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The style and effort of teaching there varies from teacher to teacher. Some of the methods used were excellent and the class showed improvement and knowledge of the subject at the end on the year, while other classes lacked in theses areas. The environment fluctuates also, going from friendly to hostile at time very quickly. And while the school does have many extra programs that engage the students, it's funding towards many of them are slim. The facilities are keep decent, yet at times aren't par, due to the lack of custodians. Over all the Massaponax is an average school with some issues, but not too many to be outputting.
Massaponax High School is probably really better than average if your are in band or play a sport. But if you are someone like me who enjoys chess and actually learning in school then you will have a more difficult time. The school has so many students that are skipping class and vaping in the bathrooms that it is best to just get to your destination as fast as possible. Fights also happen occasionally and one time the fight was so bad they ordered a modified lock-down. All in all my experience at the school was not that great.
Massaponax High school has given me the ideal representation of what a high school should be like. I have maintained good grades and maintained great friendships throughout my high school career. Despite of the negative situations and circumstances that have came up about massaponax recently, I don’t feel that those instances reflect my school as a whole. The actions that few students have choose to show in a negative way do not outweigh the positive actions of many students at my school. Massaponax high school may not be The perfect school everyone hopes and dreams about, but it is a school that will empower you to make a difference in the lives of others.
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Top things that come to mind are that it us very overcrowded yet diverse, has bad lunches, but great sports and music department. I went there all 4 years of high school and look forward to going to college.
The class options are very diverse and allow for a diverse range of learning. However, the teachers often play favorites and are not very good at engaging with all of their students.
I am currently a sophomore in Massaponax and I enjoy the teachers and the school has very great diversity and a good mix of different people. The rigor of academics at this school is great and I feel like I will be ready for college when I graduate.
The administration of the school spends their time seemingly taking their anger out of the students instead of helping or enjoying to be around their students, this trickles down to a fairly sour mood throughout the school
Nothing is good about this school and everything must be changed. We have constant fights,its filthy,overcrowded,and we are treated pretty awfully.
Great teachers and staff. Very big on sports and getting students involved with many activies and clubs.
My experience at Massaponax has been okay. There were fights every now and then. Sometimes the students and teachers misunderstood each other which led to arguments and discipline. The teachers teach well in some areas but give out unreasonable amounts of homework and projects. At times I have felt unprepared for big tests such as, SOL's because the material wasn't taught well enough into depth.
Pep rallies are fun, staff is really strict, extremely crowded school, clubs were informal and the school is always asking for money (example: to take an art class you have to pay an additional fee).
Massaponax is a decent school academically. Although the atmosphere is depressing and its difficult to be yourself. Unless someone fits into the norm, it's likely they will be bullied to some extent. I have witnessed mentally disabled students being treated poorly by their peers and the teacher do nothing about it.
Massaponax High School is your average high school but it is overpopulated with students that are not suppose to go to Massaponax but lie about where they live so they can be in massaponax district.
I like the diversity and the teachers involvement with the students. I think Massaponax needs a better administration, a less student population (oversized), better food, teachers that have better teaching strategies, and more school activities for students.
It was good. It could be better if they could afford tutors, especially for the math and chemistry areas. Most of my teachers were great, though. Still tutoring would have made things a lot easier.
Massaponax High School has given me many lessons that I will take on and use in my future. One of those lessons is how to behave myself, academically speaking. Throughout my four years of high school I have taken multiple Advance Placement classes that have prepared me for college. These classes have prepared me by giving me college level work, alongside college level expectations. My social experience has been good throughout my time in high school. The students are overall welcoming to the each other. Now there are times where I have felt that my high school was ultimately terrible, I will not deny that. With that being said, my overall high school experience was a good one and the school itself has contributed to it.
Absolutely horrible school. Your kids will get bullied and harassed in school and on the school bus and then they will be singled out by the faculty as the one who is the troublemaker. Also you will write emails to the staff and get no reply at all. I would recommend homeschool over this school.
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I loved the teachers! They really support you in every way possible. Everything is set in place. Gym was excellent. The football team was awesome. It was very easy to make friends. Everyone is focused on achieving their goals and Massaponax High School can help them get to where they need to be!
Great place to be from and an astonishing amount of personal growth available here. Really love the amount of passion and excellence that has sprung forth from this school.
Massaponax was a good enough high school to attend. I would say it has a very average educational level, however, I personally thought they did not do enough to teach students as well as some other high schools. I do not think I was as prepared for college as I could have been.
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