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It was very warm, the teachers were always there for me and for the first time in my life, school was fun!
its an amazing school i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
masores is the best school in the whole brooklyn it has amazing teachers and principles!!!!!!!!!!! everything about masores bars yaakov is great I'm not kidding! ive been in the school since i was a little girl
and ow I'm in high school and I'm loving it!!!!!!
The production the scool puts on is a major highlight.
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I would do it again, without a shadow of a dought.
The principals doors are always open ready to help. The teachers are constantly as well available to converse on matters you wish to discuss. Masores has one of the best office staff in my opinion. Attendance is consistent with most everyone in the school with being absent for a sickness or a family issue.
I personally have a scholarship, which really helps. The extra curricular activities are enervating and fun.
The teachers style is amazing. The teachers are masters in what they teach and truly devote themselves to us the student. The teachers are always interested to hear the students side of the equation and assists anyone who needs help.
There's a gym, basic science lab, computer rooms, library. There are available p3 for those who qualify.
the faculty are always on top of things
I feel ready and prepared to move on to the next stage in life and hold very fond memories of high school
no one likes to follow rules but at the end of the day the rules help keep a structure and balance to the school
we have many activities where kids can excel at outside of the regular classroom
The education is very good at Masores.
Its decent. WE have a few fire drills and that's about all.
They just added 3 new floors and redid the old floors. It is designed beautifully and very homey.
we only had gym class once a week and we basically just did warm ups and a lousy ball game. There was no leagues, teams or swimming
Loved teachers but had a hard time with administration. Great education.
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We have a gorgeous brand new gym
Feel protected and taken care of
the academics included regular classes as well as honor class consisting of college courses. the teachers worked with us n making the work load easier.
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