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I graduated from Masuk High School almost ten years ago. As I have progressed through my college career, I can see now how fortunate I was to be educated there. Many of the faculty are truly dedicated to the success of their students and provide essential outreach to other educators in the area as well.
Masuk High School is a very welcoming place due to all of the amazing teachers and staff. The teachers prepare their students and make for a comfortable environment in the classroom that allows students to learn to the best of their ability. Personally, I have formed great relationships with several teachers here, which has made my years at Masuk memorable.
At first I was ready to get out of the small town I lived in, but upon spending more time at Masuk High School, I realized it's a truly special place. The tight-knit community has been extremely welcoming. The students, the staff, and the administration are all caring and kind. This sense of camaraderie and school-spirit is seen throughout every hall.
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High school is about getting ready for your future usually being college and its hard to beat masuk when trying to get into college. There are also plenty of sports to play, and people to meet.
Good school! Teachers are kind and caring and the school offers many AP Courses! Good for all students.
I didn't realize how well Masuk prepared me for college until after I graduated. Masuk had a great selection of teachers that were always willing to work with you to get you to where you wanted to be. They had a great curriculum that could be adjusted to anyone's needs, and on top of that, the minor things such as food and environment were pleasant as well. Overall, would highly reccomend.
Masuk was a great experience overall. Many teachers and administrators stay closely connected to students. The education is great and it had prepared me for college
I like how people have a lot of opportunities and options to do something that interests them, however, it feels like there is a wall separating the teachers from the students. It feels intimidating to go to them for guidance, or even when you have a personal problem.
I really enjoy all of my classes and there are so many options that provide for so many interests. All of the teachers and the students that I know are great and caring.
Overall Masuk high school is a great school in a pretty smallish town. On if the best parts of Masuk is the school wide pep rally where everyone gets involved and dresses up in school colors even paint their whole face and put dye in their hair of the school colors red white and black
The teachers are very kind and understanding. They try to make the courses as challenging as possible while extending their availability as well to meet those needs and make sure you understand the topics.
Great curriculum and community at Masuk High School. Teachers were down to earth and easy to interact with, made coming to school easier and more enjoyable over 4 years.
Very good school, and was Blue Ribbon at one time. Good school that most definitely preps you for college. Along with a good diversity among classes, the environment for students is very welcoming and issues such as bullying aren't present. Classes are tough, but that only means a benefit for yourself down the road.
I have had a very pleasant experience at Masuk High School. It was recognized as a blue ribbon school in 2015 and ranks well in both academics and sports. It lacks in diversity but this is simply due to the population of the town itself but is still very inclusive. I have been prepared very well for college. The Monroe school district was ranked the safest in Connecticut however I feel like there could be improvements made to the security like armed guards. Overall masuk is a great school where you can get an good education while also develop life long friendships.
Very good quality education with teachers who care for the most part. The school is a "Blue Ribbon" school in the State and is always ranked among the top. However it lacks diversity among it's student population and consists of a similar thinking student body.
Masuk is not the worst school and not the best. The teachers are alright; some of them are cool and some are bad. I'm pretty sure most high schools are the same. Also, they need to fix their temperatures. In some classes, it is like a sauna and in some classes it's like the North Pole. I'm trying to learn something, not feel like I'm taking a trip from Arizona to Antartica. 3/10 probably won't come again
Overall, it is a great school with some caring teachers. But, there are flaws throughout; some teachers care more about tests than teacher, others don't teach at all and require all book work without explanation.
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Masuk has given me the greatest years of my life. The teachers all are driven to teach. There are many different clubs and activities to choose from. I actually brought a "lost" club back to life and with the help of my librarian, who's also my advisory teacher, it was quite simple. Advisory is a 15 minute session, every other week, where a group of students meet up. We have done things from cyber bullying awareness, to "spooky door" decorating contest. At Masuk I have participated in three sports, all of which were tons of fun. Once a year we have alumni day where many college students that went to Masuk come back at talk about their experiences. Most of the time they all have said that Masuk prepared them for college greatly. i personally think that I am prepared for the rigor of college thanks to Masuk.
Throughout my four years at Masuk High School, I had an overall good experience. The teachers here very much cared about us students passing, so they did anything they could to help us. Not only that, but the students at Masuk, for the most part, treated others with respect. Of course, there were a handful of times when some students treated others poorly. However, about 80% of the students really cared about everyone’s well being. I would frequently see sticky notes on the mirrors of the bathroom, or in our lockers, providing us motivation for midterms, or just getting through school. Overall, I had an extremely fun time at Masuk, and I will miss it a lot.
Super good environment, students and teachers were always friendly, trouble happened once in a blue moon
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