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Massena Senior High School is an average high school. Some of the good things about it would be the fact that we have a cafe for juniors and seniors, and the fact that we can attend B.O.C.E.S. Some of the aspects that could be improved are the safety of the students, and the quality of the food.
I have attended other schools other than Massena and i can say there is a big difference between my past districts and here. The teachers here excel in relating to the students. The staff/administration puts in a lot of work to keep this school the safest and working at its maximum potential. There is a variety of resources for any student to visit if they need help with something. If their is emotional turmoil in your personal life or your academic life, the guidance office offers a safe place for students to go and ask for help. Massena also provides a well rounded sports community. Athletes are respected and the sports in this district are high thought of. If you are not interested in sports there is also many other clubs and extra curricular activities that one can participate in. All in all, Massena has provided a healthy environment and has given me the proper preparation for life after high school.
Since this is my fourth year in the high school, I have been able to get a better feeling of it. I do like that my school offers IB (International Baccalaureate) courses. I feel as if they have prepared me more for my future while challenging me. I dislike that many of the students in the high school are very juvenile. There are usually quite a few fights every year and a lot of the student body is just downright disrespectful. A lot of the time students don’t get justly punished so they are more inclined to keep doing it. For example, there are many parties that are put on by students in the high school students (including alcohol) and when the parties are busted, the students don’t get punished harshly enough or at all. I don’t feel as though my education has suffered by going to Massena but I don’t think it has been improved either.
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I loved my high school experience. School has always played an important role in my life, and I can honestly say that I wouldn't have wanted to spend my 4 years of high school anywhere else.
Lot's of clubs and organizations to choose from.
Knowledge of teachers could use some work.
Bullying is a big issue at this school and not only by the students, but by the teachers as well.
I probably wouldn't choose this school again simply because it's all who you know there. Things aren't based on how hard you work, but rather who your family is.
I'd say the best health/safety service is the school nurse. If a student has their card identifying what substance they can/cannot take for health concerns, they can take certain OTC medications when they need(want). The nurse is not always in the nurse's office, sometimes leaving volunteers/nurse's aids unsupervised. There is not always face-to-face bullying going on, but cyberbullying, rumors, and open insulting people to others often occur. Searches for contraband almost only happen when an authoritative figure is informed of a possible possession. The only real, constant security measures are having the entrance/exit doors locked from the outside, and having visitors sign in. Some students sell drugs/ make deals and possess or do drugs in school.
I had no favorite experiences at this school. It is unique in our location in that it's one of the top schools in the area pertaining to education and athletics. I probably wouldn't go to the school again, though. The teachers are great, but the workload is intense. There is ill supervision of students. Many bad activities occur in the school without consequence.
We do not have a lot of security measures at this school, however, all visitors have to sign in at the main office before they can enter the school as the doors are locked. We do not have any security personnel nor metal detectors, however, we have cameras in every hall way. We also have fire drills and practice drills if there happened to be a criminal outside our building or in it. They is at least one presentation against bullying a year and our school has a no bullying policy, however, I am not sure how effective it is. Our school nurses are good at their jobs and they do not hesitate to refer you to a doctor if they think something is wrong. Our school also requires sports physicals before a student can try out for a school sport and they are very cautious when it comes to concussions.
There are a lot of different clubs and organizations available at Massena Senior High School. We just recently gained a LGBT club this year and it is very popular. There are clubs for the languages, there are national honor society organizations, there is an interact club, there is student council, musical groups, we have a musical every year, there is a whiz quiz club, there is a new mock trial after school group, and there is even a chess club. There are teachers that sponsor these clubs, however, they let the students run the clubs. In addition to academic clubs, there are also a variety of sports teams to join. The coaches of these teams are very dedicated and take their positions seriously. I would say the sport teams are very fun to be apart of as well as the academic groups. Students who participate in these clubs are usually dedicated because they are only apart of them because they want to, not because they have to.
For the most part, I have had a decent experience at my school. I would not say that it is a terrible school at all. There are a lot of dedicated students that I have classes with, yet, there is also a group of students that could care less about their education. Luckily, I never have classes with those students. Since I am in the International Baccalaureate program, I am placed with dedicated students who strive to get good grades. This is one program that makes our school very unique and diverse. It opens the door for a lot of students to show their creativity. There are also a lot of opportunities in our musical programs. We are one of the only schools in our area that offer orchestra as a class, and I was apart of it for many years. The music teachers are very dedicated to their specific programs and they are also very knowledgeable. I really enjoy our spirit weeks at school because they bring a new excitement to the hallways that isn't there for the majority of the year. I would go to this school if I could do it all over again because the school offers a lot of activities to its students to be involved in, they offer advanced courses for their students to take, and there is a unique student body.
There is a broad range of the quality of teachers in our school. There are a few teachers that I would label as "they are the best". Those teachers are very knowledgeable, they are engaging and they know how to teach in a way that students will understand. These teachers are also capable of bringing fun into the classroom so that the students look forward to their class. At the other end of the spectrum, there are teachers who are not approachable, who do not explain things very well, who are not consistent with their grading, and there are even some teachers that don't even understand what they are teaching. Overall, however, I would say there are a lot of adequate and knowledgeable teachers at Massena Senior High School.
I am in love with the Robotics program at my high school. My main concern is the motivation of the student body. The students would rather hang around the hall ways and smoke cigarettes outside rather than go to class, which is very opposite of myself.
This school has about an equal population of highly motivated and not-at-all motivated students. I found that I learned a lot once I got out of the classes with the unmotivated students and started surrounding myself with the more ambitious students. The teachers are great, with a few exceptions. And both of the principles I had were awesome.
There need to be more activities for kids who are not into sports or who are only into one sports. Kids should be allowed to play and audtion for musicals, etc., based on their abilities and not chosen because of their name or who they know.
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It's the same items all the time and second choice is terrible. Pizza should always be an option.
They say one thing but don't follow through. Code of conduct everyone signs yet it doesn't mean anything. Bullying is zero tolerance but it happens all the time.
Not much fan support by students or the community for the most part unless it's a special event. Boys teams have more than girls teams.
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