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Maspeth High School truly is one of the best high schools in New York City. The core curriculum stresses a unique classical curriculum, especially in literature. Unlike other schools, freshman delve into and challenge themselves with Homer's The Iliad, Sophocles' Antigone, and Apollonius of Rhodes' Jason and the Argonauts. The teachers are incredible cooperative and care about their students. Moreover, there are several clubs and sports for students to be involved in.
I liked the wide variety of clubs and sports Maspeth had to offer. It was also evident that the faculty and staff genuinely cared for their students and wanted them to succeed which not a lot of schools have. Something that Maspeth could improve on is offering more language courses: French, Italian, Korean, etc. Maspeth could also improve in becoming a more diverse school with a more diverse population. This can better shape the students to grow in different environments and different social groups.
I really liked that the staff at Maspeth High School was always available and ready to help the students regardless of the situation that they were in. Teachers helped with assignments as well as other real life situations. More than staff they were a safe place away from home.
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Maspeth High School is a fairly new school, but it's worth going to. I will be a junior and I have loved my experience here. I'm in two Varsity sports and two clubs. This school definitely challenges you but it prepares you for the real world through Socratic seminars and debates to improve speaking skills. And the staff squishes any problems that occur which makes you feel safe. All in all, this is a very good school and I recommend this very much!
Maspeth is open to everyone from all different types of backgrounds and social aspects. There is always someone there for you
I love how welcoming and friendly all the students and teachers are, everyone is so accepting of you no matter of your gender, race, or your sexuality. I feel like I can really be myself around my peers; the teachers are patient and genuienly love teaching. Overall, Maspeth has been an amazing experience so far.
Maspeth High School is a great high school with teachers that love the subject they are teaching. The teachers perform well however the principal and administration office are not present most of the time and PTA meetings are not useful. Maspeth is also crowded due to the oversized freshman class of '22.
Very clean, well organized school that focuses on teaching students many values that may be implemented into their everyday lives as well as carried out into their futures.
Maspeth High School is a great school - It is new and the teachers are mostly young and extremely dedicated and enthusiastic about what they do. Whenever you need help they are always available. From the teachers to the guidance counselors you always feel like somebody has your back.

Maspeth High School is in the middle of Queens NY but somehow they have made it feel like your in High School Musical! The sports and clubs are very supported and encouraged and all the students respect each other and work together.
The overally environment is very welcoming, encouraging, and challenging at the same time, but they could loosen a little on the dress code.
There maybe a dress code, but the environment for learning is amazing. The teachers really do care for your future in going to college, and the teachers and staff really encourage their students to go to college and lead a successful life. I really do love the school, wonderful experience that I will take for life.
I am more than happy that I attended Maspeth High School. I remember not even wanting to apply because of the dress code and because it was a new school. Nevertheless, Maspeth quickly became a second home for me. I didn't care about the dress code at all. The teachers were incredible and very easy individuals to speak to and ask for help. There were so many clubs and sports for everyone so everyone can show their true colors. The building was absolutely beautiful as well. I did always think the dress code was a little dumb, but it didn't ruin my time at Maspeth. I believe that if you try to make something fun, it will be. Joining clubs and trying to make friends in Maspeth really made my High School experience incredible. I will never forget my time in Maspeth.
Maspeth High School has such great teachers that are always willing to help. They are very encouraging to all the students. This school allows you to do a lot of activities after school. There is a lot of options available for everyone and anyone.
I graduated from Maspeth High School just this year and I'm so glad I went there. I really feel like this school helped get me ready for college and forced me to always work my hardest.
My experience at Maspeth Highschool has been an enjoyable journey. Not only through learning but also through the great community provided by the staff.
The school is quite good. Relatively new with friendly teachers and lots to do. Various sport teams and clubs to join. Biggest downside is the principal, not very friendly or a peoples person, I've barely seen him say hi or greet someone in my time at maspeth highschool. Food is pretty bad, but thats the same for most public schools. Gym Is very nice but there seems to be an overemphasis on the basketball team and the other sport teams dont feel the same love or receive the same upgrades and equipment as the basketball team does. Overall a nice new school with a few administration problems
The teachers and staff are the best part of Maspeth. They care about every student and always do their best to help students and make them feel as comfortable as possible in school. There are plenty of course options and clubs/ school events to keep everyone active in the community of the school.
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Loved my experience at Maspeth! Teachers are always available at your disposal. Really prepared me for college. Calm school. A lot of things to do there!
Maspeth High School is a school with a great learning environment, multiple sufficient resources, helpful teachers. The school stresses practicing public speaking skills - Socratic seminars, debates, declamations- to help prepare students for future public speaking. The schools also offer a wide range of AP courses to provide you with college readiness. Teachers provide office hours in designated dates. More importantly, they have the passion and patience to teach you and give feedback to you for improvement. The teacher and students in Maspeth High School maintain in a close bond which creates a friendly learning environment through office hour and clubs. Maspeth High School, fortunately, seldom has bully incidents. Students are mostly well-behaved. On the other hand, the school requires a dress code which most students do not like. The school did not create sufficient amount of activities in maintaining school spirit. Overall, I highly recommend Maspeth High School.
I am so lucky and proud to say I go to Maspeth High School. I strongly believe that it is the best school in it's area. Everything and anything possible is done to keep students involved, safe, happy, etc. The staff in particular is unlike any I've enountered, in all my years of schooling. The teachers really go out of their way to make themselves likeable but also respectable. They also will take as much time needed with you to make sure you really understand what you're being taught. I know I have at least 3 teachers that I feel safe confiding too if I have any issues. In addition, the atmosphere around the school is really welcoming and (for the most part) all students are very friendly. The school is very diverse and you can find life-long friends that have things in common with you, through the hundreds of clubs & sports. I will definitely remember my days at Maspeth for the rest of my life. Thank you for being my second home.
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