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It's a prestigious high school just could use a bit of fixing here and there. I went to the school since I was a freshman to now being in my senior year and I can see that the school has been improving year by year and will be on to bigger things. So watch out for Mast@FIU
I liked the fact that I was able to take my college classes during my highschool experience. I think that they could change the administration to people who are more involved in the lives of the students.
The teachers are pretty good and they aren't too strict. The academics are good as well, but sometimes you need to learn on your own. Everything about the school is great except the kids that go there.
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Lots of homework, most of it really challenging. Most teachers are great, they really care about their students. The physics teacher is terrible and he insults his students and separates the class by "thoroughbreds" and those who "don't try" according to him. Besides him, all the other teachers are absolutely amazing. The administration is kinda sucky, it's a new school and the administration is small and not too prepared for everything, though they're getting a little better. FIU facilities are free to use and you are practically a FIU student, so you can attend a lot of the events.
MAST is a small school at Florida International Univeristy which is a great opportunity to give your child a simultaneous high school and college experience. They have the ability to use univeristy resources as well which is very beneficial. Unfortunately the administration can use some work. There are people who are constantly quitting and being hired so the stability of the administration isn’t really there. In addition the admin who are working for the school don’t really do their job at times or if they do they either do it incorrectly or they take a very long time. The teachers who are there teach very well and the curriculum is very engaging which is one thing I throughouly enjoyed! The teachers and counselors are very helpful when it comes to applying to college; seminars are held and emails are sent out in order to make the process as simple as possible which was very considerate.
I like the fact that Mast @FIU is a school that challenges you and makes you learn. However, I wish they would educate their student body about compassion as their students are no strangers to racist comments.
The school was able to developed around the students, and as the students kept developing their studies the school was able to create a curriculum that will benefit all the students in different ways no matter what path they choose.
If you are looking for a high school that provides a challenging curriculum and is 100% focused on academics, then Mast@FIU will be perfect for you. Located inside FIU BBC campus, Mast is not a traditional high school; this magnet program offers top-notch courses, but on the other hand, it doesn't offer any kind of sports, which is a shame in my opinion. Mast@FIU is a relatively new school, so the administration is still a little disorganized and we still don't have our own building yet. Having said this, you'll only find the most committed and bright students here, who come from a number of different countries. The fact that Mast is inside an university campus is an incredible advantage to the students, because we have access to their resources and we can start building connections with college faculty and students. I've had a really pleasant time here, and I strongly recommend this school to any student who is willing to work very hard and wants to receive an incredible education.
Dual enrollment was a major plus, but administration is awful and nothing ever gets done. Things promised as a freshman never happened and multiple office problems. Most teachers are very good and involved, unfortunately this is offset by the principle. Started as an amazing school, seems to go down hill each year.
This school is not excellent in academics but has a very safe and pleasant atmosphere. I went to this high school for all four years and my stay had its ups and downs. I do believe, however, that this school is better than an average public school. It is the same in academics but the environment is safe and much more pleasant than most high schools.
MAST@FIU still has a lot of learning and growing to do. There have been many cases of miscommunication between the principal, teachers, and students. The workload the past 3 years I have attended the school has been far too much in a few subjects, like Biology. MAST@FIU has a very rigorous academic program, complete with Honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment classes, depending on your grade level. There is a nice variety of clubs, but there are no sports. The school has the same lunch as the other MDCPS schools, which isn't the best flavor-wise, but you'll get the same at any other public highschool. Although we score well above average on most of our exams, what it takes to get there can become very overwhelming. Students planning on going to this school should recognize that a lot of their time will be consumed by homework or studying and those who fall too far behind may or may not make it to the finish line.
Mast@FIU gives an influx of assignments. Takes about 5 hours to complete. You must be self-learned because teachers don't explain or are lazy.
Also, I was in the inaugural commencement of 2017 and my Cum Laude was stolen; no hood or anything. We didn't know about our honors until the day of graduation so it made me feel like I barely graduated which wasn't the case.
Administration does not appreciate the students for their hard work. "If you can't keep up, then get of the school" administration said.
Furthermore, when I applied to prestigious universities such as University of Florida, I got rejected. Although, Mast@FIU is an elite high school. I was a lab rat since the school was opened. Teachers were coming in and out of the building, no actual learning. But the amount of workload is ridiculous. UF did not recognize me as a hard-working student and I was. I would stay up until 3-5am in the morning finishing assignments and projects (I never procrastinated as well).
The campus and students are absolutely amazing and make for a unique high school experience, but the workload can be really intense. Are you a normally straight A student that wants to experience failing a class? Go to MAST. Want to get 5 1/2 hours of sleep every night? Go to MAST. Don't like a lot of field trips? Go to MAST. Like cold district food with almost no alternative selections? Like being stressed? Like being assigned work on the last day of school? Go to MAST.
It's a new school therefore it is experiencing growing pains. Although I do have to say that the overall experiences and opportunities offered to me as a student were very unique.
I am a senior currently attending mast at FIU and I can honestly say I enjoyed my four years here. It is an experience like no other with our small community of students. Everyone knows everyone else and the teachers really care about their students. Although it is a new school and have to work out some of its flaws(because no school is perfect) it still was a great experience for me.
I like how the school challenges us academically, so that we can be prepared for college work. I also like the types of clubs that the school offers, such as Math club and Robotics club.
I am apart of the first graduating class of the school. It was a real pain attending the school for four years, however there were some moments that made it all worth it. Being the guinea pigs and having to go through many growing pains made high school harder and harder. We had to go through thing such as, teachers quitting, teachers not knowing how to teach, and not even having teachers to be our teacher sometimes. It was not easy honestly and the workload is a lot. Not to mention we do not have a real cafeteria with hot food. High school was not typical for me.
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MAST is a phenomenal high school that effectively prepares students for college. The academic program contains a rich diversity of Honors and AP courses.
The workload can be overwhelming but it challenges the student. There are many AP courses and Dual Enrollment classes offered.
There are really no challenges, the students here are very accepting and friendly.
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