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Had an awesome four years at MAST. Small class size made it easy to know a majority of the grade. Being in maritime didn't lock you into taking a bunch of sciences unless you wanted to. Shoutout Mr. Couzo and Ms. Avendano for being the best teachers and coolest people.
I so far have just started as freshman this year, and I honestly love the environment, and the energy of the school. It helps provide with a very safe and comfortable transition from middle to high school.
I've only been here a small time, however, the school is nice, academics are a bit strenuous but there all sorts of resources available to help you succeed. The landscape is nice...almost makes you feel like you're attending school in paradise. My peers are all respectful and supportive and so is the staff. The cafeteria food is good and well put together. We are allowed freedom, we have a say so on how the school is run, and most of NO UNIFORMS. We are allowed to be ourselves, without judgement.
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MAST@FIU is one of the best schools in Florida, it gives students amazing opportunities like being a part of college classes, and having college credit if taking AP or DE classes (which are sometimes mandatory). It prepares students so much and the teachers push everyone to their limits. Sports are not provided at this school since they are in an FlU campus, but there are clubs that people can join or other schools that will take MAST students to be part of their after school sports program. To apply, students will need to be at least 1 year ahead in mathematics and science, to get a chance to get in. (if they don't have honor classes they can be taking them online.) Students can also access to Starbuck, subway, book store, game room, library and more during lunch and after school.
Mast Academy is a truly challenging school and prepares you for the real world. But what that also brings is it hardships such as you do not have all kind teachers nor students and the pressure can affect you mentally.
I really love how rigorous the courses were and how it pushed you to your limit to work hard. The college counselours are always there ready to help.
MAST Academy is a school that is a well rounded facility with a small lack of culture and diversity.
The most amazing part of MAST Academy is it's unique location and structure. Getting to use the pool and getting to go kayaking during P.E. is such a cool experience. The humanities department is really great as well!
It is excellent and provides a wide variety of kids from different backgrounds. The P.E. class is exceptional and offers exciting things like swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding. It also allows students to get their Lifeguard certifications and their SCUBA certifications. The school is extremely safe and most of the teachers truly care about the students' success.
MAST Academy is one of the best schools in the district of Miami-Dade. It fosters a great diversity of subjects of learning, and concentrates on the well-being of the students, while also providing two rigorous academic programs: Cambridge and Maritime. In both programs, students are able to take advanced courses that prepare them for further education after high school, with the Maritime program accentuating the subjects of science and math. It offers special circumstances that other schools in the county fail to include, like water sports and robotics clubs; but it does not stray away from a typical high school experience, also giving chances for art, music, and film programs for all grade levels.
While it’s true that the location and school amenities are impressive, it lacks what is most important and what they hold themselves accountable for: their math and science. These two departments are dificient in quality teachers and the only ones that suffer are the students. In our experience, the only way to get through these rigorous courses is to hire tutors. The administrators aren’t very helpful in finding ways to assist a struggling student. These teachers are untouchable and they do know it so they offer nothing. If the student is not capable of learning in their own, it will be a very stressful high school experience at this school. It’s a shame, they don’t assign better quality teachers to magnet schools like these.
The curriculum is heavily structured. There is no school spirit. The Cambridge program is excellent at excelling and rewarding.
I liked the teachers, and the classes I had. I believe they should change how they manage the time with testing.
Mast academy has a very open and academic environment that makes it easy for students to learn and progress. Due to an overall amazing staff and a handful of incredible teachers, students are given the chance to excel to the very best of their abilities. Along with this, the abundance of clubs and activities allow students to pursue their different interests and hobbies. The overall environment of the school is very safe and friendly and the students all have a sense of respect for each other. Making friendships at MAST, is very easy due to the welcoming nature of the majority of students.
Mast was a great school but with the implementation of middle school the original quality of teacher went down drastically. The math department only has a handful of teacher that actually know now to how to actually teach kidsm
If it wasn't because of MAST I couldn't have met any of my beloved friends I know today. I had trouble making friends in middle school so when I found new friends in MAST, I felt like I had a new home. I was disappointed at some of the false promises they had, however. For example, they say that they are a math and science school yet the math teachers in the school are as adept as teaching as a bag of rocks and the science teachers are average at best. Most of the time you teach yourself the material instead of someone actually teaching it to you, especially in math classes. At the end of the day, I usually end up with As and Bs so the experience is not too bad, but it is mostly more stressful than it should be.
MAST Academy has helped me become well rounded but still has room for improvement. The academics are amazing: the English department has taught me everything I know and has pushed my love for books and reading. I am part of their JROTC program and believe it has helped me move away from my shyness and helped me become a leader. This school is extremely diverse. When I began as a freshman I was astonished by the different religions, ethnicities, and races I was seeing. The teachers have made me feel safe and have been my trusted advisors. I feel ready to deal with the world and am prepared for college. This January I went on my school's college trip which toured colleges throughout Florida. This gave me a new perspective and opened my options to schools I had never considered before. Many schools also come and give us information.
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Mast Academy is a one of a kind school. It's located right on the beach with the most beautiful views and amazing location. It is very interactive and you are likely to go kayaking, paddleboarding, and even snorkeling in the beach! Most teachers are very helpful and informative, wanting their students to pass the class and understand what is being taught. You will definitely be prepared for college. One of my favorite things about the school is that we don't have uniform so I can express myself through fashion! There are many clubs and groups to join tailored to all interests. I've had a wonderful time learning at Mast Academy.
MAST is a great school with a rigorous set of courses. The Cambridge program is great for those seeking higher education and the Bright Future's Scholarship.
I loved most of the teachers at MAST and how understanding they were. The different options of learning, such as Cambridge and STEM were very helpful towards getting college credits.
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