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Massachusetts Academy of Math & Science Reviews

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Phenomenal teachers (with 1 exception) and a very homey and personalized experience. Classes are small, the teachers are knowledgeable and flexible, and the students are mostly interesting and motivated. The activities are well run. I gained a lot from this school and owe them a ton (particularly Mr. Regele).
Mass Academy is a great school for those interested in science, math, and engineering. There are many opportunities for research as well as high level studies.
Going to Mass Academy has been the greatest decision of my life. At my old school, I was held back by students who didn't want to learn and teachers who didn't want to teach. Mass Academy is an amazing school. Making friends was extremely easy. The students help each other succeed and thrive. The teachers love teaching and are great at it.
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Mass Academy prepares you for college and starts you on a path to success in your education and career.
Mass Academy was one of the best choices I have made so far. I was torn between staying at my school in sophomore year or going to MAMS, but after finishing my junior year at the school, I have no regrets about my decision.
Mass Academy allows students to have a unique high school experience. Collaboration is highly emphasized and it causes students to learn from each other.
Mass Academy isn't for everyone, but if you can handle the tough coursework, you will find it to be an excellent place for making friends and furthering your ambitions. The quality of the faculty and students and the resources available at WPI make this school unparalleled in the vast opportunities it present to those fortunate to attend.
Mass Academy offers a challenging academic environment that encourages teamwork and growth. While the class is small, there are still a wide variety of people to meet and learn from.
It was the most difficult two years of my life but I loved every second. The small class sizes and incredibly smart and involved faculty made sure I learned more there than I had in pretty much my entire prior schooling. I made amazing friends and was able to experience things that I was only able to because of Mass Academy.
It was nice. Very nice. All the classes were nice. The teachers are very nice as well. It was a nice school in general. Nice!
a few clubs/extracurricular activities available but due to the size of the school, it does not offer as many catergries as other bigger school.
really not sure about all teachers.
It was the best choice to come to this school under the circumstances
Small school, so not a lot of health and safety policies.
Pretty good, but not enough extracurriculars
Because it is small, the students become one family.
The teachers are very friendly to the students.
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Everyone here is friendly and willing to help you with anything you might need.
The teachers and classes do a great job of preparing you for WPI classes.
There is no nurse at MAMS, but there is a nurse on WPI's campus. I think that all of the staff is prepared for medical problems, so I never felt like it would be a problem if I were to get sick.
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