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I like the personal relationships formed between the students and teachers, office hours, and the study hall period where the teachers can help with work you did not know how to do. I would like to see an enrollment difference(there's more females than males) ,a gym, and more culture.
I liked how Mastery Charter Lenfest Campus gets us ready for college and help us choose the best colleges for people who are going to college and they also help students that is not going to college by helping them choose a certain work force or trade school to attend.
After transferring from cyber school to Lenfest in my junior year I was welcomed into the community with open arms. The teachers, students, and staff were helpful and overall pleasant.
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I loved how they prepped us for college. At the time it seemed unnecessary but once i got to college i realized they were only trying to prepare us to be successful.
This school focuses more on punishment instead of helping us be successful in life and certain teachers helps us be successful in school but they focus more on punishment .
I like how the staff at Mastery Charter School-Lenfest Campus genuinely care about the student's both inside and outside of school.
I had very very bad experience at first. They at first didnt know how to handle certain types of kids. The teachers werent very invested but we did have a very great principal. The school was very strict but now theyve slacked off alot. Overall the school is a good place, you just have to deal with teachers sometimes and students. Not all teachers are bad though. Ive had some amazing teachers before but theyve since left. I think this school has helped me alot but they could do better.
What I like about Lenfest is the support of the staff and teachers as well as the encouragement to prepare for college. What I would like changed is the number and variety of extra curriculars increasing.
Best education in the city of Philadelphia. Great life lessons and helpful and caring staff. More than just a school it's a family. Helps you be successful stay successful and continue after senior year
I absolutely loved this school. The teachers taught me things that I still remember and apply to my daily life today! It was not a chore going to school; it was enjoyable. Both the students and teachers made learning fun for me and if I could, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. My college professors are so impressed because of the things i know. I give all the credit to Mastery. They really teach in a way that makes learning worth while and long lasting. For any parent who wants their children to actually receive a long term education, I highly recommend this school!
My experience at Mastery overall has been amazing. The reason that the school is amazing is because the school's staff is completely dedicated to the academic development of the students. The teachers actually care, not saying that all teacher's don't care, but the teacher's at Mastery take special care in their students.
The academics are great. They may not offer too much choice, but they endure you are covering everything you have to
Mastery does the most they can do regarding safety. They have practice scenarios in case of an emergency. They do their best with the resources they are given.
I honestly believe there should be more extracurriculars that could be offered that every student has the chance to be engaged.
Mastery is not perfect, but it has its good moments. Without Mastery I would not be where I am today. However, Mastery has done some harm to many students and they do not always admit it. They try to be portrayed as thus amazing school when it is not that awesome.
The quality of the teachers are great. Mastery ensures that they hire teachers who are willing to go the extra mile for their students.
The parents are very involved when it comes to their children and their education and extracurricular activities. If it weren't for the parents most things at the school would not be able to happen. With cheering on their athletes or encouraging their children to become better at everything they do is what makes MaST great. MaST has a lot of diversity when it comes to the students and the parents make that possible with who they are and how they help the school become a better school.
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The teachers at MaST are really supporting and cooperative. They go above and beyond to help their students; whether it is a homework assignment to personal issues. In the classroom, they gather students ideas and incorporate it into their lessons. They also use different learning techniques to make sure every student understands what is going on in the class.
Everyday is a new instruction day at this school. Therefore, everyday is a productive learning day. There are many unique teachers in each grade. For example, they all have interesting out of school lives and they all bring their excitement into class, and they try their best to connect personally with the students. In the beginning of the school year, student are given the choice to pick extra classes throughout the school year. For instance, students can pick between classes like Public Speaking, World Religions, Art and more. Also, seniors are given the help they need to apply and stay in dual-enrollment classes to take college courses as well. Teachers give students a heavy workload, but it can be easily managed if you are willing to put in hard work and dedication.
The school isn't strict on its security, but they are strict on students having their identification card to get inside of the school.
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