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Could be a great place if there weren’t such bad people running the place. All the good people left because of the administration. There are other military academies in the area that are so much better and I wish I could have changed to them
Small school affords an atmosphere of family where students, staff and faculty are all committed to the success of each student. The military aspect provides structure and training for self reliance. The focus at Massanutten is experiential education with a required STEM curriculum. Massanutten offers all four areas of STEM which is unlike many schools advertising STEM. Its graduates earn an average of $62,000 in academic scholarships. Several colleges offer Massanutten graduates preferred acceptance and scholarships as much as 50%.
Great school great location. Massanutten Military Academy is changing the lives of young men and women. Of the private schools I have been associated with MMA offers the greatest opportunities.
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Massanutten was about the opportunity to build strong relationships with other people while getting a stronger education. I miss it every day.
Bad Bad Bad leadership. School attendance is way down, they can't keep teachers and the good ones they run off. There are many other better run Military Schools in the mid Atlantic and Virginia. Do yourself a favor and attend another one until leadership in the organization is changed.
Most of the downsides come from it being a small school. Also, there are some things that are literally absurd. Honestly, if you can have enough discipline to not do stupid things away from home, you'll be fine here. The other students are great, but as with all schools drama does happen. Sports are alright but our teams suck. The academics are fairly ok. The dorms are in very poor condition and some of the staff don't seem to care more about their paychecks than the students. I'd say I had an ok experience.
I like the way how students may have a good opportunity to train their leadership style and develop a good character by delivering a strong structure.
Being in this school is a very challenging experience. This school can be hell. But if you treat it right, it can be a great chance.
I have been at MMA since 8th grade and I am graduating this year. It used to be a great school, but when they stopped allowing me to lead and think for myself everything went downhill.
I like this school because I have not been into any trouble. although a lot of people tend to hate this place because of how they keep getting in trouble but they do need to realize that this is a military school and that there are rules and sometimes things are not going to be fair or be the way you want them too. the teachers and system are fine in my opinion but what really determines how your year is going is the cadets/students.
Your experience at MMA is predominantly what you make of it; however, it takes serious adjusting, especially if attendance here was not your choice. Some freedoms here can be earned, but others you will have to learn to live without. It is essentially a typical co-ed pre-collegiate military boarding school.
Great school. Good teachers. Decent classes. SGT Kurtz is amazing. There are so many opportunities if a student chooses to take advantage. Highly recommend.
I was excited to go to Massanutten after my public school turned ratchet. MMA has 2 sides-academics and military. The academic side is good, small classes and good teachers who helped me catch up to where I should be. But the military side is terrible. The commandant is a hypocrite who is suppose to set a example but lives in the boys dorm because he was kicked out of his own home. Unfair punishment, playing favorites, treating girls much more harsh than the boys, and they lie to parents. Minority cadets are not treated equally. They kick out cadets all the time. It is not a happy place.
Many students get punished for the smallest actions.
They are boring and don't give full effort.
School offers a strong STEM program, AP program, dual enrollment, and military education (without the commitment). The teachers bring unique past experiences to the classroom that make for an exciting learning environment.
There is a lot of opportunities including working at the radio station
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The school offers a great STEM program, dual enrollment, along with a military education that would benefit any child/student.
The teachers have the opportunity to be highly involved and bring an extraordinary amount real world experience to the class room. Teachers are very professional and encouraging to the students.
The teachers go above and beyond for the students. They work with struggling students and help those who excel become better. Like all schools, there are teachers who take the easy way out - and there are a few teachers who are enthusiastic but unlearned in their subject.
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