largely self funded and relieve little to no recognition, yet they work just as hard, that is my biggest complaint with this school system.
The people there are amazing and help out with whatever you need. They make it so you can have a rigorous, yet felxible schedule too.
I really enjoyed Mat-Su Central School because I was able to transfer easily and smoothly from a different school, and still graduate on time. I also really liked the people who work there. They are sincere and want to see students succeed.
Mat-Su Central offers great deals of fun activities and amazing clubs from which you can learn a lot from. Everyone is always nice and are happy to make new friends. This school helps students get out of there comfort zone and into the world and help them learn what they yet need to know. Mat-Su Central offers the best schooling and abilities to help there students to achieve greatness in there lives and pursue there dreams.
The way the teachers make the curriculum for the students, and the scheduling process, the teachers do what they can best to make it comfortable for the student to get there work done and brought in on the time the student feels like. The scheduling process is very east and simple. The teachers offer the students dates and times that the teacher is available, and the students get to decided which is best for them to come in. The academics at this school is very great and very well put together to create a great school.
Mat-Su Central does not tolerate any bullying, fights, arguments or anything that will get someone hurt. There are teachers on the look out for any of these and also help students in need of help for homework if they do not understand anything. the students at this school are safe the moment they park there car in the packing lot. This school is by far the safest school that I know of in Alaska, or the United States.
Mat-Su Central offers many awesome, fun and amazing after-school activities. They allow the students to take which course they like and then are taught everything they need to know and from there on they lean more! The clubs and opportunities that Mat-Su Central offers is off the charts!
My favorite experience is the greeting I get when I walk into the school from the front desk. They greet you and help you with what you need to get things done faster. What makes my school unique, is the decorations inside the building which make it look really amazing and it shows that they do there best to make there students feel comfortable. I would choose this school again because the teachers and students there are all nice and great team workers! They have there own espresso place where the school board and students may get coffee for there day. It is the best place to go to and enjoy your time there.
The teachers at this school are just amazing. They help the students strive for success and to complete there life goals. The teachers give it there all every day at work and support and care for the students. They keep every student up to date on what will be going on and they encourage you to go further on in life.
I like being able to work outside the classroom.
The teachers are hands off and I only see my adviser once a month.
The security of this school is exactly what it should be. There aren't many high quality security measures in place because they are not needed
Most extracurricular are provided by other schools or venues. But it is very easy to get involved in actives due to the knowledge and contacts of teachers and counselors
While this school has been an amazing experience I often feel the influence of certain religions is slightly overwhelming. Some of the students, and parents aren't excepting of smaller or less known religions.
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The teachers at this school are all knowledgeable about the classes they teach and are familiar with new advancements in their fields. In addition to that they are all willing to take student's idea's, needs, religions, and general well-being into consideration when teaching.
The school is located in a very safe and secure area. We have no need for any super special security measures.
There are a few different after school extracurriculars but I personally have never been to many of them.
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