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Massey Hill Classical High School Reviews

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I am a junior at Massey Hill. I have enjoyed my time here and am very excited to continue to learn at this school. The teachers are great and the friendships I've made will last a lifetime. I love this school.
Massey Hill is a school of choice school in Cumberland County. This is a classical school and it helped me to prepare well for college. I developed great study habits, time management skills, and the teacher's are wonderful!
Massey Hill is one of the best schools in North Carolina. Whether it is the amazing teachers who challenge you in every way possible to the friends you make and the lifelong relationships you build.
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The teachers are wonderful and very helpful, because we are a small school we all pretty much know each other and bond. I love it here.
There is absolutely nothing that needs to be changed at Massey Hill Classical High. I am so proud to be a part of this school. My experience so far has been amazing. Everyone is so nice and welcoming all throughout the year. The teachers are very helpful and provide us students with whatever we need to learn. They offer many clubs including; art club, anime club, national others society and student government association. I love my school and am proud to be able to graduate with the 2021 class.
Massey Hill offers a great environment for learning. The teachers challenge you to push yourself everyday. They will help you with challenges in and out of the classroom. Every teacher knows your name and will assist you in any way the can. The friendships that are made last forever. The things the teachers teach, you will carry on with you throughout your life. Massey Hill is a very special school and has taught me a lot.
I was like many middle-schoolers afraid of the big step to high school. And I was extremely nervous about the school that I’d never even heard of “Massey Hill”. When I got there I didn’t see that many of my previous buddies from middle school. That didn’t matter though. Immediately you are befriended by pretty much everyone in the school as the population is extremely small compared to that of the other schools. The teacher push you to BE THE BEST you can be and really prep you for college and beyond while also giving you the motherly/fatherly love and advice through every grade level. Will truly miss it.
I really liked the small school environment. It was easier to meet new people and not feel so alone at this small school because everybody knows everybody. The teachers and staff are great.
Massey Hill is an amazing school if you want to be in an environment where your teachers and peers know you well. It's definitely not the "traditional" high school experience with sports and cheerleaders, but everyone tends to be really supportive and accepting.
The teachers can focus on the students because of the smaller class sizes. The teachers have time to help any student who is struggling and try to make sure that the students understand the material. There are no sports at this school but classes end early enough that students can play sports at their home school.
the teachers are amazing and help you in every single way possible. i learn so much every single day.
The Massey experience is great. Overall therenis no billying, encouraged learning, and student support.
I love the teachers. The teachers and the guidance office, with few exceptions, are the best I've ever had. They are incredibly dedicated, and truly love teaching. We manage to perform as well as other schools with much more resources as a direct result of their hard work and dedication. The administration is iffy at best, however, and causes a lot of red tape and headache, usually in the name of arbitrary policy enforcement/enactment, and passive aggressive pettiness.
Massey Hill is an excellent school despite its small size and smaller student population. The teachers are legitimately passionate about their careers and it shows in their teachings.
Its a cliche to say that Massey Hill is a closely connected school, because of the low population of the school. I really liked how all of my classmates get along well and their aren't a lot of behavior problems within the school itself. I would like to see improvements in the resources like books. Overall my experience with Massey Hill Classical High School was enjoyable and lasting.
I've had a pleasant experience at Massey Hill in the past four years. Massey Hill is a small high school, this being a plus in many ways : the staff members are good at remembering faces and students names, the school is diverse, and very accepting of others. The teachers are very nice, helpful, and wants to see all their students achieve. The principal is like a mother of the school and makes sure she does the best she can for her children (students) but she will not baby us along the way. She teaches us independence in her own way to structure us and prepare us for adulthood.
Massey Hill has been a great experience. Everyone in the school is so close, almost like family. The teachers actually care about the students and the education system is amazing.
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The school is rather small, with no more than 500 students- that number itself an estimate that may be rather over the top for it. It had a homey feel to it, and if you're not a fan of large schools, is a nice place to learn. The teachers love their subjects and you can tell in their enthusiasm to teach. It's a college preparatory school so they hold you to a certain standard, but the work is not hounding and everything is done with reason.
At the start, classes seem easy, manageable. As the years go on, the work gets harder and there is more work involved in the classes. But it is possible to keep good grades all years if you do the work assigned. The teachers challenge the students and push them to do their best.
Massey is very diverse in terms of race and sexual orientation, and for the most part, everyone is very accepting. Massey is like one giant family, and you get to know everyone by name.
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