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MaST Community Charter School is all about how the stidents can learn in creative ways. They have 3 classrooms based strictly on technology. They also recently added a new building to add more classes for the students.
Mast is an amazing school. The teachers are wonderful. They have amazing programs and tons of extra curricular activities. Great support and community involvement.
I went to MaST on Byberry Road from first grade to high school graduation. I was there from the time when they only had the one building and I watched it grow in size with the addition of the red building and addition to the original building. I was there for my entire school career and I would say that they did prep me for life in college some. In some of my college classes, I do feel as though I am more prepared than others in classes like writing or english.
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MaST allows students to grow up with each other in the "bubble". The school is so small population wise that a more individual approach to teaching is easy to achieve.We offer alot to students!
It is a wonderful school with a heavy focus on cultivating interest in STEM related fields. Back at the time when I graduated, there was more expansion towards working with media with their top-of-the-line video recording studio set.
it wouldn't let me type my whole review, so here are the pros and cons.

Pros: the technology is great! I came from a public school, so it's a different experience. if you forgot to copy down homework, you can access a teacher's page. the school is also pretty secure. there's rarely any fights because they all get stopped before they start. the middle school counselor, Mrs. Smith is one of the best counselors I've ever had.

cons: bullying is a problem. students are always causing drama, being rude towards others, and want to fight others. many of the students say offensive things such as homophobic/transphobic slurs, make fun of mental illnesses, make rape/sexual assault jokes, and just plain rude in general. every time one of these jokes are made, the teachers never give out consequences for it. the only time someone gets in trouble is when there are holes in their jeans or when a GIRL, 13 OR OLDER, (never a boy or little kid), is wearing shorts shorter than 3 inches above the knee.
I went to MaST from 6th-12th. Academically, it was a good school for me. The environment made it easier to learn with very little distractions. Socially, there was a lot of bullying during school hours that often went without notice or discipline. I do not feel I was well prepared for college when I graduated, so I hope future student are better equipped to take on college after graduating.
A good school, but sucks when it comes to administration and getting things done. The food isn't good, but when is it ever good in a school? The academics and teachers are great. It kind of sucks when you're going there as a student, but when is school ever good?
Great atmosphere and staff. This school provided me with an adequate education that prepared me for college and life outside of school. It was also a family oriented atmosphere, which made me want to come to school every day rather than dreading school.
MaST offers a lot to all of there students. They started a SAIL program for students who need extra help with basic life skills, as well as having a STREAM program with the focus on embedding Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, and Math. They are empowering young men and women. They have a robotics club called “If She Builds”. The program is run by a tech teacher who has female high school students mentor elementary girls on how to build and program a robot. I was one of the mentors and I thought this was a great program what has a positive effect on the young girls.
This is my school, I have been attending MaST since the seventh grade and I love it here. I receive great opportunities academically and much more. I would recommend anyone who asked to come to this school. I absolutely love the teachers and the students who attend and work here.
In the nine years that I attended MaST, I enjoyed most of them. The atmosphere was home like and the teachers formed a special bond with students and fought to see them succeed. Although our sports teams were not the greatest the games were always a fun time and the whole school came and showed their spirit. I personally feel like the different opportunities given to the students by the school help prepare them for college. Whether it was the AP classes or clubs or office hours after school, the teachers were always looking for the best way to help their students succeed.
MaST Community Charter School is a very good schoo, because of the all of the avaible resources there for the students. The students often do really good and are ready for college immedialty after they graduatae. The only problem is the size of the school and the lack of a soccer field for the students who are more into sports and extra clubs and activities.
My son started in kindergarten and is a senior now. Really good education, expanding now so things are changing.
The staff was very hands on and easy to talk to. You could tell as a student that they cared about our success, not only in academics, but outside of school as well. MaST also offers many opportunities you don't typically see. Being a technology school, it prepares students to be proficient in basic computer softwares that are used in college, on the job, and just day to day life. This knowledge gained also allows for easier adjustment to new technology because the students are more apt to figure things out for themselves.
With the pressure to expand and gain funding since it is a charter school, I just wish they would put a little more thought into their long term goals. For as big as the yard is and the amount of students they have, the play set is considerably small, as is the parking garage. With the amount of foot traffic the annual raffle brings in, there are no where near enough parking spaces.
I have gone to MaST for my full 12 years of schooling. At this school there is definitely a sense of security and a close-knit community; however, if that is not what you're looking for, than it can be difficult. The technology offered at MaST is better than any other school I have ever heard of
Mast is a school of technology. It has a warm atmosphere with nice staff members to help you. There are AP courses you can take and plenty of teachers to help you when looking for a college. The students there are all super nice and the education standards are high.
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MaST Community Charter School has been a great experience for me. I enjoyed many of the classes and teachers, and I learned a lot from attending here for almost 7 years!
I have been at MaST Community Charter School since Kindergarten and I am now a senior. I truly am apart of the MaST community because I have been there for 13 years. I love the feeling of going to school with the kids I know best. I could name every kid in the entire high school and I am always interacting with my teachers. I love Mast, Mast has lots of clubs, and activities for after school. The teachers are great, and really help you do your best. The atmosphere in the school is friendly, with lots of caring teachers to help you out, and make you learn. If you go to Mast you will get a better education, than you do in a regular public school. MaST I feel will prepare me for the future and my college career.
My expierncing at MaST Community Charter School is amazing. When I came to the school I had no idea what to expect it is so much better then what I originally thought. The teachers and students are so nice. It's feels like I'm home.
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