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Mastery Charter School - Pickett Middle/High School Reviews

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As a senior at Mastery I appreciate all of what the school has to offer trips to Puerto Rico, collge fairs, career fairs, AP courses, college visits to our campus, ACT bootcamp. I think that Mastery Pickett campus specifically offers students of Philadelphia opportunities that could not be offered at other schools. There is a diverse amount of opportunities offered at the school for little to no cost. I have never been at a school that has offered the same range of opportunities without it costing a lot. I appreciate and love the school I attend.
I liked that it really focused on continuing your education after high school. It also was a fun friendly environment and teachers nor students rarely judged but accepted you for you.
Mastery has been a great school. I feel like they really prepare you for College. Mastery also make sure you are passing all your classes before you can try and do a sport. Mastery teachers work with you so you can always have a better grade. The teachers will work with to make sure you know exactly what you must do to pass the semester.
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I graduated in 2015. I was there since 7th grade, and the school had many problems. The school's academic curriculum was too experimental for me to be truly enriched with information and education. I felt that they never truly had a route for students to be successful, and that claim that they failed many students. If the focus was college, the school should have had more opportunities to experience college-like work. I feel that the school is getting a lot better, and I left at a rough time. When I left, education was becoming more self-taught, which I was necessary for soon to be college students. However, the transition into students self teaching themselves was abrupt and sudden. Students did not feel prepared, and prior to this transition, there were many other teaching methods before. Nonetheless, Pickett was better than many other schools because the teachers did want the best for their students, and there were opportunities for students to excel if they wanted to.
Mastery is a school that helps you prepare for the real world. Mastery is somewhat strict and do have a lot of enforced rules, however it's for the benefit of each student that goes there. Mastery is a very good school that has me involved in activities regarding the school and prepares you for college.
I currently have been going to this school for 2 years now and it has really treated me good. One thing I can really say about it is that they push us to be college ready. In 11th grade you have to get an internship which gives us a taste of the real world. Secondly unlike other schools in the Area they push us to apply for FASFA and PHEAA very early on into our senior year which is great and also apply for colleges early ! Most schools in the area really don't do that and I appreciate this 100%.
I like the academics at mastery school because it pushes students to work hard in all grades and is a great school to help you prepare for college.
I've had the best experience with this school. If it wasn't for Mastery I wouldn't be going to college. One thing that can be changed is there way of discipline
At this school they deal more with rules then education. They have their ups but so many students that don't do work or isn't motivated brings it down
I like how we are able to help each other teachers, staff and students . I love mastery the staff and students are very welcoming of new students and this was my first year here at Mastery and it has been amazing and a great expierence and i dont wanna leave this school ever.
I like the events that happen at the school. It is very student oriented. Most of the teachers genuinely care about their student's education. However, I don't like the lunches served. Also, there aren't many elective classes such as culinary, building, etc.
I like that Mastery was very structured. It taught me discipline at an early age and I was able to apply them lessons to my adult life at the moment. On the other hand, I would suggest Mastery take their time with hiring teachers/staff because a lot of teachers were not really there for the students the way they should have been. Personally, I felt just because I was not an honor roll student my teachers were not as passionate and helpful with me the way they were with my classmates.
My experince with Niche was very easy and reliable. The process when applying is quick and not complicated. What stood out to me about Niche its no scam. The application was short and puts no pressure on you. Also, niche gives me a chance to show my feelings about my school. I would recommend many students to apply to Niche.
Extracurricular opportunities at this school are vast and requires little to no requirements because our school wants students to be heavily involved in activities outside of the school. Students and teachers commitment for school activities is on another level. For instance, in house wars people will argue with other groups and accuse them for cheating. One student in my class, named DJ, would yell out school events in the middle of class and teachers wouldn't penalize him because they recognized that he is doing something positive and was a way to add some spark into class. Extracurricular activities are always fun and brought us together.
My favorite day at that school is our monthly house war events. At house wars, every grade level come together in the gym and are split into 4 teams by the first letter of your last name. The staff setup fun events like a mini basketball game or even obstacle course races that random student volunteers from each group participate in. What makes this school unique is that they allow students to make changes to school. For example, in my middle school years we had a strict uniform policy. Students complained about how strict is was and wanted change. Three years later, we were able to wear any color shoes wanted rather than all black shoes. Although this may seem like a small change, the students were very pleased with it and made it seem like the school viewed us more than just students. I would choose this school again because it teachers and other staff members always tried to build relationships with students which created a home-like atmosphere for everyone. I definitely do not regret going to this school and if I could I would go to this school again.
The teachers has helped me throughout my middle school and high school years. They genuinely are helpful and care about all of us despite of how the students act towards them. The reason I give a 4/5 is because they are not accessible outside of school and that can be frustrating especially if we need help with homework and studying. We know that they have their own lives to live, so it's not something you can get mad at, but it can really be much more helpful to have them respond to you outside of school.
My overall experience at Mastery was bittersweet. For the most part, it was great, but there were some tough and stressful moments here and there. I was never fully accepted because I was different from everyone else, but what made it great was that there were other people just like me, and we eventually all became best friends. My favorite experiences were going to lunch. Not for the food, but because I got to see all of my friends, and we got to be nerds without anyone looking over and saying anything every five seconds. This school was unique because it didn't actually start diversifying until the last year I was there, and I would choose this school if I could do it all over because it would essentially give me a better education than many other public schools.
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Over the 6 years that I attended Mastery, I remember fondly how much the teachers were actually invested in us. They spent most (if not, all) of their time making sure we had everything we needed, and that we were taught in the best way. When we got frustrated with a concept, they would help us, or they would let another student help, which resulted in more interdependence teacher-student wise, as well as student-student wise. They were also really fun to be around, and no matter how frustrated they got with us sometimes, they adored us. As much as we were their inspirations, they were ours. They were pretty amazing.
the teaches are nice and understanding, the curriculum is just so bland.
We have three school nurses, two official counselors, and eight deans who are all available if students have any personal concerns. We have security guards to ensure safety and our catering staff provide alternative meals for students with special dietary needs. Mastery tries its best to create a safe welcoming environment that caters to all kinds of students. They have numerous bullying prevention measures implemented in everyday school rules and policies, as well as occasional school events. However, bullying is still a prominent issue.
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