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Great School. Everybody is very close and the teachers actually care about the students. Am looking foward to starting a new year there.
My experience at Master's Academy has been a great experience. I have played four high school sports at this school which was probably the best experience with this school. Anyone can play a sport even if they are not good at it. The students become a family because of the small class sizes. We go on many school field trips, including volunteer projects. I would not choose any other school over Master's Academy because everyone is very kind and everyone becomes very close.
The teachers at Master's Academy are very good quality. They are all very kind and easy to talk to. Every teacher is very knowledgeable and they are willing to work with our students in order for them to do good in school. Some teachers are closer to some students than others so they can tend to give that student a better grade than the other. However, this only happens occasionally. The teachers are mostly fair and will provide the students with opportunities to succeed.
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Master's Academy's school building is incorporated with the church building. It is very sufficient for my school. The building is very well kept. It is always clean. Our school building is very small but we do not have a lot of students so it works perfectly. We are in the process of adding another building to our campus, as well as making some of the classrooms bigger. The staff is very kind and always willing to have a conversation with you. Many of the students are very close to some teachers, we can talk to them about anything and they will be willing to help us.
Master's Academy is a very safe school. Our school is on a campus with a church included in it. We have one security guard, however, the school is very small so this is sufficient. We have regular fire drills, code yellow drills, and code red drills. Our school is in a very safe area because it is close to the downtown area so there are many police around. The school has a policy that all classroom doors must be kept locked at all times so that no one can enter into the classrooms. There has not been one instance where I have not felt safe in this school.
The dress code at this school affects every student as well as the teachers. We are not allowed to wear jeans, our shorts must be right above the knee or longer, the dresses must be knee length or longer as well, and the boys must wear collared shirts. Every Friday the girls must wear dresses and they boys must wear nice clothes with a tie. This dress code is very strict and many students do not like it. We do not care as much about the shorts or dress length, however, we would like it way better if we were allowed to wear jeans. The teachers are very strict about the dress code policy which makes many students, especially girls, get written up for dress code violations.
The application process for Master's Academy is pretty easy. We just have to fill in all of the application forms, go through a screening to test our knowledge, and have a family meeting with the principle. Almost anyone can get into Master's if they are a christian and have the money to pay for the tuition. The tuition is around $8000 a year, however, they are very willing to help out with financial aid. I was awarded a scholarship for $5000 and my family could still not afford to pay the rest of the cost. My principle worked out a deal with us and we only ended up having to pay $1500 for me to go there. The school is very helpful with the financial situations as well as the application process.
The teachers at our school are very knowledgeable. A few also work at the community college and teach classes there. The level of education we receive as students is much higher than that of standard schools.
Because our school is so small, and it is also shared with a church, the room certain programs have to work with is quite limited. Band does not have its own practice room, and the gymnasium is also the churches worship center, so chairs must be taken down and setup for practices like basketball. We have recently added a brand new basketball court with 6 nets. We also have a softball feild, soccer feild, and lots of other open areas to run and play in.
Health and safety policies are very strict and well organized at master's. Each month we perform drills, ranging from fire, to intruder, to weather alerts. There are marked spots in every class room for students to hide. All classroom doors are kept locked at all times.
The staff and teachers are extremely helpful. Ask any teacher and they will even stay after school for one on one tutoring with you. Administration keeps very good communication with parents, field studies and service projects are planned often, and we also have a high tech website with grade, progress, and discipline reports, for all parents to check at home.
There are tons of extracuricular activities. Since it is a small school, everyone is accepted on the sports teams. We also have a Fife and Drum corp, worship band, and a robotics club.
Master's Academy is an academically challenging school that accepts most individuals. It is a biblically founded school, and the students reflect that on and off the campus. Financial AID can completely cover tuition for the school, which is usually $5k-$10k depending on the grade level. Parents who work at the school receive a large discount on tuition for there children.
The guidance counselor really didn't know what she was doing. Dress code is conservative which was good.
To many teachers have to teach multiple subjects
As long as you can qualify for financial aid its ok but it still cost slot of of pocket for a single parent.
I would send my daughter here again if I had it to do over again but she has out grown the school at this point.
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The school is small so it doesn't offer many club or after school activities.
The school doesn't offer a lot when it comes to labs. Parent involvement is high. The school doesn't offer dual enrollment which would be nice.
It is a very small Scholl. They don't really have a medical clinic. Safety procedures are ok we never had a problem with fights or things of that nature.
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