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I like just about everything about Massapequa High School. I made a lot of good friends, I feel prepared for college and most of my teachers were great. I do not like the bad reputation it seems to get through the media. Things happen here, but it isn't always caused by the people that actually live here. It's often people from neighboring towns that happen to get caught in Massapequa, but the news just states they are from here.
Hello, I am an admissions rep for a SUNY school. While I cannot go into any further detail and specify which campus for privacy concerns, I do think it is very important that people know that our school (and several other SUNYs) have reluctantly come to the conclusion that we can no longer accept applications from graduates of Massapequa High School. It has been proven over and over again that students from this school are woefully unprepared for the college environment, and now the Massapequa's rampant, headline-making heroin epidemic has made us even more concerned. We don't need students from Massapequa bringing their drugs to our universities. I'm sure there are many good students and teachers in Massapequa, but it's simply become too big of a risk to accept students from the area. Students and their families with serious aspirations for college should consider private school or moving to a different school district.
I went to this school. Very Big. Lots of opportunities. There were a lot of teachers there that encouraged me to go into the major that I am currently in and the college I am currently at. Every staff member tries to help students to the best of their ability and looks for the students best interests.
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I had a great experience at Massapequa High School. The students and faculty were both helpful in making my life easy while attending. I also played sports and the coaches were outstanding.
Massapequa High School is an average school, with plenty of qualified teachers and administration, along with ones that shouldn't be working here. Sports teams excel at Massapequa High School, which is a positive and a negative. All of the attention and resources on sports could outshine other clubs and activities that need assistance. Overall, this school provides decent education due to the amount of teachers that aren't qualified, but if you are lucky enough to have the ones that are professional and experienced, your education could reign supreme.
To start off, I am writing this during AP week and yesterday my principal, who is an adult man, was roaming the hallways in a banana suit to boost student morale (there was a vote through a fundraiser). Overall, teachers and faculty at Massapequa really care about students academics and happiness. Some of the most kind, patient, and helpful people I know have been past English and science teachers.
I thoroughly enjoyed the high schools teaching staff as well as their events that are held somewhat often. I particularly enjoyed their wing program which i felt was a great addition to the school and allowed for many students to feel engaged while helping with personal issues. I would prefer that they removed their policy of wearing lanyards to school as well as remove the assistant dean, she is not liked by students and faculty alike
Massapequa High School has one of the Strongest wrestling programs! I love the fact that our team is so close. I would like to see the number of addictions decline!
I enjoyed the helpfulness of all of my teachers. Almost all of my teachers stayed after school with me for extra help. The academic rigor and availability of a variety of classes makes Massapequa an impressive high school to be a part of. The large class size allows students to interact with a large number of different peers so everyone can find a place where they belong.
Massapequa High School has a great faculty who are very supportive and helpful in all aspects. There are many extracurricular activities that anyone is bound to find something they like. There are also phenomenal sports at Massapequa and almost everyone will come out and support in blue and gold.
Everything about this school was great, the teachers were great. They were mostly very friendly and helpful. The school is technologically advanced and the schools big, but not too big. The athletics are great and I have had great experiences with the coaches.
Massapequa High Shool was an overall great experience for me, as I was able to recieve a top notch education while also having a good time. I would like to see more exposure to opportunities for furthering one's education all across the country rather than concentrated in the tri-state area, as many of the college readiness programs are focused on more local schools.
Massapequa High School has a wide variety of sports teams to participate in which are all highly ranked. Other than sports, there are many ways to get involved at Massapequa High School such as Music, Art, foriegn language, clubs, and academics. Massapequa High School is a blue ribbon school with very good teachers and that is why i enjoyed my experience here.
What I like about Massapequa high school is the help and support the teachers give when getting ready to apply to colleges. It’s a stressful time but the guidance counselors are very helpful
Massapequa High School has a lot to offer to all students. There are different varieties of clubs and programs students can be a part of. My experience at Massapequa High School will be memorable because of the programs I take part of. I am on the softball team for the high school and I have made close relationships with the other teammates. My time in Massapequa High School taught me how to balance a schedule and adjust to any changes when needed.
The teachers are the best part of Massapequa High school. They inspire you to go after what you want to achieve. The one big downfall to this district is the lack of diversity.
Massapequa High School is mainly characterized by its heavy focus on sports. The problem is that the school focuses so much on sports and spends its budget on unnecessary new sports equipment instead of funding the academic programs and clubs as well as the art programs.
The school has a variety of clubs but the science olympiad and mathletes club never seem to get anywhere.
I really like the school because it is close to a lot of restaurants which gives students the opportunity to eat outside.
The school also offers a variety of AP courses and electives. Most of the teachers hold extra help and go out of their way to make sure that the students understand the material.
Another thing I dislike about Massapequa High School was the lack of diversity. However, I can not blame the school. The town itself is like 98 percent white and 2 percent minorities.
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I love all the clubs you can participate in. I have joined 5 this year and its a great way to do community service and meet a lot of people. I also love the teachers. They are easy to approach and very helpful. I feel they really care about the students.
Massapequa is a large high school meaning there's a niche for everyone. You'll find friends, clubs, sports, and the right classes for you. I do believe that there are major flaws with the faculty there's a major "it's someone's else problem" mentality. It's hard to find teachers that care but if you do you have the potential to really succeed. There's are also major inconsistencies between teachers within the same class. This can refer to one teacher giving extra credit and test corrections and another teacher who does none of that which creates 10-20 point grade gap only due to the teacher. But overall it's high school and majority of the kids do well so they're doing something right.
I had a great experience at MHS. I participated in sports, clubs and extracurricular activities. I am majoring in secondary ed/math because of the strong female math teachers I had as mentors.
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