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Mat-Su Career & Tech Ed High School Reviews

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Career Tech is an amazing school. Academically inclined students make for a high-achieving student body and professional school atmosphere. Chose your pathway and take classes from any pathway to start exploring careers before college. The business pathway landed me my first internship and I’ll never forget it.
Many people say that the four years you’re in highschool are some of the best years that fly by the quickest. That being said I completely agree. Thanks to the friends I made and most importantly thanks to the opportunities I was given at career tech. I was able to look into my future career and learn so much valuable information I wouldn’t have elsewhere. Thanks to my teachers I was able to work hard as a student to learn and progress. I really wouldn’t have had it any other way. My experience at career tech is easily one of the best I’ve had in today’s education system.
I had a great time while attending, I have made lasting relationships with my teachers and felt prepared for the next steps in life.
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It is a nice school with helpful teachers who care about the students. There is no graffiti in the school, and we are the highest rated in the state. The only change necessary is that they need to bring Cisco Networking Academy back.
I thoroughly enjoy Mat-Su Career and Tech Ed High School. The teachers are extremely welcoming and only want their students to succeed to the highest heights.
Mat-su Career and Technical High School is an impressive school, with a good array of classes and resources that correlate well with its overall business focus. Its problems are in regards to staff, some (but few) of their teachers are simply inefficient, not truly teaching student, relying on old unreliable resources, our misinterpreting the information they are meant to be teaching. fixing this, and making sure the teachers are up to date with their information would help things greatly.
Mat-Su Career and Technical High School does not have any sports teams or art classes as it focuses on the technical aspects of a career. With that in mind, students who wish to pursue the arts or any sport aren’t given that option at the school. However, in all, it is highly regarded for its focus on a student’s future. Not only are the basic academics provided but also different pathway options. A student is given the opportunity of pursuing and discovering the different career pathways (such as nursing, tourism, aviation, building, business, and the options go on).
I love this because almost everyone there wants to be there, there's a positive vibe there and the teachers there love their job and shows that they love each of us students.
It a really great school and with more opportunities than you have ever imagined. After graduating from this school have prepared myself for my job career and have set a goal for me to achieve in the future and will always willing to help you no matter where you are!
My experience at Career Tech have surpassed my expectations for an excellent high school. It is very well-rounded in the aspects of the atmosphere and the curriculum.
I love this school. When I was in middle school I considered going into home school because I felt out of place. I took a tour of Tech and I knew I wanted to go here. I am a senior now and I can honestly say my education has been supported and encouraged while also being able to be independent and have a chance to be responsible for myself.
I am incredibly satisfied with my experiences at Mat-Su Career Tech. The students are friendly and hard working, and the teachers are always willing to help when you need it. Our math teachers are brilliant and inspired with a love of problem-solving and exploration, and our science teachers even more so. Our social studies teachers and literature teachers have an incredible passion for their subjects. If you like sports, you will have to travel to another school in order to participate in any, but this just means that our school is focused highly on academics.
Our extracurriculars are top-notch, and led by passionate students and teachers advice.
I love attending Mat-Su Career & Tech Ed High School. The teachers there truly respect their students, and vice versa. The students are also trusted. The school teaches you real-life skills, and prepares you to make it in the world, with plenty of guidance on how to get a job.
The class sizes are small and you get plenty of time to work one on one with teachers. If you are looking for a school that will help you prepare yourself for the work force this school is perfect. It offers different pathways, which allows you to study classes that you are more likely to end up working in as an adult.
There are virtually endless reasons that I endorse Mat-Su Career Tech. Primarily, I find the fact that my relationship with the teachers and students is absolutely strong, fun, and career-supportive. Our very noticeable STEM focus and career preparation options give the school it's due credit. My classmates literally shaped me, and I them, to be the next generation of extensively prepared hard workers. Tech Pride!
Mat-Su Career & Tech Ed High School is a school I am more than proud to attend, the teachers are dedicated and truly care about the students. The building is beautiful. The staff is hard working and the students are engaged. The only thing I'd like to see change is the standards required for acceptance into the school, we strive to be a top notch school so we should try harder to find students who have the same desires.
I love my school. It is allowing me to begin my journey in the medial field. We have a medical pathway that has allowed me to decide to persue the medical field. I want to become a Physician Assistant. I also will graduate with my CNA certification. It is the only school in the valley of its kind.
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This school is open to everyone who is willing to work hard and have input. Everyone here is different in their own way and everyone gets along. Our school has never had a fight on campus in all 9 years it's been open.
It is the best academics in the state of Alaska. Fantastic teachers for the most part, and a workload that is small yet infinitely valuable.
I am personal friends with people who identify as bisexual, pansexual, asexual, kinky, and gender-queer. None of them face problems here at the school, primarily because they keep it on the down-low, but also because people here just don't care. It's great!
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