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I love my High School! Most people although would think I would not, with my Dad being apart of the faculty. He’s a drivers education instructor and the basketball coach. I’ve lived in this town for all my life. My eight older siblings have as well graduated from Massac County Highschool and my younger brother and I are on our path to achieve the same honor. High School is what you make of it and I made it great by joining clubs and being active in our school’s “Spirit Week”. Another great honor was being nominated by my fellow classmates to be a queen candidate for our “Homecoming Week”. It was a privilege to be able to represent my school and show my appreciation for it.
I have had a wonderful experience at Massac County High School. I loved everyone there. What I like most is how small it is, so you’re able to know everyone and have multiple friend groups of different genres. What I’d like to see change is the administrative and teachers come together to find the care for different types of people. Sometimes it can get very strict on one certain way, when it’s not the best for some.
Massac County High School is a pretty great school, they have a great curriculum, and as a school in Illinois, they do a good job trying to prepare us for college. They may need to get the Freshmen and Sophomores more involved with their future in trade or college, but they do a pretty decent job making up for it in the later years of high school. I really like this school and the atmosphere that it provides me.
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I had an overall great experience at Massac County High School. I made what I believe to be lifelong friendships and became knowledgeable through my 4 years.
Massac County High School is your average small town school. There are certain "cliques" or group of friends that standout to everyone, but everybody knows everybody and, for the most part, everyone gets along. Because of this, Massac has a unique type of school spirit that stands out from other school. This can be seen at pep rally's or any sporting event, but it is mainly shown at basketball games. The "Red, White, and Blue Crew" has a way of making every game feel more intense and gets everyone excited whether it is a good game or not. Overall Massac County is a great school.
The instructors and other administrative staff are always readily available if you have any questions. The student body is very involved in all sports, clubs and extracurricular activities. Also, the parents are very supportive when it comes to fundraisers for clubs and athletics. If any improvements were made, I would like to see a few more clubs added that do volunteer work in the community.
The small community of Metropolis that supports us is what makes us great! Sporting games, food drives, trunk or treats, academic banquets, and so forth are always packed with a variety of all generations from the community. Going to a relatively small high school may not provide all the opportunities possible, but it makes up for it by the patriotism and close relationships we are allowed to share with our community and peers.
I started attending Massac Co. fall of 2014. Massac is a good little school with an enrollment of 800 kids. The teachers at Massac honestly care about their students and make their students College ready. The Facility is super helpful and courteous
I had a good time in high school. Some of our teachers were very dedicated to teaching student and liked to see them succeed. However I would like to see Massac County high school have better academic funding in sports other than football.
I love the college preparation effort at Massac. Throughout the high school career, tests are given that are similar to ACT/SAT which help tremendously in developing test-taking skills. Every year many different colleges are invited to come recruit juniors and seniors during the day, and our guidance counselors always stress the importance of having plans after high school. The school spirit is also very high, and the student section at sports events is always very energetic. I am proud to be a Massac County Patriot!
Teachers care more about discipline then teaching. I feel as if the academics are not well structured and many teachers arent properly educated in their field. While saying this, I have also had some amazing teachers that shaped me into who I am today.
The teachers are very cooperative and the staff is really friendly. The guidance counselors will help you with whatever you need help with.
Massac County High School was very memorable and exciting, although it doesn't have as many academic options as other schools. Because Massac is such a small area, the students at Massac County High School were very close and my class felt as if they were a family. This closeness and the accompany of many friends, allowed my high school career to be more enjoyable. One drawback of Massac was that it doesn't have as many specified A.P. classes, such as statistics, physics, research, and physcology, that would better prepare you for college.
MCHS offers a small school/small town experience with classes that get students college/career ready. It offers a variety of sports and clubs to provide activities for all students. The students have so much pride and school spirit and it is apparent at school functions. The teachers seem to honestly care about the kids too.
I like the connection the teachers have with the students. Massac has taught me a lot about getting ready for college
Massac County High School has plenty of sports and clubs to join, no one should feel left out. Since the school is small, the sports do struggle to get past regional level. However, the school being so small provides a personal touch. Teachers and students are very close to each other. Without funding and commitment from the teachers, most students that graduate from this school are not prepared to succeed at a four year university.
I love Massac County High School! I value the home town feel and the individual student teacher contact. An all around great school.
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My high school experience was a awesome. The teachers were so helpful and really cared about the students. I made friends with the entire staff. The entire 4 years were the greatest. I attended functions all the time. I am proud to be a graduate of Massac County High School.
Massac County High School has been a wonderful experience for me. In the three and a half years that I have attended so far, I have grown to be much more than I thought would ever be possible. The teachers at MCHS go above and beyond to help their students succeed! If it weren't for them, I'm not sure where I would be! Massac taught me the importance of getting an education and pushed me to achieve my goals. Despite all of the sleepless nights doing homework or studying for tests, I wouldn't have chosen any other path for myself than this! Massac County High School will always be a part of who I am and I will always be proud to call myself a Patriot!!
Teachers care about every individual student's success. The only downside to the school was the bullying going on, along with awful food.
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