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Mastery Charter School - Gratz Campus Reviews

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I been going to Simon gratz since my 10th grade year. Now that I'm a senior and my time is almost up my experience been one to remember. I have build friendships with the teachers there and my coaches.
What i love about my school is that the teachers are very involved with the students and when your child becomes a senior, our senior seminar teachers make it their first priority to get your child into the college of their choice. My school makes it their priority to provide us with the best learning and safety everyday. The school grading system is very strict and it pushes you to become better at your work and help you become stronger with your work.
My time at Gratz has been nothing more but an adventure. As an alumni, I can finally say that my high school has prepared me for college. Since I have walked through those bright red doors back in 2013 my life was changed forever. Rather if it was due to friends, academics, or even the staff (who eventually become family).
I know some of the current students will possibly disagree but every staff member shows up to work because they are care about the children. The bond between teacher and student is crucial and I know without this loving Gratz family, my high school experience would be totally different.
Philadelphia is one of the biggest cities in the United States, which means it has a lot of other high school to compare it too but I would recommend Simon Gratz Mastery Charter to all the coming 8th grader as well as transfers.
I do genuinely love my high school.
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The teachers really care about your well being not just academically, but socially, mentally, physically, emotionally and of course academically. Just because it is in a bad neighborhood does not make it a bad school, in fact I think that's what makes it a better school.
I hate Gratz and one thing I would like to see change is The staff from being petty. I also wanted to see the staff treat the kids like young adults.
I love the way that Gratz made me learn to adapt to my surroundings as well as it helped me get scholarship money, so I could progress through college and not have any debt or as much debt that most kids would be in starting off their college careers.
To be completely honest it was a overall horrible experience. I did like that I made a lot friends. I wish that it was way more selective and they got involved at home with students, they let the most ignorant people in that school.
The teachers here are very helpful with breaking down topics that the students are struggling with.

They can take what they are teaching and connect it to the real world.

They hold office hours after school to help anyone that needs it.
This school help change me as a person I went from somebody who didn't care about what I said or talked to others to now a person who can talk to others in a respectful way and still get my point across.
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