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Mastery Charter School - Shoemaker Campus Reviews

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At MCSC I am in senior and my experienced at the school is cool. The school helped me grown to be responsible and independent. I learned new things and gained skills over the years that will prepare me for college. Although the school is a college ready school, it transformed by allowing other people to see that even if you don’t go to college you can be set and do something with yourself whether it’s trading school or job training. The only thing I would want to change at the school is have more literacy extracurriculars, so student could learn more about creative writing, African American literatures, and more dept into poems
Mastery Charter Shoemaker Campus has taught me more than just a In class learning institution, Mastery Gave me a brighter outlook on my life and how the real world works and how important a high school and college education is.
The teachers treat us like little kids, and they always say they preparing us for the real world when in reality they still treating us like we're children.
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The thing I loved about this school is they never leave the students out. They believe that all students need to participate in something, so they have close to 30 extra curricular activities that every student can join. They care about what students what and they put the decisions on us so that we can experience leadership in various ways.
Ive been attending Mastery Shoemaker for 2 years. I came the begining of my 11th grade year, planing to make new friends and finish my highschool carrer. I am now in my last weeks of being a high school student at Mastery and its been great. Teachers and staff have helped me shape myself into the bright intellegent young man I am today. They always was there to help and give aid if I needed it, never have up on me, and took time out their day to make sure I reached my full potential.
Mastery is a very good and well known school. The staff tries to keep up with the students life, and that's the best thing ever. We're a very evolved community and we try to bring as many people in as possible. Mastery exposes us to a variety of life techniques. For example, in the 10th grade we're required to find and participate in an internship and do an exhibition project, and as a sophomore, I think that it's great that Mastery wants us to find our dream job, and get a lot of exposure to it, so that we're prepared and have some knowledge as to how that specific field works.
The teachers at shoemaker campus really care for the student success and as long as you give them your all, they will do all they can in order to help you graduate and get into a good college.
The school is great. AP and honor classes are available. The students and teachers are nice. But a bit of diversity is needed.
This school is very good and it prepare you for college. When you get to college you won't have a hard time unless you don't know how to study .
The Overall School is a very good school, but the environment in which it has been placed attracts those who do not want to fully benefit and take use of the education being provided to them. Often times the teachers spend more time arguing with or disciplining children those who really need to learn do not get a chance. This is a problem especially because a lot of the children are at least 2 years below grade level.
Mastery is more so a school to push people to go to college, so if you are not the type of student to work hard and have a vision of going to college, then mastery might not be the perfect school for you. However, mastery staff will help any students who reach out for help and decides to take another path other than college.
My son has attended Shoemaker for two years. What I love most, aside from the academics, is that this school has such a big focus on the social/psychological well-being of the students they serve, most of whom are African American. This year, my son took part in a social justice class, and participated in program with UPenn which taught him how to handle racially-tense situations that he may encounter in life. The principal is visible, reachable and advocates for his students consistently. Both my son and I love this school.
Mastery is all about preparing students for college while getting them active and involved in bettering their community. From middle school on mastery pushes for students to go to college and better their chances of having a great income and job as adults.
This school is exponentially growing from a minimal amount of resources. It's impressive in its diversity of teachers and curriculum and continues to impress. Mastery Charter is not as rich as most schools because the foundation has been founded only a few years ago as they continue to renovate and enhance d buildings for more improvement and structure. Depending on the Mastery that is attended, safety could be a concern because the idea is to recreate and shape "abandoned" neighborhoods and although the school can't recreate it themselves alone, they attempt to make it to the responsibilities of the students.
Overall, Mastery is a great school at getting their students ready for college. They have many great programs that will help students when they need help. They also have great staff members that are always there when the students need help
We really do not have alot of options and that can be frustrating sometimes
The school has took a downfall when it comes to teacher and safety.
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I think the teacher at my school really care about the students. However, it could be said that at times they are not understanding to things. They are mostly white and some just really are not realistic when comes to understanding our world of being African American in Philadelphia or the world honestly.
There is a good variety of extracurriculars at the school
The school was good for academic things but regarding social things it was not the best
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