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Massabesic High School Reviews

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As a 1997 graduate from this high school, I’m now a proud mother to my daughter when is attending and will be graduating in 2021! This school formed me into the person I’ve become, thank you for that!!
Very crappy I did not enjoy any part of it, probably the worst school I could imagine especially with sports they don’t know what they are doing
The overall atmosphere seems dull. Students do not respect teachers despite their effort to help the students. Students seem to mesh very well together and form great friendships.
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Good school, if you actually try to succeed. Most of the teacher are good but some lack teaching skills. The sports teams leave much to be desired. But I enjoyed the last 4 year so here I made a lot of friends and memories.
I like that I can take Ap classes and prepare for my future, and how helpful the teachers are. I would like to see change in the diversity of the students, so we are excepted and valued by our peers.
Massabesic is a very diverse group of kids. The school has insured that we all know about college the day we start freshman year. We also get to fill out local scholarships and have an opportunity to earn money for college that way.
My four years I spent at Massabesic high school were good, I liked how hard the teachers try to help you. They do whatever they can to push you to pass and even offer many forms of extra credit to help bring grades up.
Many of my peers look at Massabesic and don't see a good school. Underneath the surface, however, is a web of people eager to see you succeed. There is a plethora of opportunities and resources that can be sought out, and many personal connections to be made. Massabesic is not a large school. That of course comes with both advantages and disadvantages. There are not as much academic diversity as you might see at a larger high school, but there is a much larger emphasis on personal connections. The teachers are a great deal of fun, and serve to make the school day much more fun.
Massabesic High School had a good variety of classes to choose from and the staff were always eager to help a student when needed.
I would like the grading to be more traditional rather than proficiency based grading that Maine is trying to implement. The teachers are excellent.
There is lots of flexible classes that you are able to take for each semester. Something that they should change though is the wellness class, as well as the certain required classes that you need to take.
I feel like it has prepared my son for the next stage in his! It is a school that allows you to be as involved or uninvolved as you like. It is all about what effort you put in.
Massabesic High School definitely needs more diversity in class offerings for students. There are not enough electives for students to explore a variety of different classes and fields.
I like the sportsmanship and closeness that exists between students and most teachers at the school. Teachers and coaches here are above average in experience, knowledge, and personality. They are willing to give their ALL to support their students and athletes. They work hard to get kids to learn and understand the task at hand.
Something I would like to see is an increase in the difficulty and strictness of college prep/honors/AP classes. Examples: set strict deadlines, bring the minimum passing grade back up to a 3 instead of a 2.5, set specific academic guidelines and requirements for honors and AP classes (versus college prep), so students will know what they are getting into before enrolling in their chosen classes. I feel that many students don’t take their classes seriously, no matter the level of class they are in (integrated, CP, honors, etc). As someone enrolled in 3/4 honors classes, I can say that there are a lot of other students that do not take the course seriously.
My experience at Massabesic hasn't been terrible, but it hasn't been the best. The greatest part about Massabesic are the teachers that are there to help you every step of the way. They truly care about the quality of education you are receiving and are phenomenal at what they do. The part that "ruined", per se, my experience is the muddling of the grading system. Over the past few years, RSU 57 has committed to making 2019 the first class to graduate with a 1-4 grading system. Our class graduates next year and they have only just begun to work out how this is going to work. Overall, Massabesic is a fairly average rural school that gets the job done and teaches what needs to be taught.
Massabesic is an average high school. There are some problems with not enforcing things or handling them poorly.
Massabesic High School Is an okay school. The Academics are average. The one thing I would really like to see changed is how they prepare students for the real world. I wish there were more life skills classes offered. I also would like to see a course to get students more prepared for college.
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I liked that all the students from Massabesic come from a small town and everybody understands the ways of life living in the back woods. I would like to see some of the teachers change, like those who have been there for an exceedingly long time.
It is what you make it. Work hard and the teachers and staff will help you with your goals. The new track and turf field was a great addition and helped bring some pride back to the school.
I liked how friendly all of the teachers and students were. The teachers went above and beyond to make sure no one fell behind. The one thing I would change about Massabesic is their retake policy. They allowed students to retake tests which does not prepare them for a college setting.
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